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  1. By now you should know what to expect from Heretic
  2. You are the biggest glutton for punishment I have ever encountered on this board, you keep trying to mess with me and get shot down over and over and keep coming back with the same lame arguments. Religion turns people into mindless zombies, willing slaves to the power hungry sociopaths at the top of the heirarchy.
  3. In all fairness, it was his first time in that type of car and probably the first time on that road course, it was an exhibition so he wasn't going to be going all out, and the Williams team probably put a very stable driver friendly set-up on the car
  4. Prince Phillip Kirk Douglas Zsa Zsa Gabor Olivia De Havilland Ed Asner Betty White Howie Meeker Gordie Howe Johnny Bower Peter Salis Bruce Forsythe Dan Mcafferty Dick Van Dyke Gordon Lightfoot Angela Landsbury Fats Domino Chuck Berry Mary Tyler Moore Cloris Leachman Billy Graham
  5. Don't leave Heinrich Himmler out, Heyrich was a subordinate of Himmler
  6. I think it was actually Heinrich Himmler who came up with it, Hitler endorsed it.
  7. Read Mein Kampf, Hitler's hatred of Jews was evident well before taking power, Germany was allied to the Ottoman Turks in WW1
  8. Its something you pick up with experience, you'll start to notice the same posters stirring the pot over and over again.
  9. This may help identify many posters that inhabit forums (not just CDC). Big Cat is probably closest to myself
  10. The inspiration for Austin Powers