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  1. 5 - 2 Canucks 2 goals, 1 assist, 5 shots, 1 block
  2. goalie13

    [Rumour] Leafs' Nikita Zaitsev on the move ?

    The tweet sounds more like specualtion and not any kind of real rumour. As for Zaitsev, he's making $4.5M for 5 more years with a modified NTC (10 team no-trade list) kicking in after this year. He has 9g and 45a in 188 career games. I've never really watched him play so I don't know how effective of a defender he is, but I think that would be a tough contract to move.
  3. goalie13

    NHL 19 Thread

    It's that time of year. The trailer is out for NHL19. So before people start complaining that it's just a roster update, they aren't going to buy it, etc... I can't wait. I only ever play Franchise / Be A GM mode and I look forward to this every year. Available Sept. 14th.
  4. goalie13

    2019 Election thread

    Sure, they don't seem interested, but that could just be them being team players. Or, they don't want to be the captain of a sinking ship. Or both. We're sports fans. How many times have we seen a coach get a vote of confidence from management, only to be fired shortly after? These guys are politicians. They don't seem to be interested, until it's advantageous for them to be interested.
  5. goalie13

    2019 Election thread

    Fortunate for the Liberals too. Suppose Singh loses the byelection. If the NDP pick another new leader, this close to the federal election, maybe the NDP can ride the momentum of the leadership race into the election. If the NDP gain any seats, I feel like it would be at the expense of the Liberals, not the Conservatives. Just a theory.
  6. goalie13

    [Proposal] Lets battle

    On the bright side, these six trades (that will never happen) weren't all in seperate threads.
  7. goalie13

    CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2019

    @smithers joe @canuckpuckluck15 & @Salacious Crumb are on the board.
  8. CDC rules: You can only trade Ballard if he is packaged with Raymond and a 1st round pick.
  9. goalie13

    Victoria Royals Thread

    So happy to see Outhouse didn't get traded at the deadline. It will be great to see him finish his WHL career here. On a related note, I also enjoyed seeing him take that roughing penalty against the Blazers Friday night. Sometimes a goalie needs to stand up for themselves like that.
  10. Vanek signed with a NTC because he's tired of getting traded at the deadline.
  11. goalie13

    [Discussion] New CBA: 24 man roster?

    OK, not about the 24 man roster idea, but talks on the new CBA have already started...
  12. goalie13

    NHL 19 Thread

    Basically it hides the ratings of certain players (especially rookies) until you scout them.
  13. It's totally just a sales gimmick. I don't really blame them for trying. At least it's just for a mean-nothing game.
  14. goalie13

    [Proposal] Just maybe

    The trade deadline is February 25th, so by March you're too late.
  15. goalie13

    Bc assessment 2019

    Only if your assessment jumped more than the average, or if it was going to go up anyways. Mine went up 14%. Apparently the Saanich average is 4% so my tax bill will be up for sure. That, plus the government offloading MSP onto employers was going to drive up property taxes anyways.
  16. goalie13

    [Waivers] Mike McKenna (Flyers claim McKenna)

    Comets are going fishing for goalies... http://www.uticacomets.com/news/detail/comets-sign-alex-sakellaropoulos-to-a-pto
  17. goalie13

    2019 WJC Thread

    Correct. Germany went undefeated in the Division 1A tournament in December.
  18. goalie13

    [Waivers] Mike McKenna (Flyers claim McKenna)

    He was a Canuck for more games than Vanbiesbrouck was.
  19. goalie13

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

    Thanks Mr. Optimism.
  20. goalie13

    Victoria Royals Thread

    I was thinking maybe it was more about Miller for the Royals. Both Hannoun and McDonald are over-agers so they will be gone after this year. PA is loading up for a playoff run this year.