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  1. Makes sense. I used to live in Calgary so some scenes do have a bit of deja vu to them, but I wonder if that's just my brain looking for things to look familiar even if they aren't really.
  2. I thought it was filmed in Calgary though?
  3. Ran into Fargo last night. I never saw the movie so I had no real idea what it was about. The episodes I caught were the last two of season two, but now I want to go back and watch from the beginning. I could have it totally wrong but it sounds like each season stands on its own. Season 1 is set in 2006, season 2 in 1979 and season 3 in 2010/11. It doesn't sound like there is any connection between the seasons other than the location. Basically it's a dark crime / comedy. The characters are quirky and the scenario is a little bizarre. Even though I have already seen the ending of season 2, I can't wait to see how they got there.
  4. Another write off thread.
  5. Fair enough. You dug into the stats far deeper than I did. But here's the thing... other than most PPG in a single season and longest point streak, none of the stats you quoted are franchise leading. And ultimately, I think that's what sets them apart from guys in the RoH. Obviously, I'm not on the selection committee. I just tried to look at the difference between guys that are on the RoH and guys that aren't. And while I'm a big fan of both of them, I think Bert and Burr have more in common with guys that are not in the RoH than they do with guys that are. In the end though, I bet the decision on who goes in the RoH is more of a marketing decision than it is a hockey decision, which is sad.
  6. Back in the old Pacific Mausoleum days, when my wife-to-be and I were still dating, she was going to University in Abbotsford. There used to be more Sunday afternoon games. So on my way back to the island I would go to a game. I used to be able to get single seats in the lower bowl from the scalpers for under $20. Still had money left over for a beverage or two. But heck, back then even the ferries were still affordable.
  7. There is a saying that nothing creates demand like demand. The Canucks games used to sell-out from time to time, but generally speaking, if you wanted to go to a game, tickets were available. As the team improved, the sell-outs increased. In 2002 began a streak of sell-outs. In some ways, the streak itself gave ticket sales momentum that helped ensure future games sold out. Rather than buying tickets on a whim, you would have to buy far in advance to ensure you got to go at all. That streak lasted until 2014, for a total of 474 games.
  8. I believe you are correct. For me, the problem is the cost. I live in Victoria. So if I am going to go just for a game I am looking at the cost of the ferry and a hotel on top of the game tickets. That easily adds $400 to the cost. For the same $400 I could get two tickets to 8 Royals games and sit in the club seats. The one game I could maybe go for would be vs Columbus at the end of March. The game is at 1:00. I would still have to spring for the ferry but at least I avoid the hotel cost. But instead I'll just stick with the Royals and catch the Canucks on TV.
  9. I believe it was Roberts, who was in the New User Name thread earlier today wondering how to get a new username. And now he has one.
  10. @Jimmy McGill And even with the filthy unspeakable things, that custom status category was assigned, not chosen.
  11. I agree with you on all points. It's just that while Burrows is a great guy and a heart and soul player, can't you say that for plenty of other players? How about Bieksa? Maybe Cloutier? Or Brodeur? What about Salo? I think there are loads of players that gave everything they had to the organization while they are here. But is that enough? For the guys already in the RoH, I think it's the statistical accomplishments that sets them apart. And I don't think passing a former franchise leader to be 6th all-time represents that kind of accomplishment. I may be wrong. It happens to me all the time. I'm just trying to look past all the Burrows love and contribute my take. But don't tell Deb. She would probably ban me. :D
  12. While I am a big fan of both, I don't think either of them should get that honour. Look at the guys that are up there... Kurtenbach - First captain McLean - Franchise leader in several goaltending statistics Gradin - Former highest scoring centre in franchise history Snepts - Former franchise leader in games played and penalty minutes Quinn - Won the 1992 Jack Adams Award Ohlund - Highest scoring defensemen in franchise history While Bert and Burr were a big part of the team for a long time, how do they compare to those kinds of qualifications? The only team record I could find that either are credited with is Burr is tied with Adams for most playoff OT goals. They were great Canucks, just not RoH great.
  13. The advantage of not spending to the cap is having cap space when you really need it. I think Tavares is an amazing player, but he is significantly older than our new core. I would rather see Benning continue to develop the team slowly and methodically and make smart acquisitions when it makes sense to. There are no quick fixes.
  14. I think I would pass. He is going to command a long term, enormous money contract. The team we have right now is building towards the future and isn't ready to contend. As good as Tavares is, I don't think he is enough to turn the Canucks into instant contenders. If he was, the Islanders would have won more than a single playoff series in the time he has been there. By the time our roster is good enough to contend alongside Tavares, he would be at the tail end of his prime years. So that means, by acquiring Tavares, Benning would have to abandon his long-term plan and try to win it all in the next few years which I think is a recipe for disaster. Not that it matters as I don't believe Tavares would ever consider a rebuilding team. He has already played for one his entire career.