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  1. I always feel more relaxed when I'm camping.
  2. Originally I had planned on cremation, but the new green burials sound like a good way to go. They put you in a bio-degradable box, and instead of a tombstone they plant a tree on top of you. And in some cases, I have heard that to save space they plant you vertically.
  3. Too soon? It was almost thirty years ago. Half of CDC wouldn't even know who I'm referring to. :D
  4. Ben Johnson?
  5. Voted: Duchene Nominating: Lehner, because this list is lacking in goaltenders.
  6. For me, it was the entire 2010 Olympics. I was a volunteer team leader at Canada Hockey Place. Our team was part of guest services. Some games we would be outside, helping people get through security and into the venue. Other games we would be inside helping people navigate the arena. It was one of the best experiences ever. On one particular shift, it had been a long day. I was in the staff room filling out my daily report when one of the organizers popped by and asked how it was going. We chatted about the shift and how things had gone. He asked me what my plans for the evening were. I was going to go back to the place I was staying at to watch the Women's Gold medal game. He asked whether I would prefer to attend in person and dropped a ticket on the desk for me. Centre Ice, I think it was about 12 rows up. What an awesome time that was! I had to work outside for the Men's Gold medal game. We still got to watch the game, it was on the gigantic screen on the side of the Ontario Pavilion next to where we were working. But it had about a 6 second delay. So every time we heard the crowd roar, it took a few seconds for the screen to catch up so we could see what had happened. If Calgary gets the 2026 Games, I am volunteering for sure.
  7. I'm no lawyer, but I think the difference is that they didn't do anything to cause the situation in the first place. I think they would have had to push him in and left him to drown for that to apply. Maybe the law needs to be expanded.
  8. Voting Hedman. Nominating Kulikov.
  9. Voted Tavares. I think Kulikov should be added next. Although as a Defenseman he's not a prolific point scorer, he does have more games played than the ten guys drafted right before him.
  10. I think it's #1 for off-season moves, not #1 for how they will do next season.
  11. I'm fairly confident they will succeed. It's just the "look how awesome we are" statements before they have even dropped the puck that drive me a little nuts. What I would like to see is Foley being able to make that same claim after the team has been in the league for ten years.
  12. There's a lot to be said for being first though. Heck, there are still die hard CFL fans in Baltimore.
  13. How about the Canucks? OK, the dollar amounts for Vegas are staggering, but if I am not mistaken, the arena formerly known as GM Place was built completely with private money.
  14. So what? It's a novelty. After the team sucks for a few years, then let's see how their ticket sales are.
  15. 1980 Honda Civic 1986 Suzuki Forsa 1995 Honda Civic (my first brand new car) 2002 Toyota Echo 2005 Toyota Rav4 1996 Chevy 1500 Pickup 2010 Jeep Liberty 2002 Ford Ranger* 2017 Honda HRV* * Currently own