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  1. Apostrophes where there shouldn't be one, like in Sedins.
  2. Linden was traded, and he retired as a Canuck. It looks like the thread is still going.
  3. If all it takes is a second round pick to get a good second line player, why wouldn't Toronto do that deal themselves instead of trading for Hansen, who you say is irrelevant?
  4. I've never had any faith in anything he says. I'm not even sure why TSN keeps him around.
  5. +1 just for saying alternate instead of assistant. I could see Horvat taking on a letter one day, but I would bet either Sutter or Tanev will wear it sooner. Give Horvat a little more time to mature.
  6. That was a great 18th to finish it off! Thankfully the USGA screw up won't even come into play.
  7. Understatement by Rory... Rory McIlroy Verified account ‏@McIlroyRory 36m36 minutes ago This is ridiculous... No penalty whatsoever for DJ. Let the guy play without this crap in his head. Amateur hour from @USGA I don't think I have ever seen anything like this. Hey, you may have committed a penalty 7 holes ago but we haven't decided yet. WTF?
  8. I could see that, given what it is awarded for, it would the most appropriate trophy to be renamed. The thing is, at least Art Ross was a player. I would rather see a trophy named after a non-player be the one that gets re-named. What about the Hart trophy? It is named after Dr. David Hart who donated the trophy. He was the father of Cecil Hart, a former coach and GM. Rather than rename it, they could retire it. A new Howe trophy could be for the Most Outstanding Player rather than Most Valuable, and eliminate the argument of who is more valuable to their team.
  9. I golfed once at one of the Disney courses there. The local I was golfing with basically warned me to that I should assume every body of water has an alligator and to forget trying to retrieve a lost ball.
  10. Don Taylor, is that you?
  11. I don't think there is really any clear cut MVP on either side this year, so I don't think you will see the Conn Smythe winner coming from the losing team. I'm voting Burns and Murray.
  12. Blasphemy? Selling your soul? I think that's a being a tad dramatic. I also think it's a little selfish to hold it against him. If he could see the writing on the wall that there was no chance of winning the Stanley Cup in Boston after all he had given that team, why not move on to another team that has a better chance? It's not like he went to the Canadiens or some other bitter rival. I bet if you took a poll of lifelong Bruins fans, you would find the majority were happy for him.
  13. It is a second round pick. Apparently they have until June 1st to decide if it is this year, 2017 or 2018. Based on how high they pick this year, I bet they go for 2017 or more likely 2018.
  14. That's an odd connection to make. Crawford was the coach in Switzerland for far longer than Matthews was there. He didn't follow him to Europe and he didn't come back to the NHL just to coach against him.
  15. The same is true for almost every other traffic offense though. Unless it gets caught by a dashboard cam, it would be your word against the officer's for things like tailgating, running a red/yellow light or failing to signal. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see it as any different. As for your friend's situation, if the vehicle was in park, in a parking lot, even if it was running, then I believe that he would have good reason to fight the ticket.