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  1. and you can add Pedan, Subban, Grenier, Cassels Virtanen...who have either not been even called up, or when they have, not made much impact in the NHL and so sent back onto the merry go round, or in Virtanen's case, has not rebounded in the AHL much. One can't blame bad drafting for everything. Here I thought that was JBs specialty. It is a little troubling, Greens failure to develop good prospects, and in some cases presiding over their demise.
  2. Oh dear! I think I have the vapours! No award for you young man! (
  3. Different strokes I guess. I get a chuckle out of Botch and his derailing of Pratt and exposing him for the idiot he is. Jake still gives him too much respect. I also think Botch has some great insights because he travels with the team. Not afraid to speak up if he sees something amiss and I find myself agreeing with him most times. Never got the hate for him in here. And IMO Jake is no worse than any of them as far as sucking up to their corporate masters. He just does it better. I hate that they are all required now to add on-air commercials themselves now. I'm sure ex players like Ferraro just looooves doing them. Does anyone remember when sports talk hosts just talked about sports, and commercials were done during the breaks? But I'll agree on the commercial sponsors. All they can get to advertise on their station are loan sharks, junk mail pushers, and lottery gambling co.s.
  4. Each to their own. But I like Botchford. One of my favorites. He stirs the pot too, but he does it with some kind of actual point of view. Pratt just stirs the pot for the sake of it, constantly is bragging about how he was or will be right about something, and most times is proven wrong. I like when Botch fills in for Jake like he has recently. He's the best one at shooting down Pratt's idiocy. He may be snide and sarcastic but when he's that way with Pratt, I don't mind one bit. Bro Jake is what he is. He is a facilitator for the show. He's slick and sometimes funny, and probably has one of the best voices in radio. He at least accepts his role, as someone else said, and defers to more knowledgeable pundits. The problem with the show isn't Jake, its that he doesn't have a competent hockey/sports guy as a partner. Does anyone else hate those #@$%ing Alpine Credit ads as much as I do? (You are approved!). I have to actually turn off the radio if I hear one. Any commercial that starts off with a loud telephone ring already is too annoying, then followed by the stupidest script possible. Please stop!
  5. I'd say so. Ottawa has less key injuries, and they play better defensively, but dang it, there's just something about Boston and their own belief that they deserve it more. Desire, belief, and hard work will win against discipline and talent when it comes to SC playoffs.
  6. Boston playing like they want it more. I hate that. 4th game is the hardest to win.
  7. Burrows with the hit and digging the puck out to set up the goal!
  8. I hate how Boston just LOOKS like a playoff team. Even without Lucic. So intimidating to play against. They love to be a comeback team. Senators up by 2 games in the series at one point. I'm having deja vu (by osmosis).
  9. Le Boooooo another Canadian team bites the dust
  10. Leftover cheap red myself. Waste not want not.
  11. Why not just get Cherry's bloody outfit!
  12. lol. HNIC with the SNL opening spoof. Well done boys.
  13. Oops, Had a couple of game tabs open. I was talking about the St. Louis / Minnesota series.