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  1. seriously? That's a penalty? Starting to remind me of the 2011 refereeing.
  2. As soon as his stick was tied up, and he knew he didn't have a shot anymore, he drops. and goes for baiting the refs. All he needs is to fool one of them.
  3. Nah, Its all in Torts game plan. Let them tire themselves out and then show them what's what in the third.
  4. If the BJ's can shake off the rust, get through the first period unscathed, they have a chance.
  5. Hey, it would actually fit into our MO. Fedor instead of Sergei Fedorov Steve instead of Paul Kariya Markus instead of Mikael Granlund Jordan instead of PK Subban Brandon instead of ....well any other Sutter Luke instead of Brayden Schenn? Dare I say Quinn instead of Jack Hughes? Okay too early.
  6. Carolina deserved the win. The players not the city. A Stanley Cup winning franchise that can't even half fill that building during the season. But dang it I was looking forward to an Islanders / Capitals series. With Capitals owners and management looking down from their perch as Trotz out coaches Rierden for the win.
  7. Could see that coming. Caps looked like they had had enough hockey in the last 2 years.