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  1. Agree and agree that he tried hard as a rookie GM. I truly don't want to look to the past. I just cannot wear blue and green coloured glasses when I do. I can't prove we'd be an even stronger team if he'd done it a more logical or traditional way from my perspective although the percent of that is higher for me. But I agree we now have some kind of a rebuilt team. It's bigger, tougher, and more skilled. But dang it if I won't look to the future through blue and green glasses. I'm a hopeless fan. Heck I always predict a Cup win every year in the annual prediction thread! Apollo's got nothing on me there! On my planet we can hold two such disparaging thoughts like this at once.
  2. Here I thought you were the more cantankerous alien Alf!
  3. Thing is that's what he SAID he'd do, but in all honesty, do you think this is even possible? Let alone that he fulfilled this "plan"? One of the first moves out of the gate was to relinquish a second round draft pick for Vey. I get that he had to fill the roster with SOMETHING. It's just the confused strategy of thinking you can have your cake and sip from the Cup too. It's one thing to fill your roster spots, it's another to over pay FAs to fill them. You saw the quote up thread; he made no bones about the playoffs being a realistic goal other than the last season. It's the cuts of a thousand knives, letting players walk for nothing, buying high and selling low. Even if I give him a mulligan on Eriksson. His drafting has saved him. Even that isn't a perfect record. No one expects that though. I'm honestly trying to understand how one could define the last five years as some well executed plan that has now all come to fruition. Or for that matter even that just because we're all spent up to the cap, the plan has succeeded as well as could be expected. All that said, I'm optimistic about the coming season.
  4. Mayor of Rightville right there Post of the thread.
  5. Teams also need a bit of luck as well. It's true that perhaps we'd not have landed Pettersson if we'd actually done worse - by doing a traditional break down.... and picked higher, Or done better if Eriksson and other deals had lived up to expectations.....and had to pick lower. That's where part of that "accidental" comes in. Personally I think the Hockey Gods finally felt a bit sorry for us.
  6. To be fair I can't take credit for that term. Heard it in here from someone else. But it's a good description. Did you forget the first three seasons of the Benning era where the word "rebuild" was verboten? ... I started making a list of all the "support pieces" JB brought in via free agency or trading for picks or prospects, that were brought in to, at the very least, get us a playoff spot, but frankly I don't have the time. No one can predict how our team would be composed of if instead we'd have kept more picks, or held back on term or salary on a few of the middle of the road pickups in that desperate attempt to make Aquilini some playoff revenue and instead had the cap room to spend that on one or two elite players, preferably one on defence. It is what it is. We're now at the cap limit and will be for the next few years with what we have now, give or take. Are the support pieces of a calibre to win us the Cup? We'll see. You're right though, accidental rebuild isn't really accurate. More like a clumsy retool. But dammit, I don't want to be dragged into this argument again because what's done is done. I believe one can be honestly critical of the past and still shrug it off and be stoked about the future. I'm happy we are now a better and finally tougher team too. We now have a real shot at it. and if you can't be with the one you love honeylove the one you're withdon't be angry - don't be saddon't sit crying over good times you've hadthere's a girl right next to youand she's just waiting for something to do - Steven Stills
  7. LoL. If there is such a thing as an accidental rebuild, we just did it. I'm not bitter. I am a long suffering fan. I fully expect that any success will involve stumbling into glory with this team. But I'm all in. I have to be. We'll see what happens. No one can see the forest fully grown. Other than you I guess. You saw the 5 dimensional chess game JB was playing all along. You and JB knew they'd land a Boeser @ 23 and a Pettersson @ 5. Good for you. Me, I'm happy to see we have managed to scrape together a decent team for now, no matter how we got here. Not sure how sustainable it is for reasons already explained. But I'm going to live in the the present now. It is what it is. I'm behind our boys 100%. I'm hoping this newly planted forest grows song and healthy for years to come. We need a little luck, but I'm ready for the playoffs baby!
  8. A window is starting now no doubt. It wasn't planned well. For years window tradesmen advised preplanning, and gathering good materials and top line tools to do the job by industry standards. Linden Construction co. advised this strongly. But for at least four years we have kind of ignored that advice insisting we could make a fine window sooner. Do it on the fly and chipped a hole in the wall with whatever tools we had gathered. Some old and rusty. Some very new but untested. Switching out one underperforming tool for another if we had to. Every year at the end of winter, when all houses on the block show off what they've done, to let the Spring light in, ours always ended up looking too small, not squared up, rough around the edges, and ultimately had to resign to the fact it wasn't good enough and would have to start over for the next season. Suddenly some things went our way despite our overachieving ambition. While our tools were overall mediocre and over priced, we were given a few newly minted prototypes of very well made construction tools to help us with the job. That was great! Yet still advisers were warning we should wait for even more help of that calibre before we try again. But the screaming kids and family were done waiting all cooped up for so many years without even a glimpse of the Golden Cup in the sky, so Benning the general contractor switched things up even more. Spent out his whole budget on the best tools he could afford and were available, even if not top line products. They'd help with not putting all the wear and tear on those new prototypes. We were going to try again for real this time the GC insisted. I'm all in. No matter how we got here. Because I live in that house too. And dang it I want to reach out and touch that shiny Cup through our own window now too! Go Canucks Go!
  9. I really really want to keep complaining like this. Especially with OPs titled things like "Benning is doing an amazing job!". Just to balance out the rewriting of history. JB and Aquilini have probably delayed the season when we will finally lift the Cup by a few years. But it is what it is now. The past is the past. Well, other than the problems of too many mediocre forwards that no one else wants, and of course Eriksson. And we have to make room for Boeser. STOP Kilgore! Must...look.....forward. I also appreciate JB has finally made it clear. We are going all the way this season baby! Or at least contending with a stable of new eager signings. Way too many of Jim's years of confusion about just what was our goal? Rebuild or playoffs? Which seemed to change depending on how well we were doing. But I'm on board. Glass half full now. Go Canucks Go!
  10. A one year rebuild. That's got to be a record!
  11. Dude's got taste. Love it. This has to be a one off right? His mom sewed it for him. No way they made this for all the grads. Its quite cynical to think this is some publicity stunt by the Canucks. Does it help endear Quinn to Vancouver fans? Of course. But does that somehow prove his heart wasn't in on it? Not in the least. He could have just declined and we'd never hear about it, and we'd all STILL love him. Its not as if he needed a PR campaign to improve his image or anything. Sometimes a good story is just that, a good story about a good guy(s).
  12. You can't prove a negative, or in this case a positive. So we'll never know how much better a position we would be in if JB had started the rebuild in earnest years earlier. I think we'd be ahead, but I can't prove that. Perhaps making the playoffs in 2015 could be argued as an excuse for thinking we had more than we did. I give Jim a mulligan on holding fast into 2016. As someone mentioned in the thread, the charges of him being saddled with inferior untradable players, ....well Jim thought, with the Aquilini's prodding, that these were a good enough base of backup players to go for it again. It wasn't so much that he couldn't trade or deal for picks, its that he didn't try. When they failed to make the playoffs in 2016, that should have been the final straw and we should have been not shy of the word rebuild, but be shouting it from the streets. Much like NYR did. It was a lost opportunity. The fans in the city were knowledgeable and prepared for a years long rebuild. But the owner was not. JB should have, after the 2016 season, gone to the Sedins, Burrows, Higgins, Hansen, Edler, Hamhuis, (probably missing some) and told them in no uncertain terms that a ground up rebuild is what they were going to do. And they could waive their no trade, no move, and Jim could look to move them to contending teams, or they could stay but under the knowledge that there would be no long term major signings (Eriksson, Gagner, ...) No trading picks for help. They would have to live or die with bringing up more youth and only minor trades to fill positions and make improvements when they could. At least for the first couple of seasons. I have a hard time swallowing the perpetual excuse of "look what Gillis left him to work with!" This is 5 years in now. How long does that excuse hold water? Don't ask me how he could have handled the roster, and prospects that Gillis had left him, that's HIS job. Other GMs find creative ways. He never once considered weaponizing the cap. I think he even stated that in an interview. That's why he gets paid the big bucks. But I don't even think its because he couldn't, its because he didn't even try, at the behest of the owner. I realize that hindsight is 20/20. Eriksson may have been the missing link. The heir apparent to Burrows on the Sedin line. Gagner, Vey, Gudbranson, Vrbata, (probably missing some) all might have played above expectations rather than below. Although I still doubt that crew, even at their best, was a Cup winning roster. But the reality is that, yes, we have a few good prospects. What about that second tier coming in to back up the current rookies? There are some promising prospects but is it enough? Its too late now to start a traditional rebuild. We'd miss out on a lot of our new crop of rookies potentials, as well as wasting Bo's best years. So its full steam ahead now. Done with the rebuild. In Jim we (now must) trust. Even though in my gut I have a hard time thinking our present team's makeup can win the Cup now. Must....Not......Be.....Negative...... I'm trying. I want to believe.
  13. Good signing Jim! I got to give him credit when its due. For that price, its a great signing.
  14. I feel ya bro. And with Boeser signed we are spent to the limit. But as a fan, a long time fan, I gotta believe that somehow, some way, everything will work out perfectly. At least more things working than not working. Anyone with a smidgen of hockey knowledge, and has followed this team, if they were honestly looked back at JB tenure here, are disappointed in general. Yes, Petey and Brock soothe a lot of wounds, and mask the mistakes. As well as Markstrom's improvement. But now Hutton leaves for nothing, when he was having a bit of a better year and could have been moved for SOMETHING just before the TD. Its not the LE contract that is slowly hurting this team, every GM makes mistakes, many have their own "LE" contract to deal with, so you could give a mulligan to JB on that. That was a deep cut, but its the small cuts of a thousand knives that has been more harmful. Losing players for nothing, overpaying, over-terming, over-valuing. Under-draft picking. And please no was all Gillis's fault. If this team is now stacked with untradable assets after 5 years of JB, its on him now. Other GMs pull out creative ways to shed players. Its like a Prime Minister or President 5 years in blaming the previous admin for a bad economy. There's a point where you have to take responsibility. Its not that we have an empty glass, I can see that if everything works out we will watch an improved team this season, I can overlook that Myers lost the confidence of coach Maurice, and believe he'll flourish here with a greater role, and a new city, for instance. He and Benn have definitely improved our D. Miller will improve our top 6 production. I'm just not sure that topping up our cap with these "final pieces" will put us over the top. It was pointed out that its remarkable that the second worst team in the last 4 years, Buffalo is the only one under us, has a full cap! At least Buffalo has had a 1st and 2nd overall in that time to soothe that position. IMO, JB has built a house with a few solid rock stars on the top floor, and a whole lot of sand bricks holding it up underneath. If there's not too much wind, and if the injury wolf stays away, ....everything and everybody plays to their highest possible projection, we may make the playoffs. I don't know how many others do, but I live in two worlds with the Canucks. No matter how many bad moves or non moves, being a rabid fan, I HAVE to believe everything will work out. I don't want to concentrate on mistakes (I swear). But then another hit happens to pull me down to its Hutton a 26 year old serviceable D, probably signing in Toronto, who was a relatively solid D for us for years, and we got nothing. Taken on its own its negligible, but adding all the small cuts over the years, and saddled with questionable longer term deals for years to come, its difficult to feel confident in JB going forward. But I HAVE to believe. Its the only NHL team I have. It HAS to work. I refuse to imagine not making the playoffs for two years and then losing a #1 pick. It simply CAN'T happen. . . .
  15. Wait.... I'm confused. Tampa, a Cup contending team, thinks he can play a bigger role than the Canucks do on our team? Can't have it both ways. Either Tampa's GM is really stupid, or JB needs a good head shake. IMO from the eye test I saw, he'd fit in as a 5 or 6 D on the Canucks. At least before we got Benn. (Could have used the cap space) Moving up or down depending on the opposition. He's a presence we sorely lack on this team. We have a team full of reluctant fighters. He looked like he actually enjoyed the role. Not as a literal fighter per say, but as a mean aggressor on the ice. When's the last time we had that, in that weight category? And he can move the puck well. Maybe no amount would have kept him here, I just hope JB tried is all.