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  1. [TankGDT] Arizona at Buffalo 4PM PST

    Dag nabbit Oh well, Phoenix pulls a little further ahead.
  2. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    It may not be smart to rely totally on draft picks, but it certainly is not 'ludicrous' for a rebuilding team to accumulate draft picks as their strategy to create a good team. I'm not an NHL club executive, or pro hockey pundit, so I'm only relying on other more experienced voices to shape my opinion on this. Like the above quote by Craig Button, and most every other pundit and GMs like Yzerman who lives by building through the draft as he learned from his time in Detroit . You can quote all the numbers and percentages you want, and maybe I'm just more of a gambler at heart, but I side with more picks, especially if we have a draft guru at the helm. We'll just agree to disagree.
  3. [TankGDT] Arizona at Buffalo 4PM PST

    Three point game. Three point game.
  4. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    So grasping onto these bridge player straws, and accepting their ceilings, who are "probably not part of the next core" is preferable in your mind to what the equivalent draft picks we got or hypothetically could be their equivalent level of draft picks? We know Baertschi was traded for a 2nd round pick. The others may be equivalents (at the time and age of their acquisitions) anywhere between 6th to 3rd round, for the sake of argument (because draft picks were not an option in those cases). I am hypothesizing based on your previous comments that IF that was possible, you'd probably still have taken those players rather than draft picks. Even though the ages or the hypothetical picks would mean they'd be just entering their productive years in two or three years when its more important to the Canucks. So a second and 6 more picks, (say 5 more and we keep Dahlen who hasn't had a chance yet) with a GM who's specialty is drafting,which is an important part of the argument. You could say that we would have sucked even worse without Baertschi. But how much worse? Not much. And so what? We are supposed to be in a rebuild and going for top picks (if we haven't traded them all away that is) I'm not against taking a chance on other teams superfluous and project rookies that just can't quite break the lineup. For some of the acquisitions. Who knows, Goldy may yet learn how to play defensively too, Granlund may just prove that he's not a one season wonder. Pouliot may prove his draft position was no mistake. Its ok to take on these challenges as well. And yes, the draft is about playing the odds, which are not great if you are talking about top line players. Stocking up on draft picks is high risk, high reward. But we have JB. And that is one talent that I think we could take more of an advantage of. (ie. Boeser, Tryamkin). IMO the scales have been far too heavily weighed on these project prospects over more draft picks in the cupboard. A quote from one of the articles I posted to you earlier: The Kings certainly benefited from drafting Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar in the first round, but the list of players they took in the second round or lower is telling. It includes Jonathan Quick (third round), Wayne Simmonds (second), Tyler Toffoli (second), Slava Voynov (second), Alec Martinez (fourth), Dwight King (fourth) and Jordan Nolan (seventh). “When you start to go through it, there’s definitely a conclusion you draw from why teams are successful and why teams aren’t,” Button says. More draft picks in one year also raise other options like trading two lower round picks for one higher round pick for instance. And with Benning overseeing the draft, I'd take a chance with the long odds of the draft lottery, and making those odds even less with more of them in your back pocket. Didn't Gretzky say ""You miss 100% of the picks you don't take." or something like that?
  5. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    Whoa I applaud your proliferate penmanship if nothing else. This excerpt days it all: "Zetterberg 210th. Passed over by his own GM 6 times! Thats not skill. Thats a lotto ticket" Which is precisely why Detroit having even their 7th pick in that lotto was so important. A shrewd GM on the rebuild should find a way to have a back pocket full of lottery tickets, in spite of other acquisitions. And maybe he will by the end of summer. We'll see.
  6. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    I don't have time to read all those articles. I picked the last one and here's their conclusion: Draft picks contribute significant value as a currency in getting other moves done. Rebuilding teams and their fan bases need to keep that concept at the forefront of their thinking. Just try to remember that though not all draft picks are created equal, there’s still significant value in those mid- to late-round selections. The lottery tickets in the second, third and fourth rounds are significantly cheaper than those in the first but there is a smaller difference in value between a mid-round pick and a late first-rounder than between a late first-rounder and a top-five pick. Accumulating as many of the cheap lottery tickets as possible still increases your chances of winning the jackpot. Look, it boils down to trading for prospects that other teams are willing to let go of for some reason. Players that may make a fine moderately talented NHL player....maybe. And that at least some of them have actually played games in the NHL and so have proven they can actually do it for a few games at least. Or trading for draft picks which are a crap shoot. BUT..its a crap shoot with a high loss / high reward component. So ideally you'd look to acquire both types of players in a rebuild. I just think he's been derelict in the latter Need I remind you where these players were selected?: Luc Robitaille Theoren Fleury Henrik Zetterberg Doug Gilmour Brett Hull Pavel Datsyuk Nicklas Lidström And here's a few more in this article Late-round gems key to long-term success
  7. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    Pretty well every hockey annalist worth his weight in ice says the best way is to build through the draft. What articles are you reading? Chicago, Pittsburgh and most every Stanley Cup winner has done it that way. And no, its not just about the top ten. It is equally important to pick right in the later rounds. that's where you can get a leg up on other GMs that mis-appraised a player. That is the 'ridiculous obsession with draft picks'.
  8. Erik Karlsson's son passes away

    How awful RIP little one
  9. Now ONE Point From A Guaranteed #4 Draft Pick.

    that's a lot of anxious gibberish that I gather is supposed to have some kind of point? In reaction to a post that simply asks: "Why did JB load up with players nobody else wanted?" Its not "super easy" to be an NHL GM. That's why the Canucks hired JB and didn't hold a lottery for the position on CDC. He is who fans rely on to make smart decisions for the team. He is supposed to be the expert being paid a lot of money. You can't use the excuse that Its a hard job, sorry. He didn't get more draft picks because of A. trading draft picks away ie. for Vey, and B. signing untradable assets, so dismal either in performance or contract considerations that he couldn't even get a draft pick for them. I'm not going to list them all here. Needless to say, JB is in a draft pick deficit. He's traded away more draft picks than acquired. That alone is a little alarming seeing as our team has been on the bottom now for 3 straight years, no?
  10. A Bad Restaurant

    Especially to long time patrons. The kind that hang out on restaurant message boards and care enough about the restaurant, even in the bad times, to discuss how everything is tasting, the service, if it needs to be more young and hip etc..
  11. I always thought Botch was the one with the loudest voice yelling about management being so blind about Canuck fans actually having an appetite for a rebuild. When Linden finally said the R word he was the first to applaud that. (albeit in his annoying sarcastic manner) Anyways, it does seem odd looking at it objectively, that a GM that has failed in his strategy of retooling on the fly while remaining competitive as we have missed the playoff for three years, and more than that not even moved from the very bottom, been not stellar with top 5 draft picks, overall bad with free agent signings, has just had his contract extended. I was really hoping he'd remain on as chief of scouting, maybe a title of assistant GM as well. And the team would finally bring in some more experienced hockey mind or minds to manage the team.
  12. A Bad Restaurant

    What is missing from this is that it is the ONLY restaurant in town. At least the only one serving the kind of food that most people like. Good old North American cuisine. Nice heaping servings of meat n potatoes, and milk hot dogs for the kids. Sure there's the Whitecaps fish n chip stand, or the Lions' Wally's burgers but they are closed for much of the time when the Canucks Cafe would be open, and their cuisine just does not satisfy like the Canucks Cafe food as long as everything is running smooth. There really is no choice. We have to stand around in the rain outside the restaurant and just hope the owners are hiring the right staff and chefs. And that now that they actually are going ahead with the renovations, after finally shutting down in a few weeks time, for the Summer, that in the fall when it reopens, they'll have a new look, and fired the staff that is unproductive and hired on a younger more eager staff that wants to work to make the Canucks Cafe the best restaurant not just in Vancouver but in North America!
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    I don't think the media is why we can't have a rebuild, But for Christy's sake, Sekeres, wtf . I'm one to defend the local sports media, at least I think they are not nearly as inept as some describe them. Its their jobs to stir the pot at least to a point, make their shows interesting. But I absolutely hate stupid flame baiting like that. Because there is always a segment, a minority, but loud and rude and stupid. Look at a certain President's supporters down south. There are always cowards that wait for some jackal in the media to "suggest" something like that. At least that's how their stupid brains will interpret it. It will get passed around by Chinese whispers until there is someone that says "Yeah dude, I heard everyone was going to boo them tonight...should be awesome!" And then all it takes is one or two to start in the building and the cowards will join in from their safe anonymous seats in the sea of seats. Seriously why even bring that up? The players must already feel like crap. Its not going to help booing them. Why even put it out there? Then probably Sekeres will be on his show the next day praising his own brilliant foresight.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    At this point I'm all aboard team tank, but I hate what this constant losing is doing to the team. Bo looks like he's had his guts rotted out. I still hope they lose more than they win, but lets have a few choice wins soon. Save them for Chicago and San Jose. That would feel good. I'd normally add Edmonton but I'm hoping they have a late season surge, and I'd sacrifice the humiliation to move past them in draft chances.
  15. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    The score is great news for the tank. But dammit I hate watching what this is doing to the team's psyche. Bo's frustration and others. Still a number of games left to pound in the losing culture in even deeper. They'll be a big group of depressed athletes at seasons end. At least there's another light at the end of the tunnel in next season. But I feel sorry for the Sedins if they decide to quit and go out with a whimper to end their illustrious careers.