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  1. There are probably a few that slept with him hoping to advance their career, and now are jumping on the bandwagon because it didn't work out like they planned.
  2. Believing is one thing, proving it is a whole different thing, that's the trouble with sexual assault cases, they often boil down to He said/She said, and you can't convict someone on belief alone.
  3. Not sure if Jazz belongs here, its not exactly mainstream anymore. One of my favourite artists, and one who should be in any discussion of greatest guitarists of all time
  4. or to use a quote more familiar to most CDC'ers
  5. I'd say John Walton is a character people can relate to. A blue collar type trying to support his family through a very tough economic time, who occasionally shows anger and frustration at the cards life deals him, he's there when the kids need him but also gives them enough room to make their own choices and experience the consequence of their decisions, but always doing his best to see that all of his kids get to achieve their dreams.
  6. You've made some very good points, and I am not saying Homer is a terrible father or that he doesn't have any positive qualities (I'd take him over a lout like Peter Griffin), I just think there are plenty of TV dads that are a more positive portrayal of Fathers than he is.
  7. If it was favourite TV dads he'd be on my list along with Red Forman and Gomez Addams
  8. Except most fathers who strangle their son when he misbehaves get charged with child abuse. If you had to choose a TV dad to raise you would Homer be one of your top choices?
  9. Too often IMO, dads on TV are often portrayed as bumbling fools and childish idiots (Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin come to mind), good for a laugh but no one in their right mind would want their father to be anything like them. Who are some of the best TV dads past and present, the ones who you would be proud of, the ones you think did the best job raising their kids and caring for their families? My choices would be: John Walton Sr Charles Ingalls Howard Cunningham Dan Connor