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  1. I don't think anyone honestly knows until the situation arises, and depends on the situation and odds of success, I'm a weak swimmer so attempting a water rescue would likely result in two people needing rescue.
  2. There's no real best as music isn't a competition, some of my favourites would be: Jaco Pastorius Steve Harris Geddy Lee Billy Sheehan Tal Wilkenfield
  3. 1952 Hudson Hornet, this thing was nearly unbeatable on the NASCAR circuit back when stock cars were still stock
  4. 1969 Mustang Boss 429
  5. Surprised no one has come up with the Oldsmobile 442
  6. Possibly the first muscle car, 1949 Oldsmoble Rocket 88
  7. Thought it was weird until I tried it, Cabbage, apple, and onion. Shred and simmer in a small amount of apple juice.
  8. Here come da Judge