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  1. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    You go to SFU? I can't believe our reading break is the same week as Family Day... what a joke
  2. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    Server's up guys!!!!!
  3. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    Server up tonight?
  4. As a Canucks fan, I'm not huge on Linden....

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. debluvscanucks


      You guys obviously didn't watch back then.

    3. Dazzle


      Linden's numbers were also above average for his time.

      Sure he had digressed faster than other players (i.e. Modano), his heart was always a Canuck.

    4. Markus Alexander Cody

      Markus Alexander Cody

      I was only a year old when Linden was in his prime in 93 so I wouldn't have been able to watch...

  5. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    I have Skype, but I don't have him as a contact... is what I meant.
  6. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Bought my ticket to Seasons!
  7. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    I don't have his skype and I'm normally not on skype anyways
  8. Yes!!! My credit cards arrived!! Time to spend all that fake money!!

    1. nuckin_futz


      Bless people like this. Engines of the economy.

  9. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    Hope server goes up tonight!
  10. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    No.. I just had to use the Finder, Go, and then type in Library/Application Support and put it there.
  11. NFL thread

    lol I guess him scoring a TD in the Super Bowl two years ago accidentally cost him his job
  12. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    I got my mods to work.. I figured out why it wasn't working and it was just a stupid mistake from me.
  13. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    Lol.. and plus... mining for coal is a b*tch.. i got lost in the caves last night before the server was turned off.. lucky for me, I found diamond
  14. CDC Minecraft Server (PC Only)

    Hmm.. well i was mining for iron last night just for some tools but now I need a lot of dirt.. like... at least a chest full lol My castle is 90% done if u wanna check it out.. just need to extend the land and then shape it so it looks like a castle and add a crapload of torches. So yea your choice. Mine for coal or dig me up some dirt
  15. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    "Crowd noise in Rogers Arena too quiet." "Discussion about the music being played in Rogers Arena."