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  1. Sure, make millions having to slough it out for some screaming coach in your ear, having to work out all year long. When you could also make millions, in the form of shiny golden spinning coins on your screen by just sitting on your increasingly fat a$$ in your mom's basement. No brainer.
  2. I agree, money is not the only factor. That's why I personally am not all that upset (maybe a little). McPhee only used whatever advantages he was given. He was smart about taking advantage of other GMs positions with the rules set in place by Bettman. But you did say in essence that the Knights deserve to have a better deal BECAUSE they paid a lot of money for that advantage. In some other business that may work. Advertisers on the rink boards for example. But this is a sports league, which is socialized for lack of a better word. Especially after the salary cap went in place. Fans expect all teams to play by the same rules, no matter if one owner is a billionaire and another is only a millionaire. I personally don't believe that paying more money gave him an unfair advantage, that was Bettman and league that gave it to him no matter what he paid. They were jones'n for Vegas. But it sounded like you were suggesting that if he DID gain an better advantage because he slipped the league some extra cash, that that is OK. And I think that is just whack IMO.
  3. took the time to find and come onto this thread just to comment sarcastically that anyone even cares about it?
  4. Never seen a game where Canada had no puck luck, and the other team has almost every bounce go their way. What did the Swiss bribe the Hockey Gods with?
  5. It doesn't make me happy or unhappy. Nothing I can do about it. But when you state "Not sure why this still pisses people off. Foley paid $500 million for the expansion fee to get Vegas a team. In comparison, the Wild and Blue Jackets paid only $80 million for their teams." You are in essence saying that if a new owner pays enough, then they SHOULD be allowed to play by different, more favorable rules than an earlier owner that paid less. Its like saying if one lawyer pays more to the judge, he should get a more favorable treatment than the other lawyer. Or maybe that one lawyer had recently finished their education and passed the bar exam, and ended up having to pay a lot more for his law degree today, than his older peer on the other side who back in his day, only paid about half as much for his education. And now the judge SHOULD favor the one that paid in more for their ticket to the show. Allow them more witnesses, give him more time to argue, etc..And then you are confused as to why the other lawyer would be upset about this? I can stomach that Bettman did it to make sure Vegas had a great start. And even that he needed to sweeten the pot for them to get into Vegas before the NFL. I also understand there could be some resentment from other teams fans from more recent expansion teams that never got that same deal. Me I'm not that upset, but Its the reasoning you give for not getting upset that is baffling. You are literally saying if you have more money you should get to play by different rules. I know that's probably true to some degree in real life, but surely its not something to accept from a public sports fan funded league.
  6. It doesn't piss me off. There are other things in life the piss me off. Like Kinder Morgan. But, face it, they got a sweet deal. Forget about the money. Its just money. To these multi-billionaire owners its play money. And its only natural that the price goes up every year. Its not yours or my money. Although maybe not a bad idea for fans to buy in for an expansion team, and get dividends or tickets when they get the team. But I digress. If anything its the new expansion rules for Vegas, what other teams had to give up, and the freedom for McPhee to wheel and deal with desperate GMs, and the ability to ice an above average team right off the get go that might cause a bit of resentment for fans in Vancouver, Buffalo, St. Louis Columbus. But there was a bit of luck, a bit of smarts by McPhee to take advatage of loop holes, and some good scouting. But Money Schmoney. That has nothing to do with it really.
  7. A proposal to fix officiating

    The List. I like that one. One more benefit would be that t would also reduce bad calls. Especially bad home ice calls during the season. Not sure about how ethically this would play but there would develop a tendency to favour the home team on calls. But in a lot of ways, even Bettman and owners would like that part. And also every team would be at the same advantage/disadvantage. It would garner more home wins for teams, which draws fans in. Because refs would be more hesitant to call iffy penalties (or to not call ones going the other way) if they know they are being evaluated for the playoffs if that particular home team makes them.
  8. Tank Thread

    Not sure that you understood that I was not talking about the upcoming season in my post, but the end of this last season. Hence the "could have" rather than "should be". And the fact that players probably knew the twins were leaving and so did the coach even before the public. It gave them a new purpose to end the season with a bang. Which I guess meant even to Travis, not experimenting with prospects or benching experienced vets to take a look at them. You are projecting that thought to next season for some reason. I haven't given that much thought yet to next season. Obviously there needs to be a mix of vets and youth. Also obvious is that it would be too difficult probably to trade away Eriksson, Gagner, or Sutter. I gather the rest of your conjecture was wild sarcasm. But I will say that even though the Sedins and Vanek are gone, we still have a decent core of 25+ vets, as you have laid out. So yeah, fill the missing spots with young guns for sure. Who and where I'll wait to see how they look at training camp. cheers, k .
  9. March 8, 1979

    LOVE those uni's! I beloved them. Just needed a little tweeking. Take off the pants graphic repeat V. Too much of a good thing. I wish we could see them in black, green and blue. And just to counter weight that games result at least somewhat:
  10. Tank Thread

    I agree that the Canucks could have played more of the younger rookies and benched older vets. Its not like Gagner and Eriksson or even Sutter were contributing much anyways. I'd also seen enough of Granlund. We could have still won games, but at least when we won it would be our younger prospects on the ice for the goals. Not some too-late surge by Sutter. But I think its all about Canuck Luck once again. Timing was terrible for a tank. Management felt they just simply could not facilitate a tank when Daniel and Henrik told the team they were retiring. And I can't say I can criticize them for that. Which I believe was about 2 weeks before they told the public. That would explain the sudden elevated play from the whole team in those last couple weeks. It would be a professional insult to them to strip off the more experienced veteran players, their peers, the team mates they had become comfortable playing with and force them to play with the kids for their last games as Canucks. Make them look even more defensively liable. Anyways its all water under the ice now. The silver lining is the extra confidence they will get from proving at the end of the season that they can still compete well with the rest of the league, and that's without Boeser or Pettersson. We have a #7 pick, and could still pick a great future player. But they simply must embrace the rebuild next season, and make a concerted effort to get younger, and play younger. Older vets be damned. Especially vets that are not pulling their weight. Please please please no more long term aging vet contracts. I wouldn't say no to a Tavares or a Kane. someone on that level, but no more aging projects. Unless its some kind of cap weapon to relieve another team of a bad contract if they throw in high draft picks or a high prospect. .
  11. Ovie and the Capitals have finally slain their Дракон! (dragon in Russian) Great to watch Ovie get to the third round.
  12. lol Take a lickin', and keep on tickin'! That should be their motto if they get past Boston.
  13. Who the #%$# is Tuch!? Edit oops
  14. Active rosters Vegas Knights 24 Canadians, including all 4 goalies. San Jose 14 Canadians