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  1. Canucks look alikes

  2. Canucks look alikes

    I don't see it. But theres' more than a bit of Hillary Clinton in him
  3. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Pictures Thread - 09/10

    Hedman looks horribly like Pronger in that picture.
  4. Hey from a fellow Brit. I moved to Vancouver 2 years ago and am now a bigger hockey nut than anyone I know!

  5. Waiting for Reality to Hit - JUN.21.08

    Hey Cody, congratulations on becoming a Canuck. Your drafting has made a lot of people around here very happy indeed - I've never before seen the opinions on our message board in such agreement about a player joining our team! Have a great summer and we all look forward to seeing you at Prospects Camp (and hopefully the main Training Camp).
  6. happy b-day!!

  7. Dealing the Cards - FEB.13.08

    Hey Kes, Mckayla like an alternative spelling of Michaela? That's an interesting one but it kind of reminds me of South Park! Looks like you both like the "la" syllable in a name, but as you said, when you see her the name will probably come to you instinctively. Hope you have a kick-arse game tomorrow, no Valentine gifts for the Minny boys please!