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  1. Who will be the first coach to be fired this season?

    Things look different now eh? I've watched every Jets game and truly, something special is happening.... and it's not like it came outta the blue! :angel:
  2. [GDT] Around the NHL | December (03-09) 2017

    The Wings will be happy with a loss to the Jets as long as they show up, unlike their 10-1 trouncing in Ottawa. However, the Jets will be facing a desperate team who may have hit their lowest in decades. Hopefully it's a well contested effort by both, and the Jets win Jets are 13-1-2 in games with only 1 day off between, and are under 500 when 2 days off or more. December has only 2 instances of more than 1 day off between games for the Jets!
  3. [GDT] Around the NHL | December (03-09) 2017

    Now being destroyed 5-0 with more than half the game left. Conden pulled. Jets are a severely weaponized team. Reminds of how Chicago was leading up to their cup runs, but even more deadly. Scoring in bunches often.
  4. The Blues looks like the real deal

    The Jets aren't far behind, looking like Chicago just before multiple stanley cup last... decade or whatever.
  5. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Thank you so much 2.5 to go!
  6. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    this radio link working for anyone? won't play... http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/WKLLFM
  7. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Radio streaming link fails... how can I listen? Anyone know? Thank you!
  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    THE BURR IS BACK BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That hit on Wideman, cherry on top.
  9. Should we re-sign Mike Santorelli?

    We want 3rd and 4th line shifts in the offensive zone right? Forecheck tenacity? Gives it hard every shift? Santorelli The one who almost but not quite does those things who needs to go... probably Hansen (even tho I've been a big supporter of his)
  10. Except you just made what he really said, into something else, he didn't mean. He said that, but only related to "amateur leagues" while he said in NHL "they can be used to analyse & compare because everyone's playing in the same league" Your welcome.
  11. Weise says Lucic threatened him during handshake

    Weise made it public so that he doesn't get killed next year. If Lucic injures him now.... Intent to injure also happens "on the ice" but has nothing to do with what is *supposed* to happen on the ice, which is why it can lead to what happens in the court room. Like uttering threats about killing. Sore losers are losers.
  12. What if someone like you mention is big too? Skipping a Getzlaf or Lucic type possibility to avoid drafting 'for size' - which appears to be what you're angling toward - wouldn't be advisable.
  13. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    That's on video. Thornton should be suspended for a game at least.