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  1. Who has the better offensive skills between Boeser & Virtanen ? Everyone keeps raving about Boeser being our next top 6 fwd prospects but I am want to know which one of the two will be the better player .
  2. Anyone catch that gaff by some commentator on cbc after the women's 4x200 swimming relay? He was talking about how the 14 year old Chinese swimmer "dropped the ball, too excited, went out like a stink, dives like a pig, thanks for that, no they weren't, what goes there" The Elliott Friedman comes on and says "when we come back that conversation will air on cbc" That was pretty bad...
  3. Knowing our luck I won't be surprised if JB & co are forced to forfit a pick.
  4. Looking back now I am happy with picking Olli Juolevi, I wish him all the best and hope to see him as our future top pairing dman. I just hope we don't rush him through and let him develop into the player we expect him to be.
  5. I will say it was emotional see Jost and his family when he was called up at 10 bu Colorado. Will be interesting to see if Jost and Boser play on the same line and how they gel. But it will burn seeing if they rip it up as Jost is Colorado's prospect.
  6. Oh well I am so sorry to have hurt your feelings. I didn't know it was against board rules. to post anything that "reeks of passive negativity".
  7. Please tell me where in my post I listed flaws regarding anyone we picked? What I said is that I was upset we didn't add any picks, mainly from the trade deadline.
  8. I agree, it just keeps burning as to how (in the position we were in with the assets we had) we couldn't add some more picks for this draft at the trade deadline. Not sure what next season holds for us but if we are in a similar situation at next years deadline I will know not to hold my breath.
  9. BUFFALO, N.Y. — Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin isn’t ready to forgive the Canucks just yet. And the way he sounds, it may not happen any time soon. After Friday’s first round of the National Hockey League entry draft, Bergevin was still visibly agitated with Vancouver GM Jim Benning, who said Thursday he had called Montreal about a potential trade for defenceman PK Subban. “I was not happy and I’m still not happy about that,” Bergevin said. “The league is looking into it.” Bergevin, in fact, filed a complaint with the league after Benning’s appearance on TSN 104o AM, during which he was asked about Subban and said: “I think there’s lots of teams who have reached out to him (Bergevin) to find out what it would take to complete a deal of that magnitude. We are one of the teams who have talked to him. “But we haven’t gone down the path to make believe that’d be something that’s real or not. It’s a high price.” The NHL spoke with Benning on Friday about his Subban comments and those he made about Steven Stamkos. In the same radio hit, Benning admitted he planned to call Stamko’s agent when teams, aside from Tampa, can engage in contract talks. It’s a period that began Saturday. After his discussion with the NHL, Benning refused to talk about other teams’ players and anything to do with free agency. The league told him they’d take a few days to make a decision but many are expecting Benning and the Canucks will be fined. “He crossed the line,” Bergevin said. “I don’t know where the line was crossed but he definitely crossed the line. It can’t happen.” Generally, it’s against NHL rules to even suggest interest in another team’s players while they are under contract. The Toronto Maple Leafs were fined after Ron Wilson, who was their head coach at the time, said in a radio interview the Leafs would be interested in the Sedin twins a month before they were to become free agents in 2009. Then, it was the Canucks who filed a complaint. The Leafs were fined $25,000 for those comments.
  10. I am satisfied with this pick. Olli Juolevi was probably one of the best if not the best defense men available in this draft. With Columbus snatching PLD I guess it made sense to get Juolevi. A great dman should play big dividends. I just hope they don't rush him in, let him develop properly.
  11. Dubois seems to be built like a tank!
  12. I hope he is our reconciliation price if PLD is not available. But I have a feeling JB and Co are not high on him.
  13. Sportsnet now is not the old Don Taylor days Sportsnet. Back then it was not as biased, now its just horrible. Its painful watching all this Leafs crap. I can't wait for the day Mathews asks for a trade out of Toronto!
  14. i cant wait for the day mathews asks for a trade outta toronto!
  15. he looks like he is in his late 50s!