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  1. [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

    The Ducks are one of the top teams in the league, and they're looking like it right now.
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    All Terrans are OP!
  3. If Canucks prospects were World Cup teams

    Cody Hodgson: France or Italy. Expected to be brilliant, but unable to make it to the next stage.
  4. How Passionate are Canucks Fans?

    BBC just reported that 40% of Canucks fans aren't getting any sex right now anyway.
  5. The Official Transit Thread

    I just moved to London (UK) - their transit system is brilliant. I think it's much harder to keep things efficent when the rail system is completely above ground. All i know is that you never have to wait more than 3 minutes for the next train here, and when they get "delayed", it means they'll take 2-3 extra minutes