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  1. Why can't they switch back to the block lettering font for the numbers & names and get rid of the stupid agency font?? I agree 100% get rid of the "Vancouver" from the front, never liked it as it always looked out of place.
  2. Any news on what the cause of the fire was? It was horrific site seeing the entire 24 story building engulfed in flames.
  3. The BC Liberals are not a true liberal party as they are centre-right with Conservative ideology. Funny how they still keep "liberal" in the name.
  4. One of Moore's finest 007 kills.
  5. My undisputed all time favourite James Bond. Grew up watching his films, Octopussy being my all time favourite. This is a sad day but he lived a long fulfilling life. The memories will never be forgotten. Thanks for everything Sir Roger Moore, may you rest in peace.
  6. Its a good idea I agree but what happens if Greens start getting donations from corporations or unions? How long will it take before Greens cave in to this like pretty much every other party has? Will money speak to them?
  7. Would she attempt to do the same thing if the guy was walking a 150lb rottweiler?
  8. These are my second favourite jerseys the skate being number 1. if they could go back to using block lettering fonts for the numbers etc and fix the colouring on the current jersey it would be a vast improvement. The original orca jerseys looked way more intimidating than are current ones. Tried now for a decade to getting used to their blue green but never fully grew on me. Add the horrible cheap agency font on top of that and it's one of the most passive looking jerseys in the league.
  9. as the mastercard memorial cup starts on May 19, which of the top prospects here will be taking part in it? is anyone within our reach in particular we should be keeping an eye on in the tournament?
  10. With the way the monuments were regularly getting vandalized its probably a good idea to remove them. Keeping these monuments up doesn't really do any good. It would be similar to European countries keeping monuments from Nazi's up after WW2. Historical sites or structures would be different (ie Auschwitz, Dachau, etc).
  11. I guess this is probably a false equivalency but another group is going around destroying historic monuments in another part of the world.
  12. If they learned their lesson from Jack Campbell I highly doubt they will draft another goalie so high again.
  13. Not sure if this was already posted but this shows some ignorance on the BC Liberals attack ad:
  14. He is a con man doing what con men do best.
  15. yeah its funny how the bc liberal party is "Centre-right" vs an actual liberal party should be at least "Centre to Centre-left". they should get rid of the "liberals" wording from their party all together.