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  1. I like that it didn't count, but what a crap call. Nashville got robbed there.
  2. It takes two to tango though. The Canucks are the ones that negotiated that contract with Messier. So when they signed it, it would not have been a surprise to them. Obviously they were so desperate to sign Messier that they agreed to those terms. I guess they didn't feel that giving him #11 was deal-breaker and proceeded anyways.
  3. Since he has a NTC, I guess it's up to Burrows if he's available or not. It's nice when a guy can play his entire career with one team, but if LB can get any kind of return he should take that offer.
  4. So the Sharks screw up their own roster and somehow the Flames made them do it?
  5. If every jersey was black, what would you do, play shirts vs skins? :D
  6. Completely. A cap dump would be intentionally unbalanced. Team A would trade a high cap player to Team B for a low cap player. There may be other pieces involved, but the idea is to reduce the cap for Team A. Plus, if I am not mistaken, Garrison still has the NTC the Canucks gave him in the first place. So we would be required to protect him in the expansion draft which negates the reason (protecting Sbisa) you are proposing to trade for him in the first place.
  7. How is it a cap dump if Tanev and Garrison have nearly the same cap hits?
  8. If that was the case we would have lost the Canucks in the mid-80s. The attendance back then makes today's Arizona look like a hockey hotbed.
  9. I grew up with home whites. What makes it cool is the variety in the visitors. Right now all you ever see in Vancouver is home blue and away white. Every game looks the same. With home whites, you get all the different colours when different teams come to visit.
  10. I'm in favour of that, but I doubt it will happen. I bet they will re-introduce 3rd jerseys the following year, and I won't be surprised if they have advertising on them too.
  11. I think they changed it because of the third jerseys. None of the third jerseys are white so the visiting team would have to bring their home whites whenever the home team wanted to wear their third jerseys. Edit: I forgot one 3rd jersey that was white. Luckily those ones didn't stick around long.
  12. Don't be surprised if there are changes to many team jerserys. The best way to sell them is to make them new and different.
  13. This U.S. - Russia game has been outstanding!

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Hopefully the Canada Sweden game is as good as this one. I'd like to see a Canada US rematch.

    3. Beary Sweet

      Beary Sweet

      The game was truly a great spectacle to watch. Back and forth. Had a gut feeling US would win so it would set up the old classic Canada vs USA finals. Hopefully Sweden doesn't come in the way and ruin that

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      I have only watched 1 period of Sweden this tourney. I have less than no idea about what to expect from them.

  14. If it's such a great scenario, why does it never happen? What is Miller's motivation to re-sign just to get traded, when he can control the situation and just sign there himself (assuming Vegas even wants him in the first place)? I feel that if there are discussions with Miller it will be about an extension to stay, maybe only for another year.
  15. Technically, yes. Realistically, no. You seriously harm your credibility with future potential free agents if you pull crap like that.