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  1. Jets vs Blues Same GP Same 4-1-0 record Same home & road record Jets with 1 more GF Jets with 3 less GA Jets at home after winning their home opener First divisional game for Jets. 6-3 Jets #GOJETSGO :D
  2. No new this week thread... so in this one. Jets move to 4-1-0 as Big Buff pulls off a highlight reel GWG against the Flames with under 2 minutes left in a 1-1 tie :D Ehlers leading rookies in SOG as he and Shief looking dangerous on most shifts. Alternating goalies Jets have outscored opponents 24-12 GOJETS!
  3. Miller made some huge saves.
  4. Just watched the highlights on nhl.com and wow it was clearly the Bo and Jake show. Seemed like they were in 80% of the highlights. The one game I didn't watch lol. Ah well, watched the Jets prospects beat the Flames, so ... a good night
  5. Thank you so much 2.5 to go!
  6. this radio link working for anyone? won't play... http://radio.securenetsystems.net/v5/WKLLFM
  7. Radio streaming link fails... how can I listen? Anyone know? Thank you!
  8. THE BURR IS BACK BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That hit on Wideman, cherry on top.
  9. A "didn't notice" option might be good too.
  10. I'd love to see Stastny and/or Moulson added!
  11. We want 3rd and 4th line shifts in the offensive zone right? Forecheck tenacity? Gives it hard every shift? Santorelli The one who almost but not quite does those things who needs to go... probably Hansen (even tho I've been a big supporter of his)
  12. Except you just made what he really said, into something else, he didn't mean. He said that, but only related to "amateur leagues" while he said in NHL "they can be used to analyse & compare because everyone's playing in the same league" Your welcome.
  13. Weise made it public so that he doesn't get killed next year. If Lucic injures him now.... Intent to injure also happens "on the ice" but has nothing to do with what is *supposed* to happen on the ice, which is why it can lead to what happens in the court room. Like uttering threats about killing. Sore losers are losers.