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  1. Sign him for a two month contract. Get him on a treadmill. Ready for Minny. 39 yo Burr > 34 yo Louie
  2. I think we are going to see amazing hockey. Maybe take half a game to get up to speed, but it will be almost the same as the kind of intensity of the usual first games of a regular season. Everyone healthy, everyone rested, everyone eager to play. The NFL takes an extra week to have players healthier and rested before the Superbowl. I wouldn't think the NHL would want to delay a playoff start longer after an already long season once things get back to "normal", but a delay will have great benefits in the quality of play. Most playoffs are entertaining, but it's driven by adrenaline with patched up players going above and beyond. This one will be a combination of that hunger for playoff success, but with healthy rosters. Can't wait!
  3. This is it. I can't find the info, but I heard the NHL must play out the season, or a min. of games, or networks can claim a broken contract and the league will be out a lot of money. This, IMO, is the only reason they are not just simply leap frogging to the playoffs with the top 16 teams using winning percentage. I still think they'd try for the playoffs either way. The owners want the revenue (or at least bragging rights) Players want the chance after earning a spot. And fans of those eligible cities want the chance to watch their team lift the Cup. I also think most of the opposition comes from non-hockey fans. But if I am honest, I would say that is human nature. Annoying but understandable to a degree. A lot think in terms that if it doesn't do me any good personally, then I don't want to pay for it, or even be displaced by it at all. There are hockey fans on one side of the political spectrum or the other that feel that way about either government supported social programs, or on the other end, tax breaks and subsidies for wealthy corporations. IOW there is always someone who will complain. Screw em all. I want my hockey!!!! . . .
  4. Seems like if they decide on just 2 cities, both will be in the US. No sense in exasperating the cross border hassle if just two cities divide the games. (And no way Gary would ever consider both in Canada) If they go with 4 cities, they could have 2 in the States, and 2 in Canada. Have each divisional championship stay in one place for the first round. Then narrow it down to one city in each country right through the conference championships. Final in Las Vegas?
  5. Cheech! Never would have guessed that from that little image. I agree, no reason to change the skate unless they found The One. Which IMO they didn't do. If they'd accepted Brent Lynch's first design, Johnny Canuck holding a stick horizontally over his shoulder in a way to give homage to the original logo, I think they would have had something. Instead they said try again, and he came up with the Orca. So the Giants nabbed the Johnny Canuck one. . . .
  6. Well, I'm pretty sure they would have gone with the Orca logo even if we hadn't landed Messier. I never thought of that, that some associate the Orca with Messier. That explains a few things. See, I think the Canucks still haven't had a really good crest. Stick in rink is boring as sh.....On top of that, how is a hockey rink with a puck and stick at all exclusive to any one hockey team? The edge of the rink being a "C" is a bit of a stretch visually IMO. Downwards skate. I must say this one has a lot of nostalgic appeal to me. First big Canuck playoff run for me. And the version on black is looking better with age. But its still kind of odd. Amateur. I don't like the way they forced spelling Canucks in the blade. The Orca design is trying to be all things crammed into one logo. The native whale art, the letter C, and the whole thing breaking out of .... some kind of weird cocoon of Where does that happen? Also, a big complaint seems to be that the Orca doesn't mean a "Canuck". But neither do any of our past designs. But I see your avatar is McLean (or Brodeur) sporting the V. Nice. That's the best design concept of the bunch for me. A blue and green with white accents on a black jersey would look awesome. . .
  7. You raise a good point. I did say I am okay with some ad sponsorship. But that list that I started is getting longer. Enough! I didn't even mention ticket prices. If they can think of a way to make more money they will. And guess what happens? The salary cap goes up, and a player like Tanev goes up from 5 million to 6.5 million. The hockey doesn't change, just the cost of watching it. Both on the pocket book and the brain. I'm waiting/dreading this coming next
  8. The never ending logo debate. I'M IN!! There seems to be three different angles to disliking the logo: 1. Its a corporate logo based on MaCaw's company name. 2. An "Orca" is not a "Canuck" 2. Bad design I never understood the opposition to the first and second points. Orcas were around long before John MaCaw. And he's not only one to adopt the name of this revered local inhabitant. First page of googling "orca company": Orca Exploration company Orca Natural food waste company Orca Security company Orca Gold Orca Lab Research Its more of a case of the Canucks adopting the symbol TOO. And sure, it meshed with the company that MaCaw and Griffiths at the time began. But that alone shouldn't negate the validity of the icon that killer whales symbolize to native and non-native persons in the NW. The Red Wings have a car wheel on theirs in homage to the automobile industry. No one's complaining about that. At least the Orca is a local animal that represents the area, unlike the Pittsburgh Penguins. wtf is that about? They are off by a few thousand miles. The flip side of that is the Ducks. Every city in North America probably has ducks in ponds. Nothing proprietary about that species. I also find the argument that the Orca does not literally mean a "Canuck" ridiculous. Sure Johnny Canuck was an inspiration for the name. But its the "Canucks", not the "Johnny Canucks", a comic hero invented in Toronto. In Canada at least, the Orca is exclusively from BC. Now the design is where I have always had a problem with. Awkward, trying to be too many things at once. I could detail all the design flaws and have in the past. But that said, it is probably the best logo we've had, which unfortunately is not saying much. I'd love to see the V in blue and green and black, but that is more of a total jersey/logo concept. One day that design concept will catch up to it's time.
  9. Pay per view? I'm still POed they filled the boards with advertising. First the ads we must watch on TV and radio. Now they even squeeze in short ads between whistles. But fine I understand that. Have to pay some way. Add that to the cable bill we must also pay. Then the boards filled with ads, Then they paint ads on the ice surface. Then even virtual ads behind the goalies Then hosts of radio and TV have to read sponsor ads on top of regular ads Then they will try and get away with this on top of it. Enough already. Ah, simpler times when one could actually just watch the hockey. . . .
  10. kilgore

    NBA Discussion

    Gotta say, I never was much into basketball, even when the Grizzlies were here. Went to a couple of games. Might have had something to do with the league crippling us with restrictions on 1st round picks, and the few high picks we actually made never really playing above their pay grade, the complaining about the weather, etc etc.. And of course the losing. But watching The Last Dance, man I wish I would have watched some of those Bulls runs live to see the way he could just decide he was going to win a game and then backed it up. I've watched Lebron. The guy is superhuman, but nothing compares to Jordon. Lebron may be the nicer guy, who I'd like to hang out with, but I've never seen such a driven athlete as MJ. The documentary interviewer asked him in the last ep if he thought he'd traded a reputation as a "nice guy" for being a winner. He couldn't answer other that to repeat how hard he helped the team win and actually teared up and had to leave the set. I think its because he knew it was true. I don't know many athletes who are willing to do that, give up all pretense of being regarded as a nice person in order to put a team on your back. Pavel Bure had a little of that attitude, although he wasn't as much of a leader.
  11. kilgore

    Judd Brackett

    Aquilini has no business running a hockey team. First he greedily pushes for free agents over prospects as a stipulation for the new GM in a self-delusion that we didn't need a rebuild and would make the playoffs in perpetuity. Of course we needed a compliant GM. But its ultimately up to him on who gets hired and fired. When finally, a few years ago, Judd was hired as chief scout, demoting our in-house king of incompetence since early on in the teams existence, Ron Delorme. I think over all we have one of the worst records in the league for hits before Judd. (Yeah Ron was big on Pettersson, a clock is right at least once, but Judd liked him as well and ultimately it was Judd's decision to push him on JB) Almost immediately our scouting improves, and we are batting above .500. So much so that the Benning/Aquilini #@$#show of revolving door of overvalued FA castoffs as a way to build a team is forgotten and they are forgiven because.......Boeser.....Pettersson.....Quinn.! And apparently Judd pushed hard for Podkolzin as well. And we stumble into the beginnings of an actual rebuild anyways. And what happens? Only in Canuckland. Get rid of Gilman, a brilliant capologist, then dump Linden who reportedly wanted a more traditional rebuild, acquiring more prospects in the system, now its Brackett, a chief scout who finally starts turning Canucks luck at the draft around. All so Weisbrod, who has left a trail of incompetence everywhere he has gone including Calgary, can consolidate power over the scouting department. No one selection stands out as troubling like the one Calgary used 21st overall on Mark Jankowski in the 2012 draft, though. Jankowski, ranked as the 43rd best North American skater by Central Scouting Services in that draft, represented a reach for the ages – and one the Flames trade down (from the pick used to select Zemgus Girgensons) to make. The Flames, and Weisbrod in particular, felt they’d cheated the system and unearthed a player that projected to be the best of his class. A center with 7 points in 56 games for them last season! That's just one example. You know, Francesco, just because we have a long history of f-ing things up in Vancouver, does not oblige you to continue it. Now you're dumping a Flamer loser on us to steer our scouting. As a long time fan I'm so sick of this kind of arrogant incompetence. . .
  12. Of course the same can be said of Conservatives/Liberals and NDP in Canada. That myth is still going strong. "Tax and spend NDP!" Harper ran deficits his whole insufferably long term, adding over $150 billion to the debt. The only year he did not run a deficit was his last desperate attempt to have one more term by last minute cuts to already approved veterans care funds and adult literacy programs to top up his numbers. Conservatives/Republican hate big gob'mint spending when not in power, but they hold the purse strings, they go to town. Meanwhile, there was a study, yes its nine years old now but still has some merit, on how Canadian parties actually fair with financial management while in government (obviously only Provincially for the NDP). At least the Cons are not last every time! But surprisingly I'm sure for some, the NDP came out on top. . . .
  13. And here is a great new article by Rolling Stone on the same topic with a detailed timeline.
  14. I agree. Stricter rules about space between sellers, types of meat, sanitation, etc....One problem is that he should have included the worst of the factory farming practices in the West as well. Mad Cow anyone? But it doesn't mean he is wrong about the crowded wet markets, mixing wild and domestic animals, in Asian markets as well. I'm from the left spectrum of the political tent, but this PC overreaction is so cowardly and stupid. Of course Adams should have realized how it would come off. But it doesn't negate his concerns about unsafe practices in those markets. Understandably fuelled by his strong vegan beliefs. It is so damn easy to pull out the 'racist' card for PC points. After the avian flu, SARS and others in the past, nothing has been done about those breeding ground markets. They are shielded from doing anything by holding up the racist card each time. And nothing will change now either, get ready for the next one down the pike, because everyone is afraid to be ostracized like Adams if they dare suggest it. I hope that all over the planet we can now re-examine how we house, and sell, animals for consumption, no matter what country or race. Just to add, reading the story on the blog VancouverIsAwesome, this comment under it: Being a Chinese-Canadian Vancouver guy and a big fan of Bryan myself, I *agree* with his tweet - maybe the bat-eating isn't factual - but I have personally seen some of those "wet markets" in China and other Asian cities stuffed with all manner of live creatures and my first impression as a western citizen scientist and photographer was that had to be some fertile breeding grounds for all kinds of weird diseases.