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  1. Future Depth chart

    You can scratch Cassels off your list.
  2. Woo is 17 and plays in the CHL, so he cannot play in the AHL yet. It's either the NHL or WHL for him.

    I would think any deal for Karlsson would be dependent on the new team being able to negotiate a new contract with him first. However, I don't believe that the CBA allows negotiation on an extension until July 1st of the final year of the deal. So a Karlsson deal might not happen until July 1st and by then Tavares could sign elsewhere.
  4. Islanders

    IMO, it's part of the problem with 24 hour sports radio. There's just not enough sports to fill the time intelligently.
  5. Islanders

    This is just speculation. 'Chatter' doesn't qualify as a rumour. If someone started a thread for every possible scenario that some radio host throws against the wall, it would be unmanageable. Chatter is just forum pollution.
  6. Canucks release 2018-19 regular season schedule

    I'm looking forward to the December 1st game against Dallas and the January 20th game against Detroit. 1:00 starts. I can get there and back from the Island without having to shell out for a hotel! One weird one... a 7:30 home game. Wednesday, January 23rd vs Carolina. I wonder what that's all about?
  7. Canucks release 2018-19 regular season schedule

    6:00 Pacific Time When Montreal visits on a Saturday in November the game is at 4:00.
  8. NHL 19 Thread

    The cover player is usually on splash screens and such within the game. I bet they had PK selected before Christmas.
  9. NHL 19 Thread

    Here's a pretty good video with a bunch of the updates...
  10. NHL 19 Thread

    It's that time of year. The trailer is out for NHL19. So before people start complaining that it's just a roster update, they aren't going to buy it, etc... I can't wait. I only ever play Franchise / Be A GM mode and I look forward to this every year. Available Sept. 14th.
  11. [GDT] 2018 NHL Awards

    Seems about right.
  12. [GDT] 2018 NHL Awards

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I predict McDavid will win the Art Ross.
  13. You win. Your plan is better. Big picture, Canucks S&E could foot the entire bill for the team for the year and it would probably cost them less than a single NHL player.
  14. Depends on how much. If it's just a minor increase but they provide a better experience overall, it could still work out. Big picture though, the best way to increase revenue is to start winning games.