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  1. Agreed! I get the approach of continuing to rebuild slowly, but at some point you have to go for it. Maybe it's too early for the Canucks, but I think adding two top guys would be a huge boost
  2. Realisically Benning will likely try to stay the course, at least an extra year. But this is a proposal where the Canucks try to turn the corner now. It's definitely contingent on convincing the two top UFA's (Karlsson and Panarin) on this plan that is built around competing for the cup during Petterson's two remaining rookie contract years, with a couple key trade additions as well. These contracts aren't the amounts I would want to pay, but likely the cost that it would take to actually sign them. SIGNINGS Sign Karlsson - 7 years @ 12 million (hopefully less but likely that much to make it happen in Vancouver). Sign Panarin - 7 years @ 8 million Re-sign Edler - 3 years @ 5 million per year Re-sign Boeser - 8 years @ 6.5 million per year Re-sign Hutton and/or Tryamkin Bring up Hughes That would leave us with this roster before any trades. Panarin - Petterson - Boeser Leivo/Goldobin - Horvat - Virtanen Roussel - Sutter/Gaudette - Eriksson Leivo/Goldobin - Beagle - Granlund LTIR: Baertschi Not in that lineup: Spooner, Pearson (likely buried in minors for cap purposes) Edler - Karlsson Hughes - Tanev Hutton/Tryamkin - Stecher Biega Markstrom Demko Overall I would assess this team has having a very good top line. The main weakness is the second line wingers as Goldobin/Leivo/Virtanen could all play there but none are top players. We have a good third and fourth line with veterans and defensive minded players. Adding Karlsson makes that top defensive pairing elite, even with an aging Edler. The second defense lineup really depends on Hughes development and Tanev's health but could be good. Quite a good third pairing, who could move up to the second pairing if needed depending on Hughes play, and Tanev's health. The main need via trade is to upgrade our second line wingers. Trade ideas: Trade #1 Pearson (cap dump), Virtanen, 2019 second round pick, 2020 fourth round pick to the New York Rangers for Chris Kreider - Try to extend him for around $5 mil per year (maybe try to include Pearson in the package going back for cap purposes). Reasoning: New York is in a rebuild so they add two picks as well as a young winger in return for Kreider. For the Canucks, Kreider has 47 points in 63 games this year with 26 goals and +7 on a bad team. He's a really good scoring winger who's defensively responsible with a lot of size at 6'3. He's only 27 years old. He's exactly the guy we should be trading for. It may cost more than Virtanen, 2nd, 4th for him. But this was my attempt. He has one year left on his deal so we try to re-sign him. Trade #2 Ryan Spooner (cap dump), Goldobin, 2020 first round pick (conditional on games played. Second round pick if under 50 games in 2019-2020 season, 3rd round pick if under 30 games in 2019-2020 season) for Corey Perry (50% salary retained) Reasoning: Anaheim is near the bottom of the standings, and have a couple albatross contracts for aging veterans on their books. It's time for them to rebuild but with Perry's injury this year, it may be hard to find a taker. With this deal, the Ducks get a young player in Goldobin, a potentially top draft pick depending on Perry's play, and $4 million in savings in the second year as Spooner's contract ends after one year, but Perry's after two years. It's not a huge haul but he is a hard contract to deal, and if he plays well, they will end up with a top draft pick. For the Canucks they add a hard nose captain material veteran to mentor the young guys, play hard, and contribute goals on our second line. He's only signed for two more years so his contract ends when Petterson needs a new contract, which works perfectly. If he is injured a lot, Leivo plays on the second line. In this scenario the Canucks are all-in for trying to win the cup in the next couple years. Trade #3 Sutter for a second round pick (third if needed) to a contending team in the East. Reasoning: cap space Final roster: Panarin 8 - Petterson 2.85 (with bonuses) - Boeser 6.5 Kreider 4.625 - Horvat 5.5 - Perry 4.3125 Roussel 3 - Gaudette 1.5 - Eriksson 6 Leivo 1.5 - Beagle 3 - Granlund 1.5 LTIR: Baertschi Buried in minors: Schaller Edler 5 - Karlsson 12 Hughes 2 (with bonuses) - Tanev 4.5 Hutton/Tryamkin 3 - Stecher 2.325 Biega .825 Markstrom 3.67 Demko .925 NHL projected 2019-2020 salary cap: $83 million Total cap hit: $82.5 It's fairly tight against the cap even though we are under it. If needed, we package picks with Eriksson to get rid of his contract, even if we retain salary. I'd prefer to keep him on our third line if we can make it work financially. The other option is to not keep Hutton and sign a cheaper third pairing defenseman. Thoughts?
  3. #1 Priority - Karlsson As many have said, the Canucks are best to take a real shot at Karlsson with a big offer. It would likely be in the $11 mil range long-term. But it's worth it for a truly elite talent. In this case we'd likely have to trade Eriksson (with picks added) to create space. Or a combo of trading Spooner and Pearson. Or all three. With that said, the likelihood is still very low, as he's probably more inclined to take that money from a team like San Jose who is in their prime, than the Canucks who are still a couple years away. He is worth the price. True #1 elite d-men are so hard to come by. He could be a cornerstone of a cup winning team. #2 Priority - Do NOT sign mid-level free agents. We can't risk anther Eriksson situation. The $5-7 million dollar guys are always risky. Sometimes they pan out, but there are too many examples of guys like Lucic just hampering an upcoming team for years with long term big money contracts. Unless Benning sees a guy with the character and tenacity to truly help us be a cup winner and grind through the playoffs, I wouldn't sign the mid-range. Avoid the Ferland, Skinner, Gardiner, Eberle, Myers, etc guys. Only consider if a player comes undervalued (rare in a UFA situation but maybe a guy like Nyquist or Zuccarelo could be had on a more reasonable deal, but still unlikely). I'd even stay away from Duchene or Panarin in the $7-8 million dollar range, as I see them as very talented but not true franchise altering, Stanley Cup winning foundations for a team. Overall, go for Karlsson, even though it's unlikely he will sign here. Then stay away from all other major or mid-level free agents this off-season. The only way I'd consider one of these guys is if they came as a package with Karlsson, because he wanted us to compete now. For example Panarin and Karlsson both wanting the Canucks to enter win-now mode, and to get them both we trade away the contracts of Eriksson, Pearson, Spooner, Sutter, Baertschi to create cap room (even if it costs us picks to do so). Priority #3 - Stay The Course It's not sexy but if we don't sign Karlsson (likely the case), I think we should and likely will just stay the course. Re-sign Edler for 2-3 years at around $5 mil. Try to re-sign Tryamkin. Hopefully we can draft Bowen Byram, but that depends what pick we have, and where he falls. Bring up Hughes, mentored by Edler and Tanev. Give guys like Pearson, Spooner, Goldobin, Leivo, Baertschi etc another shot to prove themselves while using up another year in some of their expensive contracts. Further develop guys like Juolevi, Gaudette and Demko. Next trade deadline consider trading Sutter, Tanev, Baertschi for assets. Next off-season again target a truly elite player to add to our young core, and then start turning the corner to try to take that next step towards being a cup contender.