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  1. pm the link plz to the gfx cre

  2. good job dude. u freaked me out last night in the countdown post... why is that thread deleted neways?

  3. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4010: JS Aubin
  4. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4008: Patrick Lalime Render 4009: Jonathan Bernier
  5. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4005: Pavel Bure Render 4006: Pavel Bure Render 4007: Martin Brodeur
  6. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4004: Roberto Luongo
  7. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4003: Ryan Kesler
  8. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4002: Mason Raymond
  9. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    I can also see how I improved because each sig is named in chronological order, not just Naslund sigs in chronological order... Very nice render Monkeedo. EDIT I meant very nice sig... =P
  10. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Obviously it's not my 4001st render... Here's how my coding system works. 0001-2000 - Signatures 2001-4000 - Avatars 4001-6000 - Renders 7001-9999 - Photos that can be rendered It makes searching for stuff way easier. And I put this in an excel file also with all the players featured in that particular graphic (so I can filter/sort) my collection.
  11. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Sorry... it was my first render.
  12. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Render 4001: Markus Naslund
  13. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Done on request from "Renders Thread v1.0" (last post).