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  1. #%*&@%#@&%$%#! Now Stecher?! What is it with defensemen and this team? And always the top D. It did not sound good with no weight on his knee as he left. I just pray he gets back to 100%, even if it takes 6 weeks or more, and that this injury doesn't affect his game from now on.
  2. So is Aquaman and the organization going to give Danny and Hank their Viking Clap? After they bailed on Henrik's request when he achieved his own milestone? The Sedins don't ask for much, so I found it lazy and frankly disrespectful when they couldn't manage to organize a simple on ice Viking Clap for Henrik after hinting that they might. How hard would it be to take a few minutes, even in a commercial break if they had to (we could still watch the clip later), and get Fin out there with his drum to lead the crowd. Do it for both brothers at once, when Danny gets his 1000th. It would be awesome, and a fitting tribute that they could both get a great memory of. There should be a petition or something for them if the Canucks management are too petty to do it on their own.
  3. So of our current roster of 22 skaters, an incredible 13 were first round picks. Yet Dorsett picked in the 7th round @ 189 is our leading scorer? Wow and yikes at the same time.
  4. Alf is very comfortable in his own fur
  5. I agree. I don't understand this perception that we must trade him at the deadline. Maybe on paper his numbers don't add up, but he brings intangibles that we don't get from any other defenseman. He will be invaluable as we rebuild. Now that Tryamkin is gone we need his size more than ever. He's still pretty young and D men usually always improve with age. (Bouwmeester, Phaneuf)
  6. If that hit called for a phone call and suspension, I'd like to know what a 5 min. major (only) from behind is supposed to look like.
  7. Bergeron the reigning king of Canuck killers? We were the perfect tonic for his first game back, at home.
  8. Rooting for the Dodgers but after that insane in the membrane call, I was hoping the Cubs could hang on for this game. Now we'll see what happens. Can they ride that momentum? They also have more recent playoff experience than LA who will have all the pressure now. Should be an intense game 5.
  9. I can see reasons for sitting Boeser out for those two games. First Boeser had slowed down at the end of the pre-season. Plus Green wanted to see how to fit in his new veterans whom he hadn't work with before. Plus it isn't a bad thing to establish to a young player, highly praised of not, that he's not just going to be gifted a spot either. And the second game was simply because the team played so well in that first game, and he wanted to keep rolling with the same roster and get a good start to the season. It isn't Green's job to try and do everything he can so that one of his young prospects gets to walk up on some stage at the end of the year to get a piece of hardware to put on his mantle. That's a great bonus, but that might only happen if Brock forces Travis's hand and he simply has no choice but to play him every game.
  10. Two examples of when it worked with Sedins and Eriksson: For the life of me, I still don't know why it never worked out more than these brief tantalizing moments. Can't really fault Benning too much for thinking they could have magic together. It is more the 6 year NMC term that is the problem.
  11. And Canada will finally get its own historical civil revolution
  12. Tanev seems to be making the most of it and having fun with Del Zotto is all. He's a different kind of player.
  13. Yeah, that's too bad for Alex
  14. Seriously. I never thought I'd see the day where local sports stations would leap frog over CDC in hand wringing after 4 freaken games. From this Pratt prattle on Bo, to Sekeres and Price's relentless attempt to throw Markstom into the goalie graveyard.