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  1. Technically that would be 7:00 PDT. We're still on Daylight time until the first Sunday in November. Canucks win, 5 - 3!
  2. Often, that factor is in the severity of the accident.
  3. Actually, it's 40kms over in BC. https://bcdrivinglawyers.com/excessive-speeding/
  4. For hg77, every random thought becomes a new thread. Often in all caps.
  5. Totally. I think it made all the highlight shows that week. For those that have no idea what we are talking about: With all the recent rule changes, that would now be a review-able play.
  6. He got away with one there. Kuznetsov got a penalty for it. https://scoutingtherefs.com/2018/12/24271/caps-kuznetsov-penalized-for-playing-with-opponents-stick/ Here's the rulebook...
  7. You cannot play with an opponent's stick, but you can play with a teammate's stick. You also can only carry one stick at a time. Edit: I looked it up. A player cannot play with a goalie stick.
  8. It's not everyone. It's just @Alflives. He just posts about it so often that it feels like multiple people are hating on Leivo.
  9. By the way, I plan on winning the 50/50 tonight. Feel free to add to the jackpot for me.
  10. I wonder how it feels for the alumni to be out there on the ice for an anthem like that. I bet it brings back a flood of memories.
  11. This is going to take a long time if they bring out every living alumni.