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  1. yep, perfect this series went to seven means the survivor will have no time to recover before next round.
  2. Hopefully it will also be Benning when, against the odds, we win #1 baby!
  3. What I really like is looking at the +/- stats. He scored that many goals, while still ending up a +13, and this is in the minors. What's with Daniel, the goon, way ahead of the pack with 18 PIM (and 14)?
  4. Only the Wild could be boring even in the playoffs.
  5. Wow. Must be fun, for once, to live in Winnipeg right now. Insane atmosphere.
  6. New team logo/logo change

    lol The Vancouver Skate-in-Rinks. I'm in! I agree that it really doesn't matter on the name. Look at penguins. Fine under the ice, but on the ice they waddle around like imbeciles. How could you ever respect any team like that? How many are laughing at the name "Penguins" watching Sid skate around holding the Cup over his head. And it doesn't really matter on the logo. In a lot of ways the love of the logo is directly related to the team's success. Is it any wonder we have changed ours so many times? If we had won in 2011, I'll bet the orca, going down in history with shots of Henrik holding the Cup, would've gained a lot more love and respect.
  7. First we have to be put in a quandary at the end of the season to cheer for our team but want them to lose. Now with this round we have to cheer for one of these ratbag teams to win while hating both. It ain't easy being a Canuck I have to go with which team I want to lose most. The Bruins would be more humiliated with a first round exit. So I'm not cheering for TO to win, but I'm cheering for Boston to lose.
  8. Meh, I think its all but been decided anyways, so debate about it is moot. TG and company just don't want to look like they are just gifting him the C. I'd be shocked if it is anyone else. And I'd also be shocked if they went with no captain. If he is not named by training camp, its because he has privately told them he doesn't want it. Which I doubt. Think of another scenerio, if it is someone else named C. Some underproducing vet forward or Edler and he falls back to his last season's playing standard, who then will be a lame duck captain on his way out. And then Bo, with a healthy year, shines, especially with a Burr under his saddle because of the rejection. People thought 1040 was negative on the team now! We have enough on this team to worry about without a drawn out captaincy controversy.
  9. IMO, I think having a captain helps with creating the identity of the team. Consolidating it sooner. And the sooner the better. The greatest captains in the NHL have all mostly been named relatively young. I have confidence that Bo has the character to deal with any questions after losing games next season. I think we will be better next year, anyways, especially as the season progresses, so that will help. When you suggested 4 assistants I had an image of 4 players all standing in a row after a bad game and the first saying "Do you want to take this one?" to the second, who says to the third "Do you want to take this one?", who says to the fourth, "Do you want to take this one?".
  10. Baertschi has been plagued by injury to some degree, so its been hard to get his rhythm going. He needs to improve, but i still see him having potential on a second line. Granlund though, seems lost out there. Maybe he read his own press clippings after last season and thought he'd found his magic bullet and it would all come easier now. And he would finally not have to hear his mommy harp on him "why can't you be more like your brother Mikael", who always comes up on top when you google "Granlund". It just seems like as the season wore on, he began to lose his confidence as the goals didn't continue on from the season before, and then it became a chicken and egg thing where he didn't have the confidence to produce, and that lack of production affected his confidence. Resulting in his career spiraling downwards. I hope its just a one year dip. If he earns a spot in training camp, I'm ok with giving him one more try. Truly earns it not like Gagner, Sutter and Eriksson's low bar will be at training camp because of their contracts. But he just looked defeated out there this year to me. If he comes back he should be on a very short leash.
  11. Although not always true, and examples have been listed, IMO using the "most marketable player" to be your captain is just another form of marketing by the team. It has less impact on the room itself. The captain just has to have great character, be consistent, a hard worker every night, who leads by example, and sticks up for his team mates. Also is required to do things like talk to the refs if needed, and the press even if not needed. Bo fulfills all of those requirements. My gawd if some are saying that Bo is too young to be captain, but they also want some as yet mystery 'generational player', then how much longer do we have to wait until we do get another superstar rookie to grow up and take that on? The other alternative is to give it to a more veteran player on the team. But right now, IMO, we have no veterans that are worthy of that honour and responsibility and/or do not have the temperment. And also, any plan that involves some kind of "bridge" captain is doomed to fail. Because then your point about how difficult it is to take it away kicks in. I have full confidence that Bo is the most captain material guy on the team. His age is perfect IMO. Young enough to grow with the team, but experienced enough that has been around long enough to gain mentoring from Henrik, shown he has great character, is competitive, and a productive points producer as well.
  12. Something like a 200/1 they win the SC last September, is what I heard. Still drop a hun on that, could've been sweet. I'm sure, the team being in the gambling mecca it is, mixed with money, drinks, and newbie knowledge of what an expansion team is supposed to do in its first year, there were a few there that took that bet. Long ways to go yet though. .
  13. How do we get that kind of Hockey God love?
  14. Its just second hand knowledge my cousin, who is from Alberta told me when driving through. Not like its a majority of the population, but they have a big presence. Not just Lethbridge, but a lot of the small towns in and around Lethbridge are known as "Mormon towns". According to the 2001 Canadian Census, 49.7% of Canada’s entire Mormon population is situated in Alberta. In the 2001 Canadian Census, 8.5% of Lethbridge and 13% of Taber self-identified as Mormon, far higher than the national rate of .3% and even the provincial rate of 1.7%. This does not tell the whole story, however, as the province is large, and an extremely high segment of the Mormon population resides in a number of small towns in a sparsely-populated area within South-Western Alberta, where church members make up the majority of the population. Anyways, kind of diverting from the OP topic. Damn you Mormon oil barons!