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  1. Still around just quiet.

  2. Still around just quiet.

  3. Awe!I was missing the forums so I am gonna try to post a little more often...I keep in touch with some people from CDC via fb and junk but yeas...I am hoping to stay here for a while! haha I have been around for 4 years after all...I can't believe its been that long!

  4. yea I do that sometimes ;)

  5. WOOOOO!!!!! Canucks are going to the SCF!!!! I am STOKED!!!!

    1. Sully2Cool


      wooooooooooooooo.GO CANUCKS GO.CANUCKS IN 5.:)

  6. I feel sad for the people of Japan I purchased some items from a website called jbox and %5 percent of their sales is going to relief aid. Plus it also helps the economy of Japan as the company is based in Japan and purchases items from other companies over there It has everything Japanese...Anyways it is a way to support them if any one is interested
  7. boo I am sick...I loathe being sick!

    1. BruinsForCup2011


      Possessed AND sick??! :(

  8. not much! Been away for a back for just a little while...

  9. ooo I'm so scared...what shall I do? LOLOLOL!!! :P

  10. Some new shots I haven't uploaded them to flickr yet, I am going to hit the hay cause I have been editing since about 2pm with breaks in between of course... I hope they are viewable...
  11. @SGW Thanks! You have some great stuff as well! I edited a bunch of pics today, I need to upload them to flickr...I did upload them to my fb biz page tho!!/album.php?aid=28878&id=149469301745366 @Avelanch NILMDTS wouldn't post their work on the internet with out the parents permission. It is quite sad that you mock those who have lost a child. It's pretty ironic that you ask that question tho...A medical Model of a fetus @ 12 weeks in the womb This is a fetus (Latin for Offspring or young one) at 12 weeks gestation. I worked the Lynden Human life booth at the fair. Now go take a hike!
  12. Some new stuff, from USA Independence day...July 4th 2010 A small series I did for my parents... I've been practicing with the fireworks shots for about 5 years now...Can be tricky but oh so beautiful when you get it just right These are not with out practice. And if you don't like the water mark, don't complain...don't want people just ripping my stuff off the net to call their own. Here is the link to my flickr if you're interested in looking at more of my stuff.