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  1. Typed 'cory', meant to type Cody.
  2. There is also something to be said, development-wise, for being around the big team. So much can be learned from the other guys, as well as the level of commitment required to step up. Psychologically, it can be a barrier being sent down to the AHL, even if it is a promotion of sorts. A player can fall into a rut, thinking this is where I'll be unless something spectacular happens in my process (usually gradual--Grabner, e.g.).
  3. Some players right out of junior can make the jump. Duchene comes to mind. Sure, they make some mistakes, but so what? Leave them out there to develop. Look at Tavares, Stamkos, Evander Kane. It will be interesting to see if Hodgson has matured mentally and prepared himself over the summer to give it his all. Apart from the injuries he's had, if he's healthy, I see him as a definite possibility. But he's got to play like he wants it. From what I've seen, he's been a bit starry-eyed. Schroeder is someone who I think will mature very fast. He's got a great attitude and confidence. He may have the edge over Cory inside his head.