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  1. It's true though!! Well maybe not tonight. But its happened a bunch.
  2. He'll lose his shutout in the final minute. In fact, I'd love to figure out how many times that happened to him.. honestly over his time here, had to be at least 10.
  3. You're an idiot. Do you realize that Pittsburgh also has 2 first line centers? And were horrible for stretch before this? Detroit is in the exact same boat except worse (age wise). We've made the playoffs for the last 5 years and haven't had a chance to draft low(Except Horvat via trade). Look at the Blackhawks. THEY WERE HORRIBLE. They had trouble filling seats. Now look at them? Low picks in a row and BAM, two cups. That's why Edmonton is mind boggling. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  4. "Kevin still hasn't moved" -Shorthouse on Bieksa in the box. Hahahahaha
  5. Checkmate. Great point.
  6. picture was better without the eyes

  7. johnson is yearning

  8. you're so funny man
  9. And that's why you're an idiot. You have no part in how this team does. You're just a grain of salt spewing BS.
  10. who's us?
  11. You are oblivious to the reference... Bieksa was good tonight. a few messups but still solid.