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  1. Here's what I don't get.  You're doing a little online shopping and their website says if you spend just $2 more you will get free shipping.  So you select a small item.  Then, when you get the order confirmation, they split up the order and ship the items separately.  Wouldn't they have been ahead of the game if they had just given me the free shipping on the original items?

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    2. goalie13


      I still think they could come up with an algorithm that says "close enough, we're going to throw in shipping for free anyways".

    3. Alflives


      I don’t get on-line shopping.  It’s fun to go to a store, and zoom around looking at stuff.  Don’t these on-line shoppers miss the whole “buzz” from the journey?  

    4. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      The “prorated” cost to send and extra $2 item is probably close to $0.00, no? It’s a long term game they are playing with hundreds of customers over multiple purchases. In the end they make more money, or else they wouldn’t do it. 

  2. Which is fine. I don't have any issue with that. I had issue with the concept that naming Horvat captain somehow made it a mistake to draft the best player available because that might cause conflict down the road, or be an issue for the marketing department.
  3. WJHC Tickets 2019

    Due to reasons I was never able to buy the full package like I hoped. My only hope now is for single game tickets. Hopefully the secondary market for single tickets isn't too crazy. Slovakia plays Finland on my birthday. That would be a great day to go to a game.
  4. While those are fair points, they have nothing to do with the premise that the OP proposed. The whole ridiculous point of the OP was that we could not name Horvat as captain AND draft generational talent because you may prefer the generational talent as captain in the future but would be stuck with Horvat as captain. The whole point was moot however as the predicted generational talent was drafted by Buffalo.
  5. It will probably take about 96 to 98 points to make the playoffs.
  6. I know you acknowledged they are in different drafts, but, they are in different drafts. In theory we could wind up with both, but odds are we will wind up with neither.
  7. [Report] Zetterburg's out for year with back issues?

    Backs are different. Back problems can take down even the toughest players.
  8. I've never heard them claim it wasn't.
  9. The problem with this proposal, as I see it, is we don't know what pick the Canucks have in the draft and we don't know who has the first overall pick. This proposal is roughly 9 months too early. I am sure any trade for first overall would involve our first round pick this year and next year, plus other assets. Until we know the gap between our pick and the first pick, speculating on the deal seems kind of pointless as we don't know who to deal with.
  10. Maybe originally, but almost every sport has a pro tour now, and has for a long time. I bet there are more professionals than amateurs at the Olympics.. Besides, the Stanley Cup was originally for the top amateur team as well. Times have changed.
  11. Toronto visits on a Wednesday this year, so it's a 6pm start. Montreal gets the 4pm Saturday start in Vancouver this year.
  12. Game #11 is missing from your list. It's Arizona. Big picture, considering the Canucks win-loss record over the past few years, I don't think there's an easy stretch anywhere on the schedule.
  13. Vote on the Canucks' alternate jersey for 2019-20

    The jersey may symbolize the Linden era, but he could have played in a burlap sack and would still be a Canuck legend.
  14. Vote on the Canucks' alternate jersey for 2019-20

    Maybe so they could go with something new for year 51? An anniversary year just seems to be the wrong place to introduce a brand new jersey, if that is even their intention at all.
  15. Vote on the Canucks' alternate jersey for 2019-20

    Did you miss the part about it being for the 50th anniversary? Why would it be something completely different?