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  1. Obviously my idea is crazy and the Sedins wouldn't waive their NTC's, but hypothetically speaking I'm curious if the Avs would do a trade of the Sedins and Edler for Landeskog, Duchene and Barrie. I doubt they would cause of age, but if they felt like their core could compete for a cup in the next few years then maybe they would?
  2. Possible? Yes. Much harder to pull off? Absolutely. I just don't see why they would go for that deal. If someone offered us a Sbisa equivalent and a pick (unless it's a first rounder) we wouldn't take it. I don't think the would either.
  3. I like the additions of both Barrie and Landeskog, although I think it would take a massive package to get them. Maybe this is outrageous but long-term I think it adds two core pieces to build around: Edler, Tanev and Hansen for Landeskog, Barrie and Gelinas Admittedly our defense takes a hit this season, but Landeskog is the young power forward who can be a franchise player up front, and Barrie is the young puck moving defenseman we build around. Daniel - Henrik - Ericsson Landeskog - Sutter - Baertschi/Virtanen Dorsett/Etem - Horvat - Burrows Etem/Dorsett - Grandlund - Boeser Hutton - Barrie Sbisa - Gudbransson Tryamkin - Gelinas Larsen
  4. Trade Sbisa, Baertschi and a third round pick to Carolina for Jeff Skinner Why? Sbisa will be replaced with a signing in a minute. Baertschi is a good young player, who Carolina may like as a similar skillset but much more affordable. The Canucks shoot for the moon here with a young ultra skilled guy who just needs to be put in the right situation. A natural goal scorer who can be part of our core going forward. Sign Brian Campbell - Two Year, 4.5 Million per year. Why? He's a veteran smooth skating puck moving defenseman who played last year with Gudbranson and seems to be on the outs in Florida after the Yandle signing. We have three RH d-men, and need another good LH man. Sign Doan/Brouwer/Hudler or Versteeg for around 3.5-4 million a year Why? We could just keep Virtanen as our right winger, but if we send him to the minors another year then this deal gives us goal scoring, and a guy who can either play with the Sedins or as our second line right winger. Daniel - Henrik - Sutter Skinner - Horvat - Doan/Brouwer/Hudler/Versteeg/Virtanen Burrows - Granlund - Hansen Dorsett - Vey or prospect or minor signing - Etem Edler - Tanev Campbell - Gudbranson Tryamkin - Hutton (Hutton is obviously better than third pairing, but we split the skill level through the pairings, and keep Campbell-Gudbranson together) Miller Markstrom
  5. The Canucks really need an elite defensive prospect more than an elite offensive prospect. With the 5th overall pick in this draft, there isn't a great fit for that pick. With that said, I think we should ask Carolina if they're interested in a deal of last year's #5 overall pick Noah Hanifin for this years #5 overall pick. We get a an elite defenseman, and they might have their eye on Dubois or Tkachuk. We could also look at somehow expanding the deal to include Jeff Skinner. He has long been rumoured to be traded. He's only 24, and is a natural goal scorer. In the right situation, he could be the perfect second line left winger for us. Maybe for Sbisa and Hansen? Or possible Edler if he would waive to go there. Thoughts?
  6. Yeah Elder & 5 for Barrie & 10 is likely the most fair value. However I'd also do it for Gudbranson instead of Edler, or best case scenario is Sbisa + something else. Then take a D prospect in the draft. All of a sudden our future d-men went from a huge weakness to a strength this offseason.
  7. If the Canucks were in a full rebuild, then I would support this. However it seems like Benning and Linden want to form a team of young players who can come together for one more shot at a cup before the Sedins retire, and that cap space will be needed. With that said, he's actually the perfect solution for teams around the cap floor. Very low actual cost, brings up the cap hit, and they could get some value by trading for him. With that said, there's no need for Columbus to give a really good piece away. They could probably rid the contract to a team for a second round pick, since his actual price is low.
  8. Good post OP, well thought out. A few small things to note, which have already been pointed out. It's possible McCann and Virtanen go back to juniors for another year, but not likely and doesn't make sense with the Canucks trying to build the youth movement up here. Also, Hamhuis/Yandle would not be our third pairing on D. #1 or maybe #2. Of your suggestions, Lucic seems the least likely to happen IMO. LA traded essentially two first round picks for him (1st and Jones [who was then flipped for a 1st to San Jose]). They want him, they're a better team right now, and he has also had some issues in his hometown here. Don't see that happening. Also, rarely do you ever see one team get three of the top free agents on the market. They may not be in that elite Stamkos level, but they're all in that next tier. Doubt that would happen. I like the Yandle signing, and even the Boedker signing, if we can't get Stamkos (which is highly likely we can't in my opinion). The Canucks aren't really a destination team any more so it makes it harder to attract players.
  9. To New York Islanders: Alex Edler, Hunter Shinkaruk To Vancouver: Travis Hamonic, Ryan Pulock Why: Both teams trade a #1 pairing d-man in their 20's and good prospect, which is equal value overall. Hamonic wanted a trade to West Canada and gets it. The Isles wanted a similar defenseman in return and they get it. The Canucks get a slightly better contract, as well as a defensive prospect instead of an offensive one. Then dump players for picks, and rebuild in the offseason: To Washington: Dan Hamhuis To Vancouver: Brooks Laich, 2016 first round pick, 3rd round pick Why: This is not a new idea out there by any stretch, but Hamhuis is a solid veteran for their cup run, we get value back in return with picks while taking on a bad contract. The hope would be to trade Laich at the next deadline. By taking him we also get the third round pick. To Florida: Alex Burrows To Vancouver: 2nd round pick Why: Florida adds a veteran with playoff experience to their roster in exchange for a pick. Canucks unload Burrows contract with Laich coming in. To Minnesota: Radim Vrbata To Vancouver: 2nd round pick
  10. I think Howard could very well be moved, but for Miller doesn't make sense as they'll want to dump the contract without taking another large goalie salary. Calgary makes the most sense in my mind as they have prospects and badly need a goalie. Howard to Calgary for Wideman or Russell (depending if they purely want a cap dump for a UFA, or if they want the vet defenseman in Wideman for next year) Maybe Howard for Hudler and Russell makes the most sense as it gives Detroit two good players for the rest of the year (including a former Wing) and then all the cap space after the season. Calgary gets a starting goalie in return.
  11. That all makes sense from the Canucks perspective, however it's through the lens of the Panthers and Caps GM's perspectives that I think this deal falls through. I'm all for trading Edler for Gudbranson if we can make it happen, I just don't see Tallon doing that. It's like asking us to part with Horvat or Virtanen, we would want an exceptional return to even bother considering it.
  12. First off, excellent post ForsbergTheGreat. Well thought out, well reasoned, well written. With that said, I would be willing to do both the Washington and Florida deals however I'm not sure either the Caps or Preds would trade their top prospect without getting blown away by a deal. Gudbransson isn't too much worse than Edler right now, and he's in the core age bracket with guys like Huberdeau, Barkov, Ekblad. I just don't see Tallon parting with him. As for Bowey, I think it's possible, however with Hamhuis being injured and a UFA, his value must be a lot lower than a couple years ago. I honestly think the conditional pick would need to be a first rounder if they don't get past round 2. Since we are rebuilding, there is little to no chance Yandle would sign here. Might as well stay with/go to a contender. Maybe Lucic wants to come home, but I doubt it for a rebuild. Also, LA gave up a first rounder and Martin Jones for him so I doubt they easily let him walk away. I'd be more than happy if Benning pulls this off. I just don't think any of it would quite be good enough to happen.
  13. I know there is a very small likelihood of the Sedins being traded. However, if there is one team who I see the Sedins potentially waiving there NTC to go to, and a team that really makes sense to trade for the Sedins, it's Detroit. There team is built around 33-35 year olds, including Swedes like Zetterberg and Franzen. If Detroit is going to make a push during the last couple years of Zetterberg/Datsyuk/Kronwall then the Sedins have the same window and are the perfect fit. With that said, I really don't think they'll part with Larkin, even for the Sedins. Cap space is the real trouble, which is why they give the starter role fully to Mrazek and make a Howard trade with Anaheim. To Detroit: Fredrik Anderson, Cam Fowler To Anaheim: Jimmy Howard To Vancouver: Anthony Mantha, Cam Fowler, Franzen (needed for cap reasons), 1st round pick To Detroit: Sedins (retain 30% of salary) If the Canucks are going to rebuild, it only makes sense to get value from the Sedins. Detroit is probably the most likely place they would want to go to IMO. In return we get a top prospect, a young puck moving defenseman, a servicable veteran signed for a couple more years and a top pick (likely 18-30).
  14. It's definitely worth asking COlumbus about the value. I'm sure every GM has. With the current play of Johansen, I think they'd be happy to get a guy like Edler for him, maybe with a prospect added in, but I don't think it necessarily needs to be McCann or Horvat quality. Maybe Shinkaruk. The problem is that leaves our D really weak. Edler, Sutter and McCann for Johansen and Murray? I know this will never happen, especially cause they won't waive their NTC's, but would you do a trade of the Sedins for Johansen and Murray?
  15. Good thread, many good points. I agree with some that it's too early for this trade. Both because we don't know where the Canucks will be around the deadline, as well as that we can likely get a higher price at the deadline. With that said, I also agree with the OP that this season is the time to sell Hamhuis before his value starts dropping more. Getting a young defenseman would be a huge piece of our future. Someone mentioned Columbus, and I think there is almost no chance of this working, but I would absolutely love to see us put a great package together for Ryan Murray starting with Hamhuis