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  1. sounds good to me. I hope management isn't too queezy about Tryamkin being Russian and all. (Being here just to up his price back home). I also hope Tryamkin really does want to raise a NHL Stanley Cup and to live in NA doing his job. Looking forward to watching The Tram
  2. Its a post Trump world.
  3. I don't know about most others, but I am enjoying this high paced, high talent dose of a hockey booster shot just before the regular season. Listening to 1040 talk about how boring it is to watch Canada steamroll other countries is so disappointingly expected. While I understand the point (We are soooooo damn good that there is no tension in the tournament) I don't see what that has to do with the actual product on the ice. Watching the best play the best (or even the best play the very good) is a treat. And its a bonus that Canada is doing so well. Yes, it would be more nail-bitingly exciting if Canada sucked.....but they don't. Deal with it. IMO it would water down interest of the game in the world if Canada just melted into another bit player in the world of hockey. There would be nothing much for other countries to play for. Like the Yankees, the Bulls, Tiger Woods, (in their height) having a dominant team or individual set the watermark and the challenge to beat them does not diminish interest, it elevates interest in a sport. Some of these passing plays, defensive plays, goaltending saves, is a testament to the beauty and potential this game can be when the best talent makes up the teams. Sure there is not the same physical play as players still want to be able to play in the upcoming season, but did you see Doughty's bad pinch and then recovery to chase down the puck and then downright level a Euro with an absolute bone-cruncher? I know its Canadian and all to be apologetic if we dare be the best in the world at something and to revel in it but I say enough with that. I fully expect Canada to win this thing, and will enjoy watching our boys show the Euros how its done.
  4. So Keith films a Pepsi commercial in his Team Canada jersey and cashes out first before deciding he's too injured to actually play. Stay classy Duncan.
  5. Team West and East Canada is a great idea. A new rivalry like that would generate a lot of interest I'd imagine. At least in Canada, so Bettman won't have much interest in it. Would have been easier to do if it was still called the Canada Cup.
  6. Congratulations Team Canada! I wouldn't give Torts a pass. The Americans should have put up more of a fight. Especially in da turd. Not a good result for ESPN taking on NHL games in future though with whatever American audience there was now dropping off.
  7. Well, that's the last time Torts will coach the US team. Maybe they should use a Canadian coach. It was the game before this that they had to win. Torts didn't make it urgent enough for them. He knew Canada was his second game. Beating Canada in the prelim might have been the worst thing to happen to them.
  8. I really hope Benning and Willie give the Tram a decent shot in Vancouver. Sometimes Benning makes odd decisions, and there is always such a trepidation about taking on a Russian. I loved how he already was intimidating other teams in the few games he's played.
  9. I know its all sour gripes but man would McDavid be perfect for the Canucks right now. Just the right age to take over from the Sedins. #%@# Coilers.
  10. Stamkos is invisible. Finally gets onto a Canada team. Maybe still not 100%.
  11. You know it never gets old. Watching our boys squash the Yanks. They said 20 years ago how it wouldn't take long before they catch up, maybe pass us, in talent. Lovin it.
  12. Good to see Russia stay alive in the tournament. The Alberta kids and the new American Leaf lost tonight. oh well
  13. And if they hadn't split up with Slovakia, they'd have Chara and Gaborik on their team too
  14. Probably should not have been a goal to put Canada up 1-0. I don't like winning when the other team will have a gripe after the game.