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  1. France actually did break the bank, the financial crisis cause by funding and arming the US was a major cause of the French revolution a few years later. IF you bothered to read you'd also see France did supply a lot of troops (how do you explain the 8000 + troops and 29 ships as well as 3 Commanders at Yorktown?) and ships,and the Spanish fought a number of battles in the midwest, The US was part of a coallition against the British. I am also a major history buff, and I did have several ancestors who fought on the British side (Look up William Bell, Gilbert Hearns, Isiah Bartley and Edward Carscallen)
  2. But because of France and Spain, the British couldn't use their full strength, land or naval due to threat to the home country. Siege of Yorktown: 8,000 American troops + 3100 militia, 7800-8800 French Regulars + 29 Warships. leaders, George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Marshal Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, Lieutenant Général des Armées Navales François-Joseph Paul, marquis de Grasse Tilly, comte de Grasse Might also want to read about the Marquis de Lafayette and his contribution. I think you need to swaollow your pride and admit the Americans had a LOT of help, financially, logistically, materially, and military support.
  3. Just keep in mind you didn't do it single handed
  4. Canada is part of the commonwealth, the Queen is still the head of state, and I think Canada has the strongest ties to the UK of any of the commonwealth countries, mainly due to the Royal family.
  5. You might also want to keep in mind that there was this guy named Napoleon who keep most of the British forces busy in Europe or the US would have been steamrolled
  6. Navy 3-0, not that I expect them to challenge for a national title, just nice to see the service academy's do well because these guys aren't getting a free ride and most have no pro football intentions.
  7. Since all this religious debate has nothing to do with the actual topic of this thread, I suggest the debate move to personal message or create a new thread to discuss it.
  8. I guess since Denny Doherty was born in Halifax this counts