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  1. Hello there how u doin.Happy Birhday BTW.:)

  2. happy b-day!!

  3. not sure if i mentioned this before but the entire lower mainland is like tha show canada's worst driver the tv show ???? we are used to driving in 5 inchs of snow everyday and there are never any crashes
  4. hey...i add you as friend.

  5. your sigs are halarious

  6. lol ya its pretty cool, LAWongo made it, hes a pretty good sig maker

  7. its like the lower mainland turns into canadas worst driver, pretty funny were used to snow and its freezing here
  8. ???? bitchin about snow? we have 3 times mores 3 months ago
  9. so true especially with me......

  10. hey hows it going?

  11. hahaha nice comment

  12. happpppy 24th barfday or birthday get drunk have a few for me and get laid, hahaha

    have a good one lol from

    ~the bitch~