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  1. I'd like to see a hold on any new inductees for the time being. I agree those players should be ahead of Kesler. We are looking back enough lately. Let's concentrate on the future for now.
  2. Really? If he were paid $2 - $3 million, and had scored 5 goals, and 3 assists, as he has this year, (and weren't at least 2 of those empty netters?) why would he be "very loved"? Just for his penalty killing? And yes, he's sat some games, but whose fault is that? Green would have definitely played him if he was better than his choices at the time. I think he'd not be the whipping boy, I'll grant you that, but "very loved"? I don't want to harp on the guy, but as Ray Ferraro was saying today when Price was egging him on to agree at how wonderful and charming this Louie story is...he replied uh...why would he be "charmed" at this latest Loui story? He is charmed more by stories of the scrub in the minors that fights his way to the NHL and sticks. Louie is finally playing like a $2 - $3 million dollar player, and only lately. He was previously not even playing well enough to bump $1.5 million dollar players. Is it better he is playing well enough to stick to the lineup when there are no other options because everyone else is injured? Ferland and Leivo at least. I guess. Woo Hoo. Better than not. I'd still rather Leivo was there and healthy @ $1.5 cap hit. Louie is a long time NHLer, so yes he does have more experience in the big league which helps his case, especially defensively. So that's good. And when he's actually interested, as he has been lately, he is competent, and more trustworthy defensively than younger players such as Gaudette and Virtanen for Green. I'll say I'm glad we have him available to fill in, that he isn't injured too, because he's playing a great fill-in role now. But I still hope like heck he decides to retire this summer after his last bonus is paid out. I think he will be at $32,000,000 in actual take home money then. His base salary would be only $1 million for 20/21 and $3 million for 21/22. Heck, offer him a "consultant job" for two years for 4 million, like the other Lou in Florida. I don't care what anyone says, him and his cap hit are a distraction in the dressing room and the sooner he's gone the better it will be for the rest of the team.
  3. I don't think we can even think about these two returning anytime soon. Ferland may end up retiring. Or at least taking the whole season off. With Leivo, a knee injury like that takes time not only to heal, but to get back into game shape and confidence playing. They should remain on LIR until after the TDL. Partly for reasons of making sure they are 100%, partly because we can use the cap retrieval money at the TDL. We will need them more for the final run and playoffs. And have some extra cash to spend at the TDL
  4. Has to be Miller. I don't think anyone expected that from him and right out of the gate. But all of those choices are pleasant surprises Markstrom's grabbing the gauntlet, putting an exclamation point on his improvements last season. Jake's recent confidence in using his speed and skill, and performing every night. He's had a great month. Lets see him keep it going. Pearson's production. A trade where we exchanged an over-hyped defenseman, for an under-hyped sniper!. Gaudette is progressing along well. Love his shot. Still makes mistakes, like all rookies Demko shows great promise but he needs more starts to prove himself Another nice surprise is Bo's play. He had a rough time of it without a home goal, or much other production, for a long stretch, but has he ever bounced back. Bo is the perfect choice as captain for the team right now. I'm also a wee bit surprised, pleasantly so, at how Petey has not yet suffered any sophomore slump. Blows me away still that we have him. Have to watch how he handles fatigue in his second season, being as he tailed off badly last season. Surprised that Louie is playing with some kind of consistency of effort, like a true professional, never complaining....other than that ONE time, come on. . i think the new young talent, the winning, that new excitement around the team helped him to give a dam again. Good for him, he's costing our cap 6 million. At least if he keeps playing like this, he'd be earning at least half of that. uh...woo hoo. Bad surprises. I miss Boeser's wicked shot from the circle on the PP. Not that I'm complaining about Huggey and Petey doing most of the shooting. But defensively he still is prone to be stick checked off the puck, and he's not the fastest skater. But he's putting up points. We need him. And playing at the top of his game. He's still getting better. Beagle, other than face off work, has been a little lacklustre, for his cap hit. And Schaller is a minor disappointment, at least lately. Myers, but only a minority of time on the ice. He'll just have his moments. He can be bad at making the quick decision with the puck and has been known to, in a panic, pass it directly to the opposition at times even. But his size and strength in the corners is greatly needed. And he can have a good shot. Tanev. Still the Tanman, Still makes smart decisions with the puck. Just not as quickly as before. I guess that's really no surprise. I should be surprised he's still healthy this season, so far knock on wood. With a little luck on our side we could have a long ride this season.
  5. I agree. Its tough to have arguments based on reality in here sometimes without being called a 'bad' fan. I also agree that he has been making slow steady progress. Glass half full. But its been painfully slow. So full of false starts and regressions. I still think he doesn't have the same hockey smarts on the ice as the more elite players possess. I don't know if he can develop that aspect or not. Quick decision making with the puck, and not only that but accurate decision making. A lot of rushes get snuffed because of him making a bad pass or losing the puck in a puck battle. His speed is his saviour. As long as he can either get off a shot, or make a pass to a team mate before he loses it, when in the O zone its all good. I think confidence does wonders though. Chicken and the egg. Scoring and confidence, which comes first? Doesn't really matter, I just hope he continues to push himself using his skating as the ability to work with and produce. No reason to think he won't. But I also think, because of the level of his on ice anticipation and hockey smarts, he still has to prove he deserves top line minutes. And actually any player on any top line in the league has to prove that every game too. If he continues to be consistent the rest of this season, maybe even reaching 20 goals, I'll be convinced he's here to stay. Sorry, but based on his previous 4 years, even though I'm stoked at his play now, he has more to prove.
  6. First game I'm seeing live this season! Will you be there with your bell Deb? I'll listen for it So excited! Go Canucks Go! I predict a Louie hat trick! One off a defenseman's butt, and two empty netters!
  7. The "Please suspend Jake" crowd is puzzling to see here. It was a borderline hit. Borderline dirty. A different kind of hit, but much like Upchuck's hits, it was just below the bar set by the DOPS. Get over it. Things seem to even out. Sometimes those situations happen to the Canucks where we think there should be a suspension, and none comes. Save your outrage for those times. Canucks lose Hansen for 4-6 weeks after knee-on-knee hit from Jets’ Perreault What will anger Canucks fans more than Hansen being sidelined, though, is that some felt the hit from Perreault was a combination of late and dirty that could have been worthy of a suspension. In fact, following the Dec. 22 game, Canucks captain Henrik Sedin said the hit was something the league should be taking a look at. “It took at least a couple of seconds before Perreault came. That’s a dirty hit, for sure,” Sedin said, according to The Province’s Jason Botchford. “That’s something we can’t have in this league. We’ll see what the league does. You never know.” Sedin later continued by saying the hit “had to be more than a second late Mike Halford‏Verified account @HalfordTSN No hearing for Perreault after going knee-on-knee with Hansen in the WPG-VAN game last night, per NHL spokesman. 9:52 AM - 23 Dec 2016 . .
  8. Finally going to a game live! They better win 5 - 4 Canucks
  9. The empty net leader is now going for the empty net assist leader! good hustle Louie.
  10. that would have been a sweet goal if Bo could have put that one in between his legs
  11. Then that sob Megna got here and stole his place