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  1. Obviously there are so many factors to change between now and the 2019 draft. However, given the OP's scenario, if the Canucks are sitting top 10 (likely top 5) next year, but not #1, I'd be willing to offer a significant package to get to #1. What I think is most likely to tempt another team is if we offer our 2020 first round pick. For example, if we are sitting #5 overall, we offer that and 2020 first rounder without conditions to move to #1. We may even have to offer a B prospect (Lind, Gaudette) as well. But two first should be enough. It's a high price to pay, but if management thinks Hughes is the guy, let's make our move...especially with the draft at home. Then giving up the 2020 first rounder creates all the motivation needed for the Canucks to turn the corner and start competing rather than rebuilding. The excitement in the city would be huge, and the Canucks would be relevant again.
  2. [Proposal] Colorado and Ottawa

    This is an interesting idea, but I think the only way Colorado would pull the trigger is if they negotiate with Karlsson and sign him to an extension as a part of the deal. Not sure whether he'd want to sign long term in Colorado. It's just way to risky for the Avs to give up those assets for a potential 1 year of Karlsson.
  3. [Proposal] Dallas-Van

    Spezza won't waive his NTC to come to Vancouver. Even under threat of buyout he's better off to be bought out then choose his place. Don't see this deal working out.
  4. To Anaheim: Alex Edler (50% retained), Nikolay Goldobin To Vancouver: Jacob Larsson, 2019 4th round pick Why for Vancouver: Edler only has one year left, and the Canucks really should make a move to gain an asset out of this veteran playoff proven defenseman. However his value is decent, but not extremely high, which is why he's paired with a young winger with potential to gain a more quality asset in return. Some may say this is overpaying for Larsson, but the Canucks are getting a good young defenseman who is just ready to enter the NHL, for a veteran with one year remaining, and a non-elite young forward. Larsson immediately projects to be a big part of the rebuild and core of the team going forward. Why for Anaheim: The Ducks core players window is closing. Perry, Getzlaf and Kesler are all 33. The Ducks truly need to take another shot at the cup. They also have four defenders ahead of Larsson on the depth chart in Lindholm, Fowler, Manson and Mountour so long term there isn't much space for Larsson to rise up the depth chart. In Edler they get a veteran playoff proven defender along with a scoring right winger on a cheap contract, who is young and can still develop more. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Petterson - Gaudette - Virtanen Granlund - Sutter - Eriksson Leipsic - Motte - Gagner Larsson- Tanev MDZ - Gudbransson Pouliot - Stecher Hutton Markstrom Nilsson Prospects: Demko, Juolevi, Hughes,
  5. As we all know, Lou Lamoriello has a couple weeks to prove to John Tavares that he should re-sign. This is the most important two weeks in the last twenty years of the franchise. Lou needs to make a move, or two, or three. Bringing in Trotz may be one of those moves. However the team clearly needs to improve defensively and in goal. The Canucks and Islanders are good trade partners. The Canucks have a couple of veteran defensemen in Tanev and Edler who could be available. Markstrom may not be an elite goalie, but he's definitely better than what they currently have. The Canucks have servicable forwards, whether they are looking for a shut down veteran centerman (Sutter), an affordable scoring winger (Baertschi) or other niche roles. The Canucks may not be trading high end prospects of players, but could definitely help the team. Plus the Canucks have cap space to offer for some of their bad deals (Clutterbuck $3.5mil, Cizikas $3.35mil, Greiss $3.33mil not including guys with NMC like Ladd $5.5mil and Boychuck $6mil). The Islanders on the other hand have picks #11 & #12 in this draft, plus they have two second rounders. They won the Hamonic trade big time with Calgary and now have two firsts and two seconds. If it looks like they can keep Tavares, I can definitely see them trading at least one, if not both. They have a few young players who are not elite but hold good trade value like Pulock, Ho-Sang, Beauvillier. Plus Bellows (who they likely won't trade). Barzal is off the table. So...now the main question of my thread. Based on all this, let's hear your thoughts on what deals could work between the Canucks and Isles. I think that the Islanders will likely trade for a goalie elsewhere, rather than going for Markstrom. However in this proposal, I'll suggest they need a goalie like Markstrom. He could be taken out of this deal along with other pieces taken out. (Based on the premise that the Canucks are going full rebuild approach, and want the #1 pick for the 2019 draft at home) To NYI: Chris Tanev (half salary retained), Brandon Sutter, Jacob Markstrom, 2018 (Total: $10.261mil) To Vancouver: 2018 1st round pick (#11), 2018 2nd round pick (#43), Joshua Ho-Sang, Ryan Pulock, Casey Cizikas, Cal Clutterbuck, Thomas Greiss (Total: $11.12mil + Pulock RFA) (If they trade for a goalie like Grubauer elsewhere than Clutterbuck and the 2nd round pick can be taken out of this deal) Why for NYI: The Islanders in this deal solve three issues around their defensive game. They upgrade in with a solid stay at home defenseman who effectively fills the vacancy of Hamonic that they traded to Calgary and suffered for. They add a third line very good veteran centerman who can win draws, and even play higher in the lineup. They also upgrade their goaltending significantly. The Islanders then also dump their three worst contracts in return. Ho-Sang and Pulock are good young players but they can afford to lose both, and they give up the first and second round pick they got for Hamonic to receive a guy very similar to Hamonic. They don't get elite talent in this deal, but with Tavares taking elite talent cap hit, they get a MUCH more well rounded and capable team without losing any key pieces. They don't add to their cap hit with this deal, keeping space for Tavares' contract and another UFA signing. Why for Vancouver: The Canucks add four valuable pieces pieces to the rebuild. The 11th overall pick is going to be huge, and is clearly the big addition. There will be lots available, and potentially a player may even fall to us like Wallstrom or Bouchard. However the other three pieces are also quite good. #43 is fairly high in the second round, Ho-Sang hasn't quite broken fully into the NHL but is on the cusp, and Pulock is a good young defenseman who instantly takes Tanev's spot in the starting lineup. Ho-Sang and Pulock make the team next year and are closer to the age range of Bo. The first and second are added to our farm to develop. Cizikas, Clutterbuck and Greiss all can be veterans on the team and potentially deadline day assets to trade. With the trade being fairly equal in cap hit, the Canucks can still sign a UFA, or use cap space elsewhere. Thoughts?

    I like this deal. I'd do it even if the 2nd round pick is lowered to a 3rd, or maybe a 4th.
  7. (Proposal) CGY-OTT

    Hoffman's value is at an all-time low. Calgary gives up too much in this deal.
  8. Proposal (TRADE) VAN-CAR

    It's tough because if Carolina is looking to rebuild, they want assets that the Canucks don't want to part with. Faulk would be better suited to go to a team entering their core cup potential seasons. I wouldn't give up our 2018 1st round pick, but I think the value is in line with what Carolina would want for Faulk. None of Goldobin, Baertschi or Hutton are top pieces, so it's a package of quantity, and the one real piece of quality for a good defenseman entering his prime is the 1st rounder. Maybe a team like the Islanders would part with one of their two first rounders for him? And maybe the other first rounder for a goalie like Holtby? Convince JT to stay.
  9. Mtl - NYI (proposal/Discussion)

    I fully realize this is insane, but just for the hell of it, how about... The Islanders currently have $29 million in cap space. Let's say Tavares takes $10/year. That leaves $19M (Assuming Price and Ladd waive NMC's) Price, Weber to NYI for Both 2018 1st round picks (#11 & 12), Ho-Sang, Pulock, Greiss, Ladd, (8.33) Montreal retains 50% of Weber's contract (3.9M x 5 years) Cap Hit Going to NYI: 14.4M Cap Hit Going to MON: 8.83M + Pulock and Ho Sang's RFA contracts The Islanders go all-in for Tavares to stay adding a true leader of a veteran defenseman, and a true #1 goalie for the first time in forever for the Islanders. Huge salaries, but worth it. They give up a lot, and some will say the contracts of Montreal are so bad it's not worth it. But with half of Weber's salary staying with Montreal, plus Price who has the potential to be the best goalie in the league, they go for it. Montreal adds a good young d-man, a good young forward and two high first round picks. Then Montreal trades Pacioretty + 3rd round pick to Edmonton for #10 overall pick. Overall Montreal instantly rebuilds with four first round picks this year along with two additional young players and cap space to burn. Obviously not going to happen but fun to think about!
  10. [Proposal] CHI-VAN; CAL-TOR-VAN

    I would definitely take Hamilton for Tanev and a second rounder. I'd be surprised if Calgary trades him in division. Getting the 8th overall pick for Seabrook (which it doesn't sound like Chicago would do, but I think they should do) is so risky. If Seabrook had 3-4 years left, totally fine. But six years is insanely bad. That's an anchor of a contract at the point the Canucks are trying to compete unless we can ship him off for a first rounder in a few years, or have Chicago retain more.
  11. (Proposal) Weaponize - 3 way Trade

    I don't think Ottawa would trade Colin White, even to lose Bobby Ryan. To be honest, I think they'd rather use Karlsson to offload that contract rather than White. He's a key piece of their rebuild, they're already without a first round pick in this year or next (likely next), and giving up one of their top young guys to lose Ryan's contract would result in fan mutiny.
  12. (Proposal) Draft Lottery Idea

    I think you may be missing something here. The worst teams in the league, have the longest periods of time to try to accumulate the points for the top pick. Therefore, the advantage is definitely still in the favour of the bad teams. If Buffalo is terrible and gets eliminated early, they then can have months to accumulate points towards the draft, but they'd still have to play hard rather than trying to lose. Teams that are good will not be disqualified from the playoffs until much later. This format is still beneficial for the bad teams, and they have the highest odds of the top pick, they just have to earn it rather than having a lucky ping pong ball.
  13. (Proposal) Draft Lottery Idea

    I also thought it was genius when I heard of it! I totally agree that it's complicated, but I think it's worth it. Would take a couple years for the general public to understand, but it's a huge boost to the NHL to have fans and teams wanting to play hard all 82 games and move away from the tanking issue. Being complicated is a small price to pay.
  14. (Proposal) Draft Lottery Idea

    I heard someone make a suggestion recently that I had never thought of before, but really makes a ton of sense. It's a bit hard to explain, but I'll try. When a team is statistically eliminated from the playoffs, they enter the pool for highest draft pick. But instead of tanking for the highest draft pick, from the time they were eliminated, they actually have to win (win & tie points) to get the highest draft pick. Every point your team gets after they are statistically eliminated is counted towards earning the top pick. Why this method would work, is that the really bad teams (ie Buffalo this year) would be statistically eliminated weeks before the end of the season. So they have a higher chance of earning top overall pick, because they have a longer period of time to earn those points. A team that almost makes the playoffs but just misses, may not have any chance to earn points if they are eliminated on the final night of the season. Therefore they have the lowest pick. The Canucks, for example, were probably eliminated a week or two after Buffalo so Buffalo got the head start but the Canucks could win games down the stretch to win. Hope that makes sense. From the point of being eliminated, teams need to win. Whoever has the most points after they were eliminated down the stretch gets the highest draft pick, and so on down to the team that just missed the playoffs. Why do I think this is a good strategy? Because it's the opposite of tanking. Even bad teams need to win down the home stretch. Could you imagine how exciting it would be if the Canucks team was playing for the top overall pick on the final night of the season? If we win, and get two points, we get Dahlin? EVERYONE would be watching that game. It rewards winning, even for bad teams. It keeps every team trying for all 82 games. It gives fans of bad teams something to cheer for. Bettman, get it done.
  15. Spontaneity! (Proposal / Discussion)

    I honestly think Carolina wins this deal @Nuxfanabroad. Draisaitl is the best player in this deal, but he's on a huge contract, plus those are four very good assets from Carolina. IMO Teravainen and Hanifan is probably equal in value to Draisaitl but Bean and #2 overall are worth more than Nurse and #10 overall. It's an interesting idea. With Carolina so stacked on D, they'd be interested in Draisaitl but might as well keep Hanifan, Bean and Teravainen then draft Svechnikov. I originally read this wrong, and thought you were suggesting packages from Edmonton and Carolina to move up to #1 for Dahlin. Both of these actually would be really interesting offers for Dahlin. Edmonton would get cap space and an elite D. Carolina wouldn't make as much sense since they are strong on D. Both are overpayments (even for Dahlin) but it had me thinking about it.