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    Detroit Red Wing hockey, DDR, KR, drawing, graphics, reading, writing, roller blading, movies, computers<br /><br />TV: The Office, LOST, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, Heroes, etc.<br /><br />Movies: Pirates, HP, Swing Kids, Count of Monte Cristo, The Illusionist, Monty Python, etc.<br /><br />Hockey: Red Wings, Canucks, Islanders, Osgood, Fedorov, Hudler, Lang, Lebda, Bertuzzi, Naslund, Parrish, Legace, Whitney, DiPietro, Brodeur, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc.

  2. happy birthdizzle

  3. Don't even know if this is useful for anyone but I rendered it for my last sig, so I share. Chris Osgood:
  4. Hey offsides,

    I love your sigs. They are amazing!!! You Kimmy, and Pfizer i think are the 3 best and creative sig makers on here. Where have you been lately? I havent seen you around?

  5. Thanks, darlin!

  6. hi, u do make impressive avatars and sigs.

  7. Thanks for the comment <3 so sweet!

  8. You make amazing and beautiful sigs and avatars and I hope that one day I will maybe be as good as you are! Considering that I am only 13, I have lots of time!lol ;)