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  1. I play guitar because I like it not because I am good at it. I have 5 guitars (6 and 12 string acoustics, nylon string classical, solid body electric and an archtop I bought last summer) and a recorder I play around with. Considering buying either a mandolin or a banjo this summer.
  3. Been watching since the early 70s, much prefer the 70's early 80s, the game seems too structured now, (the trap everyone blames the Devils for was actually started by the Canadians in the mid 80's), everyone has to play the system, most teams play the same way, few teams have an identity (Flying Frenchmen, Big Bad Bruins, Broad Street Bullies). There is also less respect for your opponent now, I see a level of viciousness in today's game the 74 Flyers would cringe at.
  4. Maybe you need to learn about the Civil war, it wasn't about slavery, it was primarily about the distribution of power, the North wanted a strong central Government, the South wanted the power to lie with the State. Slavery only became an issue in the late stages of the War.
  5. Three members of my family were there, my Grandmothers cousin was killed there, her Uncle survived that battle but was lost at Passchendaele, my Grandfathers brother survived the Great War (wounded twice, once at Cambrai and again at the Canal du Nord)
  7. One of the pioneers of Rock N Roll possibly the first Rock Star passes away at age 90