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  1. With the Canucks offseason acquisitions, it's clear that the organization is placing greater emphasis on winning than developing their prospects. Ice time will be at a premium for them and it doesn't make sense for him to average 11:33 minutes a game in the NHL when he could be playing 18 to 20 minutes per game in key situations down in Utica.
  2. Winnipeg was able to get the Jets name back because the NHL owned the Phoenix Coyotes organization for a while. The NHL relinquished the rights to the Jets name to the ownership of the Winnipeg organization paving the way for the Winnipeg Jets team name to return. If Quebec gets a team, I would think that they would not be able to name the team the Nordiques unless they work out a deal with the NHL and Colorado Avalanche.
  3. It's not the worst jersey I've ever seen but I'm not a fan. It looks like a practice jersey to me.
  4. Look at all those empty seats at puck drop *sigh*
  5. The Canucks may have better luck with people participating by asking everyone to wear blue pin stripped suits.
  6. "...the time in Toronto when Keenan brought his feud with general manager Brian Burke to the boiling point by pulling the goalie early in the third period -- a move that humiliated a boss whom Keenan felt had not provided him with players to win in conventional fashion. When Keenan tried the move a second time, with about 10 minutes to go, the Leafs scored into the empty net en route to a 5-1 win at Maple Leaf Gardens and Burke, flushed with anger, turned to assistant Dave Nonis and said calmly: "Every camera in this building is on us right now, so don't react." Burke reacted two months later by firing Keenan, whose 14 months in Vancouver had turmoil to last a lifetime."
  7. Subliminal messages to boost their tv ratings in Nashville.
  8. Officially, it stands for "Club de hockey Canadien." Personally, I much prefer the made up story that the "C" represents the shores of the Saint Lawrence River with the "H" representing Les Habitants who were the first French settlers who farmed along the river.
  9. Reserving judgement until AFTER the 3 game road trip though California...
  10. Hope that means you took the opportunity to buy some tickets that were available to show them how you believe REAL fans should behave.
  11. There are no 5 minute major penalties for clean hits.
  12. It was tried once before. It was a clear rip-off of the 12th man and was lame and embarrassing.
  13. The Daily Line with all the betting odds for the various sports is gone. I no longer have a reason to visit TSN's website.
  14. The only way Hedman would have a chance of winning the Hart this season is if it was an instant win prize in McDonald's Monopoly game.
  15. I must admit I'm always a little disappointed when I see that bearded guy in those seats instead of the green men. I voted no.