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  1. Proposal - Summer moves.

    Too risky to trade for OEL with one year left on his contract. Obviously he's a great player but we aren't interested in a rental, and that's a lot of future assets if OEL doesn't re-sign. I'm fine with the Hutton, Baertschi for Domi deal, simply because Domi has more upside. If we are trading Tanev, I think we need some top young player(s) to make it worth it. A late first rounder and a decent prospect has too much bust potential. I say this because any rebuilding team needs some core players in their prime to mentor the young guys, make the team semi-competitive, and set the tone. Tanev is our best option on D. We should trade Edler and keep Tanev unless we end up getting a top prospect an a pick. For Liljegren +1st I'd seriously consider it. For McDermott, probably not.
  2. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    I think most responses have been so carried away with who Lucic is, that they've entirely missed the value of this proposal. The Canucks won't seriously be competing for a cup in the next 2, or likely 3, years. We can afford to waste our cap space on Lucic for those years. By that time, his NMC is gone, and we can likely trade his remaining couple years to a bottom dweller, offering a draft pick far lower than #7 overall for someone to take him. In return, we get a potential top piece in our rebuild. On top of that, we get rid of a current bad contract in Gagner. If that #7 pick turns out to be an elite player for our future, this trade will definitely be worth it. Petterson was #5 overall last year. Would I take another player of his caliber in exchange for taking Lucic? YES. Even if we have to trade our first rounder in three years (hopefully in the 20's overall at that point) to get rid of him, it will be worth it as a #7 overall pick is a huge piece of a rebuild. This trade doesn't mean Lucic has to be amazing for us. He can play on our fourth line for all I care. This trade would mean getting a top piece as a part of a rebuild, and then ditch him in a few years when we need the cap space. With all that said, I'd make Edmonton retain at least a portion of his contract before accepting the deal (1-2 million per year).
  3. Proposal- Oilers - Sens

    It's just so risky for Edmonton to trade for Karlsson since he may leave in a year. If you give up Draisaitl or a package of Nuge/Pulj/1st or any other package, it is essentially for a rental unless you can convince him to re-sign as part of the trade (made after July 1 when they can negotiate). Without re-signing, no chance Edmonton risks this. If I were Edmonton, I'd be extremely interested in Karlsson, but I'd wait until free agency, offer him the big contract and if he signed it, then trade other players like Draisaitl and Nuge for cap space. That way you'd get Karlsson without losing those assets, then trade the big ticket guys for other cheaper pieces (like the Montreal trade that Nuxfanabroad suggested)
  4. Draft Poser-Proposals(Discussion)

    @Nuxfanabroad great original post! I think your values are very fair, which makes these hypothetical situations really interesting! This is exactly what these boards should be about. I can definitely see the rationale for both ideas. In proposal 1, we aren't necessarily drafting a truly elite player at 7th overall, so if we can get a good young player on a good contract, like Gallagher, plus three shots at prospects, it's probably worth it. Clearly it comes down to how we rate guys like Boqvist who we'd be targeting there. Since the top 6 seem to have a bit of a drop off to #7 overall, I personally WOULD do this trade. Gallagher is a great addition both for now and the future. Him plus three prospects is worth it. Even a top ten pick has potential to bust, and this deal gives us a much greater chance at success. In proposal 2, it's giving up a generational talent in Dahlin for a former #1 overall pick (and maybe potential generational talent) in Ekblad. After a bad last season, it's buying a bit low. Plus a first round pick, plus losing L.E's contract. It's very tempting, but I personally still WOULD NOT accept it. I'm right on the edge. If the package was Ekblad plus another one of their top young players, I would accept. But 18th overall and losing Ericsson isn't enough for me to pull the trigger. Plus, as mentioned already, the optics of trading Dahlin would guarantee the fanbase flipping out and getting Benning fired.
  5. Trading Loui Eriksson (Proposals)

    Right now the Canucks should be looking to add bad cap hit players in return for assets, not give assets to trade one away. Eriksson is a decent player, although overpaid. We'd be best to keep him for a couple years and if we need the cap space when we start to compete, then look to buy him out or trade him (or get Seattle to take him) when there is only a year or two left on his deal.
  6. (Proposal) Canucks and Hurricanes

    In a heartbeat I'd do this. They may not even accept it if we include Juolevi
  7. [Proposals] A very busy trade deadline

    Fair enough if you really like Jake. This trade is for someone the same age, also big, and a defensemen. It's not trading him for a veteran, it's trading him for a very similar age/size defender.
  8. I'll admit, this post is very ambitious with massive changes to the roster. Overall, the Canucks are rebuilding, and you can call me Sam Hinkie if you want, but the way to truly rebuild to to get a lot of assets. I think the Canucks should sell quite strongly this deadline, free up some space for young players like Gaudette to get a shot, and then sign some players in the off-season. I propose a massive change. Maybe it's better to have some continuity but I think if we just fully went for it, we would be way farther ahead in our rebuild. DALLAS - NEW JERSEY - VANCOUVER (I posted this idea a couple months back, but still really like it) To Dallas: Alex Edler, Thomas Vanek, Brandon Sutter, Anders Nilsson, New Jersey 2018 2nd round pick To Vancouver: Julius Honka, Jason Robertson, Dallas 2018 first round pick, Kari Lehtonen, Ryan Clowe To New Jersey: Jason Spezza Why for Dallas: (Dal Cap: 13.875M in, 14.6 out) This trade helps Dallas in a few areas of need, while also getting rid of their worst two contracts. These changes can really help push them up into the top team level they're hoping for, especially after signing all those free agents in the offseason. They dump the albatross of Spezza's contract of 7.5 million for this year and next year which provides a lot of flexibility especially since they are only playing him 13 minutes a night. Plus they stop paying top dollar for a backup goalie and put that cap hit to better use. Plus they free up a bit more cap space for this year too if they want to make another deal. With the additions, Dallas is far better all around their lineup. Edler is the key piece of the deal here, really giving them a lot more strength defensively and rounding out their defense.. Vanek gives them another good scorer, which would really help on their second line and power play. Sutter replaces Spezza in the lineup with a good defensive center that is good on faceoffs. Nilsson replaces Lehtonen as the backup goalie. Plus they get a pick to help replace the one they traded. However to gain all this they do lose three key future pieces in Honka, Robertson and a first round pick. Why for Vancouver: (Van Cap: 7.1 in [plus Clowe's payments on remaining 4.85 million contract] 13.875 out) Rather than trading away the pieces in Vancouver for a bunch of picks to different teams, the Canucks package four together to get higher end prospects. In return the Canucks get Julius Honka, a potential future top pairing right hand defenseman to hopefully one day pair with Juolevi as our top guys. We get Jason Robertson, a recent 2nd round pick 6'2 left winger who has 40 points in 24 games in the OHL. Plus we get Dallas' first round pick, which will likely be in the 20-25 range. That's two first round picks and a second round pick, far better than we could do auctioning these guys off one by one. With this deal we take on two bad contracts, but both are expiring after this year. We pay Clowe even though he can't play and we have Lehtonen backup the rest of the year. However the other benefit is that we free up a lot of space in free agency this off-season with Edler, Sutter and Nilsson off the books. Why for New Jersey: (NJ Cap: 7.5M in, Clowe's 4.85 LTIR payments gone out. They have lots of cap space so this trade can work even with the fact that Clowe doesn't count as a cap hit) Overall: Clowe's payments (over a million left even though he's not playing) and a 2nd round pick for Jason Spezza For New Jersey, this trade is very low risk, except for the risk of taking on Spezza's contract next year. They only give up a third round pick, a UFA 3rd pairing d-man while dumping a player on long term injury reserve who they still owe a million dollars to, and in return they get a veteran player who adds key flexibility and skill to their roster. Spezza can play center or wing, he has playoff experience, he is a great faceoff man. He effectively replaces Henrique in the lineup after the Anaheim trade. He's on the downside of his career but adds needed elements to their roster on a few levels with very little assets being traded away. They have the cap space and this trade uses that to their advantage to get an asset without giving up much. Spezza may not accept a trade to the rebuilding Canucks but he might to go to a playoff team like New Jersey, especially since he'll likely get more playing time and be on a higher line. TORONTO & VANCOUVER This proposal is not original at all, I know, but I'll still put it. Seems the consensus is that if we trade Tanev it will be to Tampa for 1st + Foote or to Toronto for 1st+Liljegren. I'd be happy with either, but since Tampa is in the Karlsson sweepstakes, I'll choose Toronto. To Toronto: Chris Tanev, 2019 4th round pick To Vancouver: Timothy Liljegren and 2018 first round pick Why for Vancouver: I really like Tanev, and think he'd be a great anchor for teaching the young kids coming up. However this is also likely the max trade value he'd ever have, and in return the Canucks get two core pieces in the rebuild. Tough pill to swallow, but Liljegren is hopefully our top pairing RHD of the future, and 1st round pick is a huge asset. Why for Toronto: Tanev is only 27, he's signed on to a really affordable contract, and he brings a lot of stability defensively. At some point the Leafs decide it's time to truly start their push, and Liljegren is a few years away from being a top player. He is also from Toronto and would be likely to re-sign after his contract runs up. ARIZONA & VANCOUVER This proposal is also not original, but one of the best I've seen on these boards and I'd like to see Benning try to make it happen. To Arizona: Ben Hutton, Nikolay Goldobin, 2018 5th round pick To Vancouver: Max Domi Why for Arizona: The Coyotes seem to be done with Domi, similar to how they were with Duclair. In return for him, they get a young winger about to enter into the NHL full time with scoring potential. They get a young RH shot D-man, and a mid/late round pick for him. Why for Vancouver: The Canucks love reclamation projects and Domi is a high potential one. We'd happily give him more ice time and maybe even see if he gels with Horvat and Boeser on the top line. Neither Goldobin or Hutton are potential elite players, and with Honka coming in from my other proposal, Huttons spot on the right side is already gone. ANAHEIM & VANCOUVER To Anaheim: Sven Baertschi, Derrick Pouliot To Vancouver: Jacob Larsson Why for Anaheim: Anaheim gets Baertschi as a good skilled winger to add to their team, who is on a cheap contract this year and a pending RFA after the season. They also get Pouliot as another young defenseman who can fill in for the injured Bieksa and be playoff depth for them, who is also on a contract easy to manage. While the Ducks won't like trading Larsson (2015 first round pick), they are already loaded with young defensemen. I could definitely see them re-signing both guys. Pouliot is the type of defenseman that fits in their system, would be an inexpensive third pair guy after Bieksa and Beauchemin leave in the off-season. Why for Vancouver: The Canucks get a good young defenseman in Larsson. He's their 2015 late first round pick and has been developing well. It's possible that they won't trade him, but worth the Canucks making a move for him. We might need to add a draft pick, depending on the value placed on Larsson. But he's a top young defensive prospect (#11 here: https://thehockeywriters.com/who-is-the-nhls-top-defence-prospect/) PHILADELPHIA & VANCOUVER To Philadelphia: Jake Virtanen To Vancouver: Travis Sanheim Why for Vancouver: Both these players were drafted the same year, and about 10 picks apart. Neither have been able to fully crack their lineup. This deal is a forward for defenseman swap, because the Canucks can use more young defenseman and Virtanen is a hard nosed winger which is right up Philly's alley. The Canucks hope to get Sanheim right before he steps into the NHL, since he's stuck behind the good young d-men in Philly. Why for Philly: Sanheim doesn't really have a place on their roster so they trade him for an equal value big bodied young winger. Best case scenario is that Virtanen forms chemistry with Nolan Patrick and fits in for a long time. Even without that, it's a fair deal, and they take an area of depth and swap for an area of need. EDMONTON & VANCOUVER This deal is contingent on Sekera waiving his NTC, which he may be talked into with more playing time. To Edmonton: Alex Biega To Vancouver: Andrej Sekera, 2018 Edmonton 2nd, 3rd round picks Why for Edmonton: They made a bad mistake in signing Sekera to a 4 year deal at 5.5 million. He's playing on their third pair at 15 minutes per night. This is purely a cap dump, if they can convince him to waive his NTC, and it costs them a couple good picks to do it, but not their first rounder. It's a way of Edmonton moving past a mistake and using that cap space better this offseason (John Carlson?) Why for Vancouver: With this deal the Canucks add two good draft picks to the arsenal plus they buy very low on Sekera, hoping he can regain his form that earned him the big contract. If he can return to form, then this deal becomes a steal for the Canucks. If he doesn't then the Canucks take his bad contract for a couple picks. By the time the Canucks are competing in a few years, this deal will be expired or with one year left that the Canucks can deal away. Plus, with my trade suggestions, Sekera fills a big need defensively short term. OVERALL Canucks trade Tanev, Edler, Sutter, Nilsson, Vanek, Hutton, Goldobin, Baertschi, Pouliot, Virtanen 2018 5th round pick, 2019 4th round pick Canucks receive Domi, Liljegren, Honka, Larsson, Sanheim, Robertson, Sekera, Lehtonen, 2018 Dallas first round pick, 2018 Toronto first round pick, (and Clowe's salary for remainder of year) This team is clearly tanking this season (especially defensively), but unfortunately that's what is best for the future. Domi - Horvat - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Erikson Granlund - Gaudette (from NCAA) - Gagner Archibald - Dowd - Gaunce Sekera - Gudbranson Del Zotto - Stecher Sanheim - Honka Markstrom Lehtonen Plus added prospects Larsson, Liljegren, Robertson, two 2018 first round picks, a second round pick, a third round pick. I'd then package all three of our first round picks to try to get Dahlin #1 overall. See if they take it. I know the amount of ideas is overwhelming. But with each trade, do you think the value is fair? If Benning did this, would you like it?
  9. Ottawa/Vancouver/Tampa (proposal)

    It seems like everyone on these boards are making TB-OTT-VAN trade proposals...all of whom are disregarding the fact that there is no chance Callahan waives his NTC to go from a cup contender to a rebuild. Zero percent chance. Plus, I understand Karlsson is one of the elite players in the league, but I don't think TB would be willing to part with that much. It's a HUGE package.
  10. [Proposal] Canucks-Wild

    I know we dump Gagner's contract in this deal but we take on the Wild's two worst contracts, plus give up Baertschi and only get a third rounder? No thanks. I'd trade Gagner for Ennis since Ennis has a higher cap hit but one less year and is toiling on their fourth line.
  11. Proposal (TB/Ott/Van)

    Ryan and Callahan won't waive their NTC's for that trade. Also Logan Brown is a big part of the Sens rebuild, I don't think they'd part with him even to lose Ryan's contract
  12. Van-Tampa-Ottawa (proposal)

    I wouldn't take Ryan's contract alone for a first round pick. It has 4 more seasons after this at $7.25 million cap hit while being paid $7.5 million in real money. I don't even know if I'd trade Ericsson for Ryan and a first. The contract is that bad! But it's a moot point as neither player would waive their NTC to come here during a rebuild.
  13. Player Packaging (proposals)

    Makes sense! In a rebuild, if we can get assets for players that aren't a part of the long-term plan then we should do it. Packaging players for even better picks would be great if possible. Personally I don't think Hutton is worth a 2nd or Gagner a 3rd (unless we retain salary), but overall your proposal's are along the lines of what Benning should do. Then it also opens up space for young guys like Gaudette down the stretch, as well as potential spaces for free agents in the offseason.

    If his contract was two years shorter, then I'd be all over this (assuming he didn't have a NTC). Getting a top pick for a bad contract is exactly what the Canucks should be looking at. However in 3-4 years is when we're going to need to take that next step, and cap space will be super valuable. We'll already have to get rid of Eriksson somehow at that point, and Lucic as well would be too difficult. Probably better to stand pat
  15. Interesting question. Obviously whoever wins #1 won't trade it...but for the sake of discussion I think we are talking about a top ten pick this year, an elite prospect/player and a right to swap picks another year. Like if Arizona doesn't win the lottery. Maybe they trade their pick (#2 or #3?), Ekman-Larsson and a right to swap 1st's next year? Huge price but maybe a possibility