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  1. I'm not much into wrasslin', so I never really thought about the wrestler, edited my list to specify to avoid any controversy if one of them doesn't make it through 2017
  2. Gordie Howe died in 2016
  3. I would guess the no editing rule means AFTER Dec 31/16? I edited mine to correct a couple of misspelled names, I wold also assume if someone on the list dies prior to Jan 1/17 it should be ok to replace them.
  4. Prince Phillip Kirk Douglas Bob Barker Olivia De Havilland Ed Asner Betty White Howie Meeker Milt Schmidt Johnny Bower Peter Sallis Bruce Forsythe Dan McCafferty Dick Van Dyke Gordon Lightfoot Angela Landsbury Fats Domino Chuck Berry Mary Tyler Moore Cloris Leachman Billy Graham (Evangelist)
  5. I just got another, apparently Zsa Zsa Gabor passed away today
  6. Navy 75 SMU 31 9-2 overall 7-1 conference (admittedly not a strong conference) Wins over Houston and Nortre Dame Not bad season