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  1. OMG is that the latest Avs logo? I thought that must be the one I heard was dissed by the fans for their outdoor game. But no, that one is even worse! Is this the first time since the flying V that a team has tried a jersey/logo combination? edit: Oh yeah, 5-4 Canucks
  2. Ideally, every coach would love to be able to roll four lines. Keep everyone fresh all game. The closest team that's able to do this usually goes far in the playoffs. At the very least three lines. So sure, try it. To start a game. If we get a lead and look good, then keep it going. But as the game goes on, if we are get behind, Green can quickly stack two lines (more like one and a half). You never know until you try. Chemistry is a funny thing. Imagine if Miller DID click with Pearson and Schaller. But we ain't running four lines with Eriksson on the fourth. You missed Beags.. I'd put Miller as third line center and Beagle as fourth line, with Gaudette back to wing on the third line. And Louie sleeping in the press box.
  3. It's tough"watching" the game via this thread. Part of the Eastside Culture Crawl. Go Canucks Go!
  4. Okay. I don't know how much of that is just a hockey coach answer. But I'm sure on a rush and the seas part and there's a way to carry the puck in, a player will, or should, do that. A 100 % chance of having possession in the O zone is better than a 50% chance of getting it back. I find it hard to believe Green would demand that as a hard rule especially on the PP. I think teams in general usually dump it in because they have no choice. Clogging up the neutral zone etc.
  5. A buddy for Tryamkin? Now that Goldie is probably gone. Depends on his attitude. If he really wants to revive his career and put in the work. He hasn't won the Cup yet. Just eluded him in New Jersey and Los Angeles. And he could see us as a rising threat to get him that ring. Plus he has one less year on the books. We'd have to throw something else in. Why not?. Probably because LA would have to have some use for Louie. And they don't A lot of veteran NHLers do the little things well. He's not that special. But I'd ask if I were JB. . . .
  6. I think its all simpler than some think as far as dump n chase. I assume that the preferred way to enter the zone, and the one they usually want to implement, is to carry the puck in. And only if it looks like the blue line is a wall they dump it in. No choice there. The only time they may choose dump n chase as the primary method is if they really believe they are that much faster. Maybe they know the other team has on their 5 and 6 d on for that play. But I just would assume that having the control of the puck on a stick going into the zone is the primary goal each time. And the drop pass, hate it as much as you want, is like a second chance to carry the puck in, instead of just dumping it in. With a player moving at full speed coming from behind is dropped the puck, he can take it and scope out the line for the easiest access point, and moving at good speed, he has a good chance of carrying it in, Does it always work like that? No. If the attacking player still can't see a lane into the zone they will still dump it in. But they will also be moving fast with that method and could get to the puck first. I just think it is all mostly circumstantial. As well, some opponents will stack the line more, some will not. On top of that, within a game each rush is completely different. But I contend that 99% of the time a team's first option is always to carry the puck in.
  7. Totally agree. I forgot about the killer B line. How well Bo worked with Boeser before Petey even came here. Just from my own eye test, I like the Pettersson / Miller, and the Bo / Boeser lineup. Also, an 80% Beagle is better than a 100% Eriksson. I hope he can play.
  8. If Green is going to split up the lines, why make it Miller with Bo? I think of the top four, Bo works better with Boeser, and Miller clicks with Petey.
  9. The reffing was absolutely minor league this game. Both ways. So close. NJ has our number.
  10. All those weak az calls when a player barely taps an arm is called "hooking". But when Petey is actually HOOKED down to the ice, in front of the net, no call???!!! #%$@ Tim Peel
  11. That was a blatant missed call But you see this in the NHL. What other sports does the ref actually put his whistle away when the play is right in front of the goal posts/net? Of all the places to let penalties slide. Yet that is the norm. Crosschecking, tripping, slashing, interference. But don't let Todd Bertuzzi push off a little to create space. I know all teams do it, including us, but its frustrating if you are the team in front and on the offence.