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  1. Woah. Are Republicans finally starting to call for his removal? I guess they got a lot already and soon will realize they have milked him for all they can. They've gotten out of the Paris climate change accord, they've stolen a Supreme court judge to give them back the majority. They've reversed much of Obama's industry regulations. Reversing things like industrializing park lands. They've watched and approved of Trump installing heads of departments that are on record as being against the very departments they have been assigned to and are dismantling them and cutting their funding, like the FDA, and the EPA. They are about to introduce "tax reform" which by any other name means even more tax cuts for the very wealthy at the expense of everyone else. He has been a great distraction while they whittle down the benefits and programs and civil rights and voting rights for the citizens they are supposed to represent.
  2. I think they probably mean some secret international Jewish organization that is controlling the world's finances. But I always wondered, if that were true, what about all the non Jewish billionaires around the globe? Wouldn't they resist one group, a religious sect, from having the control over what they do? Putin is a right wing authoritarian much like Trump, I'm sure he is also as anti-semitic. He is also reported as being the true richest man in the world, from all his stealing of other Russian billionaires that resisted him, and other corruption. Its just that it can't be determined exactly. Wouldn't he have a say? What about the ultra wealthy Islamic House of Saud? Surely they wouldn't stand to be dictated to by Jewish overlords. Or many other European and American upper class that are not Jewish. Its a whole other topic if your saying the wealthiest, of all stripes, are unduly influencing political figures behind the scenes to make sure the ideas of socialism and equality are not given any legs, while the ideas like 'trickle down' where they are given massive tax cuts paid for by cuts to programs for the middle class and poor are promoted. Which unfortunately IS happening as the rich get richer and the poor poorer.
  3. Yeah, pretty smart. So what? Its not his smarts that many have a problem with. Its his racist, sexist, views. And all the lying and misinformation his paper Breitbart does to deceive people and stoke their fears. Besides, it not that "most in here" wouldn't give him a chance. We are Canucks on a hockey board, its that the POTUS actually DID give him not only a chance, but a continuing role in his administration. I refer, of course, to the rise of Breitbart. Incredibly, it does somehow manage to make Fox look reasonable by comparison. The brazenness of its dishonesty, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism puts one in mind of Nazi-inspired publications. Don’t take my word for it: “The articles that they [Breitbart] publish about blacks in America and about Muslims in Europe, it’s basically stuff that you would read on the Daily Stormer,” the publication’s proprietor, Andrew Anglin, explained to the hosts of a Swedish neo-Nazi radio program, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The resemblance is even stronger when one delves into the Breitbart comments section. Former editor Ben Shapiro calls it “a cesspool for white supremacist mememakers” and terms the site itself “a party organ, a pathetic cog in the Trump-Media Complex and a gathering place for white nationalists.”
  4. I smell a rat too. Its the guy in the video. No, this is totally legit. That is the kind of people these are. They are disturbed, angry, and cowardly unless they have guns and/or surrounded by other idiots.
  5. Here is one of the featured nazis in that Vice video now sobbing. Freakin butterflies. Not so brave when he doesn't have an army of other nazis to support him I guess. One of the things he says is how Charlottesville was a gun free zone, so he couldn't bring his gun. One excuse why he sounded so on edge. And he needs his gun to feel "cool as a cucumber". Poor guy.
  6. I just stumbled into this thread. Wow, who knew there were the same idiocracy existing in Canada? They support a total failure of a be their leader. (if only.. I'm sure they wish) Failed at business to the point no American bank would lend him money anymore so he had to bow down and accept Russian oligarchs money and who knows what assurances Putin got for it. Failed at marriage twice, caught cheating. Failed at winning more votes than Hillary. Failed at coming up with the 'incredible fabulous" new healthcare bill where everyone would be covered and for cheaper. Lost America's position as a world leader and all respect. And now is at record low approval ratings for someone so new to the job. And he of course fails as a man. He's a big baby that is either whining at the news as "fake" if it says any ugly truths about him, lies constantly about his own accomplishments (and thinks everyone will just believe it). That embarrassing boy scout diatribe. Too much crap to even list, and its only been half a year. And we have fellow Canadians that defend him???? Its laughable but at the same time it raises awareness of how many of that idiocracy exist in our own country and we have to make sure it never happens here.
  7. This is a great piece by VICE if anyone cares to watch it.
  8. lol I didn't say that. Usual twisting of facts by your ilk. I said anyone standing by a leader who is all of those things is also those things. Welcome to the club.
  9. Wow. Absolute crap. the mirror opposite happened. You saw with your own eyes? lol.
  10. He had a message that was what people liked to hear about making jobs for millions of people. Only one problem, high paying manufacturing jobs have been disappearing for awhile now as robots and overseas workers take them. Like how Trump gets all his products made by the Chinese. He cannot just wave a magic wand and bring them back. Hillary could have lied as well, and maybe she should have if she wanted to win. Lawlessness? The crime rate has been declining for awhile now. Although probably see more nazi murder and mayhem now The economy was in a recession when Obama took over with massive amounts of job losses per month. He turned that around, and doubled the employment rate, and almost tripled the Dow Jones. He saved the American auto industry with a bailout that the Republicans cried about, even though they paid it all back with interest and it saved the industry. After only half a year, any economist will tell you that it takes a full year to feel the effects of a new administration on the economy. Any good economic news now is still part of Obama's legacy, sorry. The stock market always does better under Democratic Presidents. How about we wait another year after he blows it all on another unnecessary wag-the-dog war, more tax cuts for himself and his rich buddies, and secret service costs to guard him while he golfs. I was never for Hillary, but for Bernie. And because of Bernie, she had to alter her platform and include a $15 minimum wage, and they now are at least talking about a single payer healthcare. She had a platform, but all the news wanted to talk about was her damn emails. Seriously, after all Trump has said and done, (or not got done) how can any decent person, any sane person, any intelligent person, anyone with any moral at all, stand with him. Its laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.
  11. Can fans vote on a write in? Rory Fitzpatrick to round out the roster!
  12. Sounds like a potpourri of "talent". Steve Darling? He was the sleepy-eyed monotone weak sister on the noon news show right? He has no past rapport with the Canucks or any other Vancouver team. I know Bro Jake wasn't a sports guy either, other than a fan, but at least he has a bit of energy and wit about him. Its Pratt that is insufferable. And finding out Darling was vying to be a part of Chrispie Clarks Lie-beral team, but lost? gag me with a spoon. I am glad to hear more of Sat, and also glad Rintoul landed on his feet. He gets no respect. I loved him as host of the morning show on 1040, and also his play call on Lions games. I always thought Squire Barns would make a good radio personality. And someone else mentioned Gary Valk. He'd be great for Canuck analysis. And still waiting to hear Jodie Vance again too. Her and Taylor were priceless together. Rather Vance than Mira Laurence. Can't please everybody all of the time. I'll echo the sentiment that Its great to have another Canucks/Lions talk station to flip to, if you don't like the other one. Remember when there was only one show, in the evening, on NW hosted by an arrogant dweeb that cut callers off if they didn't agree with him 100%?