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  1. I'm using Uber in Ottawa and it's saved me a ton of money to and from the airport ($22 vs $40 if I were to take a cab). I like how you can see where the driver is and when he'll be coming, they're all super friendly and nice but I had to pay the 2.0x price surge on Halloween too.. not particularly happy about that but definitely prefer this over cabbing.
  2. I actually live in downtown Ottawa and my campus was locked down today but I decided to skip class last minute this morning and avoided the whole lockdown on campus. I've been keeping up with the news the whole day and it's just so surreal that all of this happened blocks away from where I live. Everyone in Ottawa is pretty shook by it and the streets are very solemn and quiet right now.
  3. Yup, pouring rain in Richmond. I swear we get the most boring weather.
  4. Second time in two months, pretty sure this outage is for all blackberry users now.
  5. You're right, but heads up, $35 activation fee for new members.
  6. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I checked the website and it seems to be a $45 social plan and not $35?
  7. It's not bad, just like any other carrier. btw, the curve or the pearl is $0 for 3 years. I think this deal is limited so jump on it quick, I did.
  8. Might I suggest the $30 BBM plan Virgin Mobile currently has? $30 for unlimited international texting, 150 minutes and BBM. You can only get it on the Curve or the Pearl though. BBM is great, you can use it when you're roaming if you have wifi.
  9. not bad, not bad! thanks :)

  10. hi there How's it going.How's your summer been.

  11. Ditto Same here cant wait till July 1'st and see what MG dose and who he signs and Re-signs.:)

  12. Hello there How u doin.:)

  13. Too bad Richmond never closes schools. It's going to be all rained out tomorrow?
  14. Nothing in Richmond. It's pretty sunny actually.