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  1. Who are you to judge the live I live? I know I'm not perfect, and I don't live to be, but before you start pointing fingers... make sure your hands are clean. Bob Marley
  3. In my high school days Kathy Ireland was my dream girl
  4. I haven't met a poster this arrogant since Wetcoaster was banned (you sound suspiciously like him and believe me that is not a compliment). My list is what you asked for, you just didn't expect to get an answer, now your ticked someone called your bluff. Don't patronize me or twist things around desperately trying to look and sound intelligent (where did I say anything about thinking God is black? If you knew anyhing about my beliefs you'd realize how far out in left field you are on that, I simply implied that the role of God could be played by anyone). I guess when you want to argue but you find yourself in over your head you have to resort making things up and pretending your the one being attacked. You want more Asians in film? Put your money where your big mouth is, finance your own production company, then you can hire all the Asians you want instead of trying to force everyone else into kowtowing to your desire.
  5. George Takei, Jackie Chan, Pat Morita, Bruce Lee, Lucy Liu, Lou Diamond Phillips, that enough? What People are sick of is political correctness promoted by pompous self righteous folk who play the race card everytime they don't get their own way. Historical figures should be cast as accurately as possible including race if you want any credibility in your film, certain iconic figures are also taboo to be changing ethnic background (James Bond, Superman, Robin Hood, Mammy, Lt Uhura, (imagine the riots if you rebooted Star Trek with a blonde, blue eyed Uhura)). Some characters race doesn't matter, Dr Who can regenerate as anyone, any race, either Gender, I loved Morgan Freeman's portrayal as God in Bruce Almighty
  6. I can only lead you to the truth, I can't make you believe it Raymond Reddington
  7. Before my time, for my lifetime I'd go with Lester Pearson
  8. Among the ones in my lifetime he's fighting with Mulroney for the bottom spot
  9. Please tell me you're joking