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  1. I'd rather have Eriksson @ 6 mill, than Vrbata @ 5 mill. His defensive game is worth the difference alone. As is his work ethic. And acceptance of where he is put. I truly hope he has a bounce back year. I mean offensively. Lets face it, he HAS to. If he continues to play like a 2 or 3 million dollar shut down player for 5 more years, or worse, declines even further, then it basically robs the team of at least 3 million of cap space for these upcoming 5 crucial rebuilding years.
  2. Yes...Rick Ball was/is one of the finest. Sucks that Calgary Flames of all teams have him. He was great for Lions games as well. I'd put him above Shorty and on par with Robson (well almost)
  3. We need him back. As an assistant coach. I'd love to see that. He'd be so great with new prospects. Edit: I wish once he finished his career with Ottawa, come back and be a part of the team, as a coach, just when it is peaking again. And finally watch him raise the Stanley Cup as a Canuck!
  4. I don't think we will make it. In fact it would not be a good thing as others have mentioned, because of our drafting position. But also a false sense of security. Like Willie's first year. Making the playoffs that season was the worst time for that to happen. It emboldened management and ownership to continue the "retooling" instead of rebuilding, thinking we can have our cake and eat it too. We are now at least two years behind where we could have been. But I had to give the OP a + just to counter the negs. I can't believe a poster on a Canadian city hockey forum would get negs for simply suggesting (however naive) their team has a shot at making the playoffs.
  5. Wouldn't that only prove the point that he isn't biased towards one team or another? That this is "just the facts maam"?
  6. I usually agree with you Good Man but biased against who?...the Canucks? I just can't believe that this writer worked overtime gathering all this information on a quest to make the Canucks look bad. Was Vegas on the bottom also because of 'bias"? He must have lost a chunk of dough on the slots there to have a bigger gripe against Vegas than Vancouver. What would be the point of doing all that research and effort just to "massage it until it fit the top producers in the league"? First off, the top producers would most likely be at the top of most every study, no matter how your rearranged the stats. The quibble seems to be how high from the bottom the Canucks are. There seems to be a lot of denial on here on just how bad the drafting history has been for the Canucks. And bad luck. Or a combination like picking Bourdon over Kopitar. Or Nedved over Jagr, Primeau, Sydor, Hatcher, Tkachuk, or Brodeur. Add to that bad trades from our earliest days (Cam Neely who would have fit that star power)
  7. Beck Warm is better than a warm Becks
  8. I know we still need a few tested NHLers, I just question the amount he signed. We already have a number of vets, Sedins on down. I am concerned with how much ice time Boeser, Goldobin, Granlund and Virtanen will get, and I think this is the year to test them. Let alone Pedan, Subban, What if Rodin becomes an option? Now if injuries pile up, I'll be glad for the depth just to make games watchable. But otherwise, Green may get the same disease Willie had, and probably all new coaches have, and that is they want to win at all costs. So that means playing more vets over developing prospects and letting them make mistakes. So I for one do not understand all these signings for a team that finally admitted it was rebuilding.
  9. yup class act is the only way to describe him. Professional to the core. Great shape, especially at his age. Great attitude. Markstrom had a great mentor. Good luck in duck land with the rest of the quackers.
  10. The one thing consistent during the Canucks dismal record of drafting and developing is ....Ron Delorme. For the life of me I don't know why he is still employed by the Canucks. All jokes aside about him having 'pictures' and whatnot...I've heard one reason being that BECAUSE he has been in this game for so long, he has developed connections and contacts and insider information streams that would all be instantly lost (and presumably taken to another team) if he was let go. Its almost like some kind of extortion. But enough is enough. We have our own master scout as GM. *grain of salt*. Because despite all those connections, its still a bloody dismal record.
  11. very nice. Like to see a bigger pic of it
  12. What has Green done with him so far? last year in 65 games, 9 goals, 10 assists and a minus 11. Hey I hope Virt rises to the occasion this season. I know there will be at least some improvement. There has to be. But lets hope he's not infected with the Grabner/Kassian syndrome where he has to self sabotage and only finally decides to put 100% into it when he's playing for another team.
  13. Is Virtanen the most under-rated Canuck prospect? Considering that Jake was one of the most OVER-rated Canuck prospects I don't see how can suddenly be under-rated. I think he does not have a great work ethic. I mean its probably better than mine but next to other hungry NHL prospects he doesn't seem to want it as bad. That concerns me more than his skill development.
  14. We need more hockey heavyweights in managment. Trevor is a figurehead to sell tickets. JB is a rookie GM, who never was instrumental in building the Bruins to a cup winner. He came just after Lucic was acquired. He is no magical genius. He's competent for the most part. A few good acquisitions and a few terrible ones. But look at Edmonton, with Bob Nicholson, Wayne Gretzky, Peter Chiarelli, Craig MacTavish, Duane Sutter, and Kevin Lowe is even still hanging around. Toronto has Brendan Shanahan, Lou Lamoriello, and Cliff Fletcher still hanging around. With Mike Babcock AND Jacques Lemaire coaching. We need more hockey minds in the mix.