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  1. Good post. Something a few people here don't understand. I especially agree with the notion that his great defensive play "boosted the teams scoring mindset". So that even if he does not end up on the scoresheet, his stalwart play on the back end directly and indirectly affects the overall confidence to score in the forwards. IMO he is one of the elite defensemen of the league. No not the 'elite' type that is the only kind that is given respect...the offensive defenseman. He is a defensive specialist. One of the best in the league at that job. Too bad so many are blinded by dash and flash and don't appreciate the talent of a player that is crucial in allowing others to claim the spotlight.
  2. The new "Do We Really Need Him" thread. Burrows only improved after his thread was started. So I predict a big leap in production this year.
  3. Loved the Green men. I think they fizzled out because CBC began to refuse to air them after awhile. Probably envious of the fact that any Green men segment was more entertaining than anything they could produce. They could have just gotten frustrated. In later games, you could see they had some skit all planned and the cameras would show a second of the player going into the box and just as they stood up to perform, the cameras quickly cut away. Could have been either a CBC edict or more than likely came straight from Bettman.
  4. Real Madrid has to sell Alvaro Morata to get Paul Pogba
  5. Having Stamkos come all the way to Vancouver, and sign for less than what other teams would be offering? contest. But its a fantasy poll. Take Dubois and build for the future. No Suban, no Lucic, no Stamkos. Dump a couple more vets for prospects or picks, even for late picks. At least for one season lets dump this premise of winning the Stanely Cup next year. Still might happen, and I say never say never, but we'd be further ahead towards that goal at this time next year if we dumped that goal next season and instead focused the goal on building our stock of talented prospects, and younger "bridge" players.
  6. No link? I guess its tough when it is only playing in your head. Ron MacLean made what is named an "apology video". Here it is: Where on this video does Ron ever say he was wrong? Or even that Auger may have overstepped his authority? Or even that he presumed too much about Burrows and it was unfair to run such a one-sided editorial on the incident? This video is in fact one where Ron is forced to address the Burrows hate because of yet another insinuation of bad behaviour by Burrows from Ron in an Ottawa/Vancouver game in the following season where he implied that Burrows purposely left the door open to injure an Ottawa player. But that he had had a beer with Manny Malhotra and Willie Mitchell and they assured him Burrows was a stand up guy, and that was good enough for him. Good enough for what? Still no apology to fans or to Burrows for the actual Auger incident editorial where he also had on Colin Campbell on only to back up his twisted biased rant while running his cherry picked video of some previous early Burrows behavior with such gems as: As Burrows went down, MacLean sniped, "Obviously when Burrows went down we all thought he was dead." As Burrows lay on the ice, Mac-Lean sarcastically spoke for Burrows, saying, "And you can see Burrows say, 'Don't worry. Has he signalled five yet?' " And as he questioned Campbell, MacLean simply said: "I can't imagine [Auger] said, 'I'll get you,' we all agree on that." This Province blog post does a good breakdown of that "apology" video.
  7. Young fry back into the fire. I'm not saying McLean is not a talented talking head and professional side kick. But he represents a sore spot for Canuck fans. My opinion of him before the Auger/Burrows incident was that he was a competent host, if not a little bland. After that incident, he is dead to me. It wasn't even his one-sided attack on Burrows, complete with a video documentary, and his "well no one actually believes Auger actually said that." declaration which gave cover for every ref to "get back" at Burrows for years to come. No, it was his arrogance in never ever apologizing to Canuck fans, or Burrows, even after it was pretty clear Burrows was vindicated when Auger was quietly disposed of by the NHL soon after. Its not like Rogers is the Republican Party, there are actually viable candidates for the job. I rather have Hazel Mae
  8. We're number 1, we're number 1! Seriously congrats to James and the Cavs. Never watch basketball, but this series was a classic. Game 7 down to the wire. Never understood the James hate either. If the people of Cleveland have forgiven him for signing with a better team and money early in his career (IMO nothing to forgive) then whats with all the other BB fans still on his case? the guy's a class act.
  9. Wow, This is strangely attractive. I really hated those colours on the skate logo. Maybe its because the skate logo was so complicated to work with those colours. Not to mention a confusing design with a skate going downhill. But somehow the orca looks almost royal with those colours. Just keep the yellow out of the rest of the uniform. A little for highlights is ok but awful as a primary colour. Not that they would ever consider using this.
  10. a lot of ideas out there for the actual Las Vegas logo. the Las Vegas Bones: The Flamingos: the Outlaws: the Nordiques: (since they are going to be moved to Quebec soon anyways is the punchline) The Rat Pack: (I like) the Dealers: the Las Vegas Sin: The Strippers (could've done a little MORE with this one) Then there's this well thought out video presentation for The Aces:
  11. I think many Canadian born players, especially top ones, do not want to play in Canada. And more specifically BC born playing in Vancouver. Sad but true. I remember back when Paul Kariya made it clear he didn't want to come back to Vancouver. If they are drafted that's one thing, but as far as free agents signing? Its difficult to keep them. Look at Pronger in Edmonton. It could be any combination of reasons. 1. The pressure of playing in a hockey mad city where Hockey is #1, and every mistake is blown out of proportion. 2. The glamour of playing in a big American city. See the world, expand your horizon, especially in your 20's. 3. Weather. Why spend your off days under an umbrella or shoveling snow when you could be golfing or surfing? 4. Money. Specifically the higher taxes taken off your paycheck. 5. Relative privacy and anonymity for you and your family when out in public. Of course the OP is outrageous. Of course you pick the best player available. If we had gotten #1 this year, that means we would pass on the first four anyways and end up with virtual 5th with Dubois as the best Canadian available. Brilliant.......not. Well, I guess one could then entice Toronto, if they were then 5th, to swap picks and throw in Kadri or Marner. But there is some element of truth and a disturbing trend of most Canadian teams with European captains over the last decade, coinciding with a lack of Cups. And the lack of homegrown superstars that play for Canadian teams. I think there is something there, but the degree of affect that has on Canadian teams lack of success in the post season is debatable.
  12. While not true, even though they are the majority, one could say that the top players, overall, including both goalies, are Canadian.
  13. All those other greats up there in the great hockey rink in the sky better have their heads on a swivel now that you're there Gordie! RIP
  14. all I can see in that logo is "Canucks Suck" I've done one of those up. Can't find it now. My avatar is wearing one. That's what I'd like to see. Revolutionary, ahead of its time that logo. Have you ever seen a logo and jersey designed all together as one... before or since? What threw people off were the colours at the time. The logo/jersey was just too big a design to have such garish colours. With the new calmer greens and blues it works great!
  15. The Sharks plan was always to intimidate their opponent, dominating them in size. And frustrate the other team to draw PPs, with their own jabs and dives. The Penguins simply aren't following their script. They have too much speed to be bothered. And Crosby is leading his team by example with the discipline. Henrik knows all about Joe's little acts. IMO Thornton should get a roughing once in awhile to keep him honest. But the refs seem as enamored of that long nappy thatch as much as he is. The Pens are proving that speed kills. Just as Benning is trading picks and smallish speedy prospects for a bigger Boston model defensive core....with our very own Chara! That's what works for them playing in the East. Benning knows we have to get out of our own half of the continent first.