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  1. Too bad we don't have.....GINO GINO GINO!!! Blues announcer: "Odjick should be suspended from now until a couple of years from now!"
  2. Very noticeable the lack of intensity in this game and in the Boston / Washington game. These teams just want to get out of these positional games without injury. But boring compared to the play-in games.
  3. Yes. But it will be a very reserved "yes" if they get swept in the first round. I want to see them win a game or two at least
  4. If Taffoli is not good to go, please keep Big Mac on with Pearson and Bo over Eriksson please. Thats when Bo scored his goal. Mac brings way more to that line.
  5. Ha ha . Love that. When Tanev comes in the room, after the interview, they swarm him. . .
  6. There was a few times there when we were passing with such skill and speed in the O zone I could hardly keep up. Makes me salivate thinking of that against Dallas. Penalties really shot holes in keeping that going. But when we dazzled, we were dazzling, led by Quinn Hughes and Petey, but everyone worked hard. Not Marky's night, but I love how the team had his back tonight. Canucks looked like the better team, and deserved the win. WOOOOOOOOO! Go Canucks Go!
  7. Is a cold young backup better than Marky on an off night? If we want to go further, we may need Demko anyways. He needs to prove himself some day. If we win, Marky gets a few days to get his @#%@ together.
  8. If they'd at least be consistent. But you know that by the time the second or third round comes along, Myers roughing penalties will look tame to what refs will let players get away with by that time. But for some reason they are going to call it tight right up until, at least for our series.