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  1. Time to put him with the carter!! woohoo! Nice work Benning
  2. Canucks got this! Vrbata will break his slump and the kids line will notch another. Miller will be a wall. 2-1 Canucks
  3. Lots of hockey left to be played..Canucks will pull through It'd be nice to see Horvat rewarded for his play..he's been one of our best players. Put him on the 2nd with Vrbata.
  4. this is a really short gameday thread...especially for playoffs...are people actually working before the game?
  5. Canucks can beat the Flames..they flubbed glorious chances and went wonky in the last 10 minutes. Bury 10% of those chances and don't go stupid at the end of the game and we'll be fine.
  6. maybe Benning is afraid Linden will hi-5 him too hard after Canucks win.
  7. I'm agreeing with this Lucic train...let's trade for him..give them kassian
  8. that's real dedication!! this guy doesn't quit working
  9. I like the thought process here...I think edler has already drawn up this play in his mind..Johnny is probably trolling these forums and will look up all the way but still get destroyed. haha
  10. Nucks are winning this game and series...just start throwing some bodychecks and keep skating..the flames won't even know what happened..the 1st bodycheck to land on 150 lb Johnny Hockey will be the end of their 1st line.
  11. EA Sports is wrong here and the Jets are going to beat the Ducks and the Sens are going to beat the Habs
  12. Awesome thanks for sharing! it was great