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  1. underrated

    [Proposals] Armchair GM thru EDM's Misery

    Target a #1 young d man that you can build around, who is in the same age bracket as McDavid. They wanted Larsson to be that guy, but he's not. My target: Aaron Ekblad. Florida wouldn't want to trade him, but if you offer something great, I could see them considering. Evan Bouchard, 2019 first round pick, Jesse Puljujarvi, Andrej Sekera and a conditional 2020 2nd round pick (if Edmonton makes the playoffs this year) for Aaron Ekblad High price of young talent, but getting a potentially elite young defenseman to build around. When healthy: Klefbom - Ekblad Nurse - Larsson Russel - Petrovic/Benning/Manning
  2. underrated

    [Proposals] Armchair GM thru EDM's Misery

    I think this is the best suggestion I've seen so far. Take some talented players from Columbus who are available (Panarin pending UFA, Bobrovsky having issues internally), dump Lucic but pay a lot of future assets for this. Carolina wants a young forward for Hamilton though, not another D prospect. Value-wise it's equal but not what Carolina is looking for.
  3. Edmonton put Ryan Spooner on waivers today, clearly admitting mistake with the Strome and Eberle deals, and willing to part with him for free, or bury his salary in the minors. If Spooner clears waivers, I think we may have a creative trade opportunity with Edmonton. The Trade Loui Eriksson (50% retained) for Ryan Spooner The Math For simplicity sake, we will say we are half way through this year. Spooner has 1.5 years left at $4mil cap hit and salary and $6 total salary remaining Eriksson has 3.5 years left at $6 mil cap hit and $16.5 total salary remaining ($4.71mil salary per year) If the Canucks retain 50% of Eriksson's salary then: The Canucks have $7 mil cap hit for the next 1.5 years, and $3 mil for the following 2 years. The Oilers have $3 million cap hit for the next 3.5 years. The Reason For Vancouver At 33 years old with four years remaining, Loui Eriksson clearly isn't in our long-term plans. His $6 million cap hit is an albatross, and since the Canucks are rebuilding (our current playoff spot doesn't change that), our short term cap hit matters less than our long term cap hit. What this deal does is makes us take on a little more cap hit short term ($7M instead of $6M) but less long term ($3M instead of $6M). To make this trade we give up an older but better player. There are two main advantages in this trade for the Canucks. First is that for the final two years, the Canucks save $3 million in cap space. Second is that we take a shot on Ryan Spooner. Spooner is having a terrible year but only last year he scored 41 points in 59 games between Tampa and New York. He is only 26 years old, and clearly is skilled. The Canucks give Spooner enough ice time to try to revive his career and get some momentum. He could end up being a good addition in the right situation. He has 1.5 years left on his deal to prove himself. I could even see him getting some time on the wing with Boeser and Petterson. The Reason For Edmonton Chiarelli is fully in win-now mode, trying to save his job, and finally turn the corner for the Oilers. Edmonton is stacked with top end talent in McDavid and Draisaitl but really weak with depth, and Spooner didn't work out for them. They want to get rid of Spooner for nothing, but if there are no takers, then they use his negative value and actually receive a positive player in return. Eriksson at $6 million would be a terrible addition, but Eriksson at $3 million is actually a good addition to the roster. He's a veteran, defensively responsible, can score, and has lots of experience. He can play on the second or third line for Edmonton, and they essentially acquire him for free (since they don't want Spooner) and at a decent salary price for his value. The term is a bit longer then they would like but they also dump Spooners money, and trading the last two years of a player at $3 million cap hit ($2mil actual salary) shouldn't be too hard. It's a strange suggestion, but gives the Canucks long-term cap relief of $3 million and the Oilers a productive veteran forward as well as a little short term cap relief in exchange for a player they don't want.
  4. underrated

    [Proposals] Armchair GM thru EDM's Misery

    This feels very similar to the previous big Oiler deals where they trade a more proven player for a slightly younger, riskier option. The trade Hall for Larsson, they trade Eberle for Strome. Just didn't work for them at all. Draisaitl for Drouin feels very similar, and while I think Kotkaniemi could be the real deal, Edmonton needs to start competing soon, rather than adding a rookie for the long term.
  5. Montreal needs to embrace the rebuild. They are overachieving this year so a rebuild oriented trade may not be super popular with the fanbase, but they are in a unique spot where their two best trade pieces are also the two pieces that may start to go downhill, and on long-term big contracts could be a dead weight to their rebuild in the future. Clearly I'm referring to Carey Price and Shea Weber. In my opinion, the Habs should trade them now while they hold decent value. On the other hand Edmonton has to be in win-now mode. With the best player in the game, a young second superstar in Draisaitl and a perennial underachieving team, they need to make a big move for veterans to turn the culture in the locker room and the skill on the ice. Specifically Edmonton needs to upgrade on defense and in net. Obviously the likelihood of this happening is very slim, and a big deal like this would be a statement move by each GM, and it comes with major risk for both, but it puts Montreal years ahead in a rebuild and gets rid of two contracts that could hamper them for a very long time. For Edmonton, they try to turn the corner with two superstar-talent veterans, and dump a bad contract in the meantime. Without further ado: To Edmonton: Carey Price, Shea Weber (Cap Hit = $18.357 Million) To Montreal: 2019 first round pick (top five protected), Evan Bouchard (2018 first round pick), Jesse Puljujarvi (2016 first round pick), Ryan Spooner, Cam Talbot, Milan Lucic (Cap Hit = 17.591 Million) Edmonton's perspective: Talbot clearly has underachieved this year, and his deal is expiring. Koskinen has been fine, but is not the long-term solution by any means. In Price, Edmonton gets a potential franchise goalie when healthy. Price has the skillset to be a true difference maker, and take Edmonton to the next level. Shea Weber is exactly the type of player you want in your locker room and to help change the culture in a team. While aging, he has ten points in fifteen games this year. He's still a rock. He's also a great mentor to the younger defenseman like Nurse, Klefbom and Larsson. As a last ditched swing for the fences, Chiarelli goes for two veteran former superstars who still can play at that level. The clear risk on Edmonton's part is the health of both Price and Weber, the large long-term contracts, and parting ways with three important young pieces, especially Bouchard. I think Montreal wouldn't do this deal without Bouchard being involved. Edmonton also gets rid of Lucic's contract. Montreal's perspective: Montreal tries to cash out of its trade chips while they still can. In losing Price and Weber it clearly puts the team in 100% rebuild mode, and likely would set up even more deals before the deadline. However the package they receive puts them multiple years ahead in a rebuild. They essentially get three first round picks in return, along with Spooner who played great last year with the Rangers but is struggling this year. Spooner is a 26 year old center who could actually be a valuable part of this trade for Montreal. Talbot gives a stop-gap with potential to turn it around, they can re-sign Talbot at a lower price and hope for a rebound, or move on from him and sign a free agent in the offseason. Lucic is clearly on a bad contract but having a big body isn't a bad piece of a rebuild especially for a team like Montreal with some small guys, and his contract won't matter that much while they rebuild. Montreal shed's its two worst contracts, a combined $18 million per year for several more years for players in their 30's. This is a very important part of the trade. However in Evan Bouchard they hope to get their future #1 defenseman. Recent 10th overall pick, and Canadian blueliner. They get a 2019 first round pick, that should be middle of the round, as a good asset, and they try to turn around the career of Puljujarvi who is still only 20 years old and has a lot of talent if he can put it together. Thoughts?
  6. Yeah if they ask for us to take Ryan and give a guy like Boeser, Petey or Bo, clearly we say no. With the fact that no team would take Ryan even when Erik Karlsson was the bait, I think Ottawa realizes they're stuck with $30 million at this point because nobody will take him, not even for Erik Karlsson. This is their one and only out from that deal, is to include a guy like Chabot. I don't think any team would take Ryan for a first round pick.
  7. underrated

    [Proposals] Several Ideas

    I don't see any way in which Gagner and Ryan's contracts are comparable. Ryan has four more years, and a much higher cost. I can see Ottawa holding out for not retaining any cap hit if parting with Chabot. But clearly this isn't a straight talent deal for Chabot, this is a money motivated deal by getting rid of Ryan. If they retain 2 million, Ryan still has 22 million left. If they don't, it's 30 million. Gagner has 6.4 million over two years. (Both are slightly less due to the season already being underway).
  8. Potentially at that point we try to trade Eriksson and Ryan, along with assets for cap relief. After a couple more years of each of their contracts are burned we can maybe attach a late first round pick (assuming we're at a point where we are competing for the cup) in order to get rid of them. A late first rounder at that point won't kill us, but adding Chabot now helps a ton.
  9. In my other post I suggested Virtanen, Hutton, Gagner, 2nd round pick for Ryan ($2 mil retained) and Chabot. Might have to add a little more. Either another pick or prospect or maybe even a guy like Goldobin. But along those lines. By taking on Ryan's contract it saves us from trading a top young player or first round pick in exchange.
  10. What do you think would be an amount we'd have to put in?
  11. That's thinking of it as a hockey value trade. Clearly talent wise they'd want EP. This is trying to convince an owner to essentially sell Chabot to us for $29 million plus some young assets.
  12. Here's some proposals as food for thought! To Toronto: Alex Edler To Vancouver: 2019 2nd and 4th round picks Not a super original deal here. Toronto needs more good players on defense, as well as playoff experience. They need to keep themselves cap flexible. Edler fits all of this. He's an upgrade on D, has a wealth of experience and an expiring contract. Personally I don't think Edler gets a first round pick, so maybe it's worth re-signing him, but he's definitely getting to that age where defensemen decline so we run the risk of paying too much to re-sign him. Toronto may re-sign him but likely a rental due to cap space. Canucks add two valuable assets for a rebuilding team, especially if we just sent out the second round pick to Ottawa. Maybe if we retain half his salary we could upgrade this to a first round pick. That would be great, but I doubt the Leafs would bite since they have money and won't want to give the first rounder. To Ottawa: Jake Virtanen, Ben Hutton, Sam Gagner, Toronto's 2nd round pick To Vancouver: Bobby Ryan ($2 million retained per season), Thomas Chabot See my other Topic for further thoughts on this. I doubt Ottawa parts with Chabot since he's elite, but Melnyk may be desperate to save the $29 million on Ryan's contract, and if so, we should swoop in and capitalize by trading a non-elite young player like Virtanen, an expiring RFA contract like Hutton, and a much less contract dump of Gagner plus a pick. For the Canucks, they get an elite young piece for their core going forward and rather than giving top young assets, we pay for Chabot by taking on Ryan's horrible contract. Potentially the 2nd round pick and $2 million could be removed from this deal, but I think Ottawa would like the pick and Vancouver will find $5.5 much more manageable, especially if we try to trade him in 2-3 years. To Calgary: Brandon Sutter (when healthy), Derrick Pouliot, 2019 Toronto's 4th round pick To Vancouver: 2019 1st round pick (top 20 protected. If not, 2020 top 15 protected. Then 2021 no protection). Rarely do teams trade in division but the Canucks and Flames are at different points right now and this deal helps them both. Calgary is second in the western conference right now with 22 wins and 11 losses. Sutter would be a great addition, even though they have Derek Ryan (who is only averaging 13 minutes a night) as Sutter brings so much value across the board with offense, defense, faceoffs, experience.. Plus with James Neal often on the third line, he could actually pair up with Sutter to be quite a contributing line if Neal turns it around a bit. Pouliot gives depth on defense, from a young and inexpensive player. He would pair on the third group with Michael Stone. He'd be a better depth defenseman than Rasmus Andersson. The Canucks get a late first round pick as an asset for the draft that we host at home, unless it conveys to a later year. To Vancouver: Karl Alzner, 2nd round pick To Montreal: future considerations Montreal waived him and nobody took the bait. We want an asset, and could use an experienced defenseman with Edler gone. Only real risk is his contract which has a $3.6 cap hit but we could also always put him on waivers if we need in the future. Lineup (assuming everyone is healthy) Goldobin - Petterson - Boeser Baertschi - Horvat - Ryan Granlund - Gaudette - Eriksson Motte - Beagle - Roussel Chabot - Tanev Alzner - Stecher Del Zotto - Gudbransson Biega Overall we take on bad contracts of Ryan and Alzner, but gain a 1st (from Calgary), a 2nd (from Montreal), use Toronto's two draft picks to our advantage in other deals...and most importantly get Thomas Chabot. All this without giving up a first round pick or a top young asset. Losing Virtanen may hurt but isn't earth shattering. Which deals do you think are fair? Which are not? Thoughts?
  13. Ottawa is rebuilding and likely would not be willing to part with Chabot under almost any circumstances, I do understand that. He's a key piece they are building around. So granted this is very unlikely. However there is one massive insane wildcard: Eugene Melnyk. He's unpredictable, and it was clear they tried to part with Ryan as part of the Karlsson deal. So it might be worth the Canucks reaching out to see just how badly they want to shed that contract. This deal would save Melnyk $29 million dollars of his personal money, so I can't fully blame him even if it's bad for the on-ice product! Assuming Ottawa would say yes (which they shouldn't...but might), would you be willing to take on Bobby Ryan's contract in order to acquire top young defenseman Thomas Chabot? Ryan would also have to waive his NMC, but he might just to get out of Ottawa. Keep in mind Bobby Ryan has four more years (including this season) on his deal at $7.25 million, and that would also complicated when starting to re-sign players. But we could also maybe deal him when he only has a year left. If we get Chabot, I don't see Ottawa also keeping part of his cap hit nor us dumping a guy like Eriksson. I could only see them pulling the trigger if they fully walk away from Ryan's bad contract. As for players we include, they may be interested in the expiring deals of Ben Hutton and Michael Del Zotto. Maybe they'd take Gagner? Or likely they'd want at least one young player in return so it doesn't look as much like a cap dump. A guy like Goldobin? Or do you think they'd need a good young player also going back their way to agree? Acquiring an elite young defenseman without trading an elite young player or top draft pick is nearly impossible except for a unique situation like this. And Chabot would absolutely be a massive part of a young core going forward. Personally I'd even be willing to add non-elite young talent to the deal to make it happen. So two questions: 1 - Would you be willing to take on Ryan's contract in exchange for Chabot? Do you think the Aquilini's would? 2 - Say Ottawa is open to the concept, what players do you think we'd have to include? My answers: 1 - Absolutely, Chabot is a game changing defenseman and if Melnyk is desperate enough to do this, then we should jump on it. 2 - I think for PR purposes the Sens couldn't accept a deal unless it looked at least slightly like they're getting young value in return. So maybe they'd accept a deal like Ryan and Chabot for Hutton (expiring but RFA and young), Goldobin (also young RFA), 2nd round pick and maybe we can add in Gagner too. I could see them holding out for Virtanen over Goldobin, which personally I'd still be willing to do. Thoughts?
  14. That is way more money than I'd be comfortable offering Panarin. He's not in that elite upper echelon, and would make it complicated when trying to re-sign our young core
  15. underrated

    [Proposal] Value of Parayko?

    I'd be down for that trade. I think St. Louis would get a better offer but if they'd take this, I'd happily accept