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  1. (Proposal) Canucks-Stars

    I'd also take the second rounder for Spezza, but I really think we'd be one of those 10 teams. To accept a trade here, with a hope of being traded again mid season to a contender is a lot of movement and a lot of variables. I think he'd be better to try to get traded directly to a contender and have Dallas keep 50%. Or similar to the Brassard trade, include a third team for cap purposes. I'd be happy if the Canucks are that third team, I just don't see Spezza wanting to come here, nor do I see Dallas wanting to give up much to dump him. Maybe he's interested in being a mentor and getting more playing time, but I'm not sure. If Dallas offers us a second and Spezza (or ideally Honka and Spezza), I'd gladly take it.
  2. (Proposal) Canucks-Stars

    Spezza has a NTC and won't waive it to come here. I also think Dallas wouldn't part with any real good asset just to save one year of his contract. If he had 3-4 years, then definitely, but why trade a good asset just to save cap space for one year, especially when Lehtonens salary is already opening up? I could see them giving up a second rounder at most, if Spezza is willing to waive his NTC
  3. Van - Ott (proposal/discussion)

    Agreed. No chance does a team like Ottawa give up an unprotected first rounder to lose Gaborik's contract. If it was Seabrook's contract, I could definitely see Chicago offering that (if Seabrook would waive his NMC). The value given for Gaborik's contract here is fair, especially with Gagner going the other way. Looking at it again, it looks like Gaborik has 10.875 million left in real dollars on his deal (over three years), and Gagner has 6.7 million left in real dollars (over two years). So essentially Vancouver is paying Hutton and $4 million for a second round pick. A bit pricey for a second round pick unless Gaborik has quite productive years.
  4. It would be very risky for New Jersey to trade Schneider without getting a starting goalie in return. Kinkaid has been fine this year, but he's not an elite goalie and never will be. Schneider had a bad year, for sure, but his ceiling is far higher than Kinkaid's. It's a different situation that Washington, where Grubauer is likely ready to be a true #1 goalie to take over for Holtby. Personally I think New Jersey would be better off trying to get Schneider back on track next year.
  5. Van - Ott (proposal/discussion)

    Interesting. I'll ignore Harpur and the 6th, as they are both small parts. So Gagner, Hutton for Gaborik and a 2nd is an interesting. Ottawa is rebuilding, and this would further enrage the fanbase to lose an asset in order to save money during a rebuild. However I could totally see Melnyk doing this. For the Canucks, it makes sense IMO. We lose Gagner's contract, we gain a good future asset, and gain a veteran sniper similar who we'd hope would essentially play like Vanek did this year. Hutton isn't a big loss as he's projecting to be a bottom pairing guy at best. The Sens save money, hope to put Gagner in a place to succeed and get a young depth defenseman. I like it.
  6. (Proposal) WSH - NYI

    Yeah I agree this is a good fit for both teams
  7. Duchene is definitely talented, the question I wonder is whether he makes a team better. He had issues with Colorado management for years. Finally got traded, and the trajectory of the two teams involved is shocking. Colorado, who had a historically bad last place finish last year ends up going on a tear. Ottawa, who made the finals last year and were a middling team this year tank right to the bottom of the league. I know that can't be all his fault, no player has that much impact. But he seems to lose everywhere he goes. And -20 when he puts up 42 points in 44 games for Ottawa is shocking that he can be that negative while getting that many points.
  8. Oops, I forgot to put Burakovsky in the original section, just in the rest. For Burrows, he's clearly another playoff veteran experienced winger who could provide valuable depth for the Capitals in the final year of his contract, taking Burakovsky's spot on the roster. For the Sens, they get rid of the contract they were trying to trade before the deadline.
  9. To Washington: Erik Karlsson, Craig Anderson To New York Islanders: Braden Holtby To Ottawa: 2018 New York Islanders 1st round pick (#8 overall), Kieffer Bellows, Madison Bowey, Burakovsky, Brooks Orpik (cap dump, likely flip for a pick in upcoming season), Greiss (cap dump) Capitals: Holtby, Bowey, Orpik, Burakovsky for Karlsson, Anderson (Cap Out: 15.5M, Cap In: 13.2M) Senators: Karlsson, Anderson, Burrows for #8 overall pick, Bellows, Bowey, Burakovsky, Orpik, Greiss (Cap Out: 13.2M , Cap In: 12.7M) Islanders: Bellows, #8 overall, Greiss pick for Holtby (Cap Out: 3.33, Cap In: 6.1M) Reasoning for Washington: Alex Ovechkin is 32, and the Caps really need to take a shot at the cup in the next couple years. Karlsson is arguably the top defenseman in the game, and immediately helps make them favourites for next year. Plus the Capitals save over $2 million in cap space to put towards keeping Carlsson which would make a truly elite defensive corps for Washington. In goal, Holtby struggled this year but is still only 28. With Grubauer ready to step in to the starting role, and a Stanley Cup playoff proven veteran netminder to pair with him, the Caps can afford to lose Holtby, and may even be better off for it, especially with the cap space saved. Losing Orpik's final year of salary is a benefit. Losing Bowey and Burakovsky hurts, but neither looks to be elite, and can be sacrificed to gain a talent like Karlsson. Reasoning for Ottawa: The Senators likely cannot get top value on a one year rental of Karlsson in a regular two-team trade because no team will sacrifice all their prospects for a potential one year rental. In this three team deal, the Sens pick up two good young players from Washington, as well as a top prospect and top draft pick from the Islanders. The #8 overall pick is the top asset gained back, and would definitely convince Ottawa to say yes. Bellows also looks like a top young power forward prospect. Bowey and Burakovsky are NHL ready young players who both may not be elite but both are likely to be really solid top 6 forward and top 4 d-men for a long time. The Sens get top value for Karlsson before he leaves next off-season. They can also likely flip Orpik for a draft pick this season. Reasoning for New York: The Islanders clearly need to make a major move (or two) to convince Tavares to stay. Clearly goaltending is a very weak point for the Islanders, and although Holtby struggled this year, he's only 28 years old, and in previous seasons was one of the best goalies in the whole league. The Islanders make a statement with this trade, going after an elite goalie with lots of years left. In the process, they also lose the bad contract of Greiss. Giving up the #8 pick and Bellows hurts a lot, especially if Tavares leaves, but they have the #12 overall pick as well, and solve their major need. I know it's not a Canucks proposal, but what are your thoughts?
  10. VAN - Wash (Proposal/Discussion)

    I like this deal. It all depends how they view Orpik. If he's a dump for them, then this makes sense to lose his salary, replace him with Tanev, and swap out some young players. However Orpik did play 19:28 per game this year in 79 games, so I don't think they would necessarily see the upgrade in Tanev as greater than the downgrade of Burakovsky for Goldobin and Bowey for Pouliot. They wouldn't give up on Holtby, especially not for Markstrom. He had a down year, but he's only 28 and previous seasons one of the best goalies in the league. That would be robbery on our part.
  11. The Sedins have been a truly elite and class act joy to watch for the past two decades. They deserve far more credit than they received, and a 2011 Stanley Cup, but I'm thankful for their work. Leaving a year too early in my mind, as 50 points is very respectable (although -20 not so much). Without them, we fully shift to the next generation. Edler and Tanev are the last remnants of the previous core. Now it is time to look to the future. To rebuild well, a franchise needs to create a winning culture even while ironically not always winning. Key veterans are very important to teach the young guys the ropes. While Tanev is our most valuable veteran asset, I think we hold onto him as a guy in his prime to mentor the young guys on defense. Sutter fills the same role up front, as a hard working two way player who isn't old, but has experience. I think we make sure we have a couple other veterans (see shocking trade proposal below), but then bring up the young guys. I think Evander Kane will re-sign in San Jose, and I don't realistically think we have much of a shot at Carlson, Tavares or any other big time player. Probably not even Neal unless we offered $1 million more than a competitive team. Unless Kane decides he wants to come back to Vancouver, we likely are only signing filler FA's, not core guys. FLASHBACK TRADE I think the Canucks should make a very strange trade. They should re-acquire Roberto Luongo for several reasons. First, he is a fan favourite during a time when Canucks fans don't have a lot to cheer about. Second, he is still a good goalie (.926 SV % this year) although often injured. Third, he would be a good mentor for Demko and they could split the games about 50/50 or thereabouts. Fourth, it allows us to trade Markstrom for other assets. Fifth, we have more control over convincing him to play longer so we don't get the penalty for his contract. Sixth, his cap hit is $4.5 million but actual salary is quite a bit less and as we rebuild we have cap space but could save some money. Trade Anders Nilsson and a 4th round pick to Florida for Roberto Luongo (Florida gets rid of his cap hit for future years, get a servicable backup for Reimer on a one year deal, save money next year, and add a pick). ELDER & GOLDOBIN TO WASHINGTON Alex Edler (50% retained), Nikolaj Goldobin to Washington for Madison Bowey, 2018 2nd round pick (of Florida Panthers) Why: Carlson is going to get a big extension if he stays, so adding Edler, a top 4 playoff experienced defenseman at only $2.5 is a great addition, without breaking the bank. If Carlson leaves, this deal is even better as they'll be weak defensively. Goldobin would be put in a position to potentially shine, on a very talented offensive team. The Canucks get a young right hand shot defenseman who is NHL ready but hasn't really gotten his shot, as well as a second round pick. YOUNG PLAYER SWAP WITH DUCKS Jake Virtanen, 2018 2nd round pick (of Florida Panthers) for Jacob Larsson, 2018 4th round pick Why: Anaheim is stocked with defenseman, so there is no real room for Larsson to move onto the roster. Virtanen is a young hard nosed power forward similar to a poor mans Corry Perry who they'd aim to train under Perry, Kesler and Getzlaf for the next wave of players. For the Canucks, they get Jacob Larsson, a young very solid two way left shot defenseman. Larsson definitely has more value than Virtanen right now so we give a pretty sizable draft pick upgrade in this deal too. HELPING ISLANDERS GOALTENDER ISSUES IN A TRADE Trade Jacob Markstrom, 2018 2nd round pick for Kieffer Bellows and Devon Toews Why: The Islanders get their starting goaltender, who is also a player right around the same age as the core of Tavares (if he re-signs), Bailey, Lee, Leddy, Eberle. With Halaks contract expiring, they have a spot for him on the roster, plus they have two firsts and two seconds already this year. The Canucks won't receive the #12 or #8 overall pick from the Islanders for Markstrom and have to add value to this deal to make it happen, but we get a former first round pick and high touted power forward left winger in return. Draft a defenseman (likely in the 4-6th overall range). I think Petterson, Demko, and Gaudette make the team. Bellows maybe makes the team. Juolevi, our 2018 1st rounder and Dahlen do not. Petterson - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi/Bellows - Gaudette - Gagner Granlund - Sutter - Eriksson Leipsic - Gaunce - Archibald Minors: Motte, Boucher Larsson - Tanev Stecher - Bowey MDZ - Gudbransson Pouliot, Hutton come on for injuries or if MDZ or Tanev get traded or if Larsson or Bowey don't make the team. Luongo (60% of games) Demko (40% of games)
  12. [Proposal] VAN-CHI; VAN-EDM

    If the term left was 3 years, I'd completely agree with you. But having that much dead cap space for 6 years is devastating to the rebuild. We will never be able to compete for the cup when our young guys are starting to get extensions and we have $5million+ in dead cap space. We can easily handle it now, but if we end up having to give away a guy like Petterson because we can't afford him in 4 years due to Seabrook, this will be one of the biggest mistakes in Canucks history.
  13. [Proposal] VAN-CHI; VAN-EDM

    Seabrook is THE #1 WORST contract in the NHL right now. Six years left at 6.875 million! We want to be a few years into being competitive by the time that deal ends, so there is no chance I'd take that. Not even for a top ten pick. Chicago would in a heartbeat. They still have Toews and Kane relatively in their prime. Crawford is around the same age. Seabrook is taking up so much cap space, and realistically closer to a 5-6 dman now rather than top 4. If his term left was 2-3 years, I'd be all four bringing him in as a mentor defensively while gaining an asset, but with six years to go, this contract will singlehandedly keep Chicago from being a competitive team.
  14. Proposal - Summer moves.

    Too risky to trade for OEL with one year left on his contract. Obviously he's a great player but we aren't interested in a rental, and that's a lot of future assets if OEL doesn't re-sign. I'm fine with the Hutton, Baertschi for Domi deal, simply because Domi has more upside. If we are trading Tanev, I think we need some top young player(s) to make it worth it. A late first rounder and a decent prospect has too much bust potential. I say this because any rebuilding team needs some core players in their prime to mentor the young guys, make the team semi-competitive, and set the tone. Tanev is our best option on D. We should trade Edler and keep Tanev unless we end up getting a top prospect an a pick. For Liljegren +1st I'd seriously consider it. For McDermott, probably not.
  15. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    I think most responses have been so carried away with who Lucic is, that they've entirely missed the value of this proposal. The Canucks won't seriously be competing for a cup in the next 2, or likely 3, years. We can afford to waste our cap space on Lucic for those years. By that time, his NMC is gone, and we can likely trade his remaining couple years to a bottom dweller, offering a draft pick far lower than #7 overall for someone to take him. In return, we get a potential top piece in our rebuild. On top of that, we get rid of a current bad contract in Gagner. If that #7 pick turns out to be an elite player for our future, this trade will definitely be worth it. Petterson was #5 overall last year. Would I take another player of his caliber in exchange for taking Lucic? YES. Even if we have to trade our first rounder in three years (hopefully in the 20's overall at that point) to get rid of him, it will be worth it as a #7 overall pick is a huge piece of a rebuild. This trade doesn't mean Lucic has to be amazing for us. He can play on our fourth line for all I care. This trade would mean getting a top piece as a part of a rebuild, and then ditch him in a few years when we need the cap space. With all that said, I'd make Edmonton retain at least a portion of his contract before accepting the deal (1-2 million per year).