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  1. The Virtanen pick is considered worse because at the time of the pick everyone thought the Canucks picked him way to high. Canucks went off the board to select him that high. The Scouting Dept, Canucks Army and most of the fan base was pushing for Ehlers and Nylander at the draft and the Canucks went against the grain and most scouts were shocked that Canucks picked Virtanen that high. Scouts weren't as shocked at the Yakupov, Strome.....etc picks.
  2. Nope. I didn't like him when he was a Canuck. Everyone in the league hated the Canucks when he was here. Diving, whining, arrogance, and Kesler was at the centre of it. He killed the Canucks brand and its taken a while to get it back. I guess everyone has forgotten about all his personal off-ice bs as well like treating teammates like garbage, sleeping with teammates wives, etc etc. He was a good player but hate everything he represents. Very poor character, which is why he never wore a letter. I was very happy when he left and will never cheer for him.
  3. Meh, I'd rather see some of the Canucks young players get a chance.
  4. Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sbisa Larsen Tryamkin Pedan Biega is going to the minors. Likely won't be claimed so will be good for call up. Pedan would get claimed.
  5. The Canucks aren't going to rebuild. Some fans need to get over it. Aquilini's won't allow it. Management wants one more shot with the Sedin's. Benning would probably love full authority to do a complete rebuild but that isn't the mandate. So get over it, stop bitching and whining, and support the team. I have been very impressed with the assets Benning has accumulated in such a short time. How many good players did Gillis add in his entire tenure. Most of them were there before he arrived.
  6. Have you ever been to Toronto or Detroit? As far as city and lifestyle they aren't even close to Vancouver. Who knows what Stamkos wants? Maybe he wants to start a family and set up shop in a beautiful city. a lot of Canadian NHL players come to BC in the offseason.
  7. Don't have to be fast when they have the puck the entire time in the offensive zone. Sedin's and Lucic would dominate puck possession. I am ecstatic that Benning is building a team that won't be pushed around. The Canucks have been pushed around for over a decade. The Canucks play in the Western Conference, home of the big boys.
  8. Because Messier came to Vancouver with a primadona attitude like he was royalty and played like garbage. He tore the entire team apart, forcing Bure and Linden out. Messier and Keenan were responsible for some of the darkest Canucks days. He had zero integrity and character when he was in Vancouver. Yes he was great for NYR and Edmonton, but he had a terrible attitude in Vancouver. Which he probably learned a lot from. Here's a good summary for you: This is what Gino had to say about Messier: “Messier was brought here to help lead us and put us over the top as a team and everybody was on board waiting to go along with him… But right from the start it was clear he wanted to have all the power and wanted his own people around him.” “He didn’t break a sweat for the first 10 games and just waited for Tom Renney and Pat Quinn to get fired. He talks to ownership all the time and he’s responsible for Keenan being here and he’s part of most of the trades. He sits in for four hours with management every time there’s a trade. He (Messier) just wants to destroy everything so he gets the power. Everyone is brought in to play for Mark.” Maybe you're the one who doesn't remember. There's no bandwagoning hate here. As a Canucks fans, he was horrible for this organization. The only good thing about Messier when he was here was that he was so bad we got a top pick to get the Sedin's.
  9. I disagree and so does Florida's writer: From the Panthers writer; This season, Gudbranson appeared to truly turn the corner, but he has never been liked, or perhaps understood, by the advanced statistics community. Simply put, his point totals are not worth discussing, and his possession numbers have always been negative. But to those watching for the little things this season, some points did become readily apparent. Gudbranson only started 41% of his shifts in the offensive zone, and averaged 20 minutes of ice time per game. He dished out 150 hits and 73 blocked shots this season, and was only able to get off 73 shots. By contrast, Ekblad took 182 shots while averaging 21 minutes in ice time per night, but with a 55% offensive zone start rate. Its hard to put up possession numbers when every time you move a puck up in transition to offense you are swapped out. It was rare to see Gudbranson in the offensive zone. Instead, it was always him duking it out with the opponents top line and once transition began, he changed for a more offensive D-man. But the trust was there. Gallant paired Gudbranson and Campbell roughly midway through last season, and Campbell flourished with the rough defender as a partner. They covered each other's weaknesses well. In this year's playoffs, Erik led all Panthers D-men in time on ice, at almost 27 minutes per night, and he started 71% of his shifts in the D-zone. By midway through the 1st round series, Gudbranson and Kulikov were the go-to D-pair for crucial moments against the Islanders. Gudbranson's style suits the West a lot better than the East as well.
  10. I'd love a Lucic signing. Perfect linemate for the Sedin's. He sets up shop in front of the net and is impossible to move. He hits and punches like a freight train, he creates a lot of loose pucks with his physicality. It would be nice for once to see the Sedin's not get pushed around. Lucic would have killed Marchand if he was on the ice. Big deal if he's had some immature moments, none of his teammates have ever complained. He's a big boy with a lot emotion an testosterone, $&!#s gonna happen.
  11. Skinner had 31 goals in the NHL as an 18 year old. Shinkaruk and Skinner have nothing in common. Horrible comment.
  12. Benning has been great. His drafting has been unreal, something Canucks have never been good at. He's taken a couple flyers on some youngs kids in their early 20's but you can't fault him for trying. Other teams aren't going to give up their superstars for nothing, gotta try for projects. The Kesler and Hamhuis trade were not his fault. Between management and NTC's, Benning didn't have a chance. Hopefully Canucks fans aren't dumb enough to chase him out of town. The Sedin's were drafted in 1999, and in those 16 draft since the Sedin's picks, the Canucks have been one of the worst drafting teams. If Gillis or Nonis were any good the Canucks could still be competing. Benning was given the job with the cupboards bare and the mandate to rebuild on the fly. Time to appreciate and not hate.
  13. How dare you compliment Benning, trolls get him!!
  14. Or the owners interfered and left Benning with no options: Vancouver fans are brutal. Let's throw the GM under the bus when his hand were tied. Vrbata suck, he gave Benning 8 teams, not all contenders, nobody wanted him, what do you want from Benning? Hamhuis could only go to Dallas and the owner interfered, once again not Benning's fault. There was no offer of Dano and a 1st for Hamhuis, and Chicago had no cap so get over it. The league worst fan base proves it again. The most alarming problem is Aquilini's meddling again. Point the blame where it belongs loser fans.
  15. Who's to say there was a good offer? Easy to point fingers without knowing the facts. If it was garbage offer I'm glad Benning didn't cave. What does that also say to future trades if Benning is willing to take garbage?