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  1. At this point, the younger Tanev is better.
  2. Yes, we still need him. He even had 2 major awesome assists in the game vs. Detroit last night.
  3. We'll, for O'Sullivan to comment that means that Burrows has done a good job of annoying him, losing some sleep over this. His therapist recommended to let it out of his system through that interview. ;-)
  4. Play Chelsea Dagger everytime the opposing team scores.
  5. WD: a rookie coach forever
  6. I say 50-50. But one thing for sure is that we'll still have 4 more years of sissyness that tougher teams will continue to mock -- *cough* Sedins *cough*
  7. The time the Sedins are relegated to the second line (can't move them after 4 years) is the time the team will change the dynamics of their brand of play. Canucks just can't compete anymore with the current brand of play moulded around the Sedins against the majority of the teams. It's time to trade some core players to replace that first line!
  8. Try or search for "Canucks" in