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  1. Jets vs Blues Same GP Same 4-1-0 record Same home & road record Jets with 1 more GF Jets with 3 less GA Jets at home after winning their home opener First divisional game for Jets. 6-3 Jets #GOJETSGO :D
  2. No new this week thread... so in this one. Jets move to 4-1-0 as Big Buff pulls off a highlight reel GWG against the Flames with under 2 minutes left in a 1-1 tie :D Ehlers leading rookies in SOG as he and Shief looking dangerous on most shifts. Alternating goalies Jets have outscored opponents 24-12 GOJETS!
  3. Miller made some huge saves.
  4. Just watched the highlights on nhl.com and wow it was clearly the Bo and Jake show. Seemed like they were in 80% of the highlights. The one game I didn't watch lol. Ah well, watched the Jets prospects beat the Flames, so ... a good night
  5. Thank you so much 2.5 to go!
  6. this radio link working for anyone? won't play... http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/WKLLFM
  7. Radio streaming link fails... how can I listen? Anyone know? Thank you!
  8. woohoo!!! nice work!
  9. THE BURR IS BACK BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That hit on Wideman, cherry on top.
  10. A "didn't notice" option might be good too.
  11. And doesn't look like a bowl of spaghetti. When growing up (in the peg) I had no idea wtf was on Van's chests.... certainly didn't think it was a skate... and could only think about halloween every time I saw the colours
  12. Actually he was repeating what Benning said. Coming up on a losing team, in a losing culture, ruins prospects... and Benning probably knows better than you. You're welcome.
  13. excuse me mods but how is a Miller thread pinned in the Nucks talk but not one for Vrbata? (at this moment anyways)
  14. I'd love to see Stastny and/or Moulson added!