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  1. Fine, Calgary is a lot nice than Vancouver. You win. What a goof you are. You just like arguing for the sake of it. I'm not going to engage with you again, trolls like yourself feed off it.
  2. Whiny? I'm wrong, Vancouver isn't nicer than Calgary?? Answer the question dip $&!#, you ever lived in Calgary?
  3. You ever live in Calgary? Or are you just arguing for the sake of it? I lived in both cities and have simply said I think Vancouver is way nicer. Not sure why you're having troubles comprehending that. Do you just like arguing for the sake of it? Had to throw out the mom's basement insult because you're acting like a child. What a troll.
  4. Your insults are so clever; dingleberry, hooked on phonics.... time to get out of your moms basement kid and see the world. What a troll. Do me a favour, don't respond or read my comments, you're a waste of my time.
  5. Yes every city has their issues, Vancouver has a lot of them. IMO from having lived in both cities, Vancouver is far nicer but I'm sure there are those like Blunt who prefer Calgary.
  6. What are you even talking about... Time to smoke another blunt, Blunt
  7. Haha just looking for the excuses. Im not arguing with you anymore, if you think Calgary is better you can beat your own head against the wall. It's obvious to everyone in the world and I just don't care enough to argue with you, I don't live in Vancouver now, but I have lived in both cities.
  8. Look behind you, or in front. There's an ocean to play in or mountains to hike. I can post for you a bunch of different ratings and reasons but feel free to google yourself, there's a lot.
  9. good trade by Calgary. Lack still has some potential. Low risk .
  10. Yup. I've lived there too. Very blah. Not an attractive city at all. Sure Banff is not too far away but we aren't talking about Banff, we are talking about Calgary. Vancouver is constantly rated as one of the best cities in the world, scenery, active lifestyle, there's no argument. I don't even live in Vancouver, no need to defend it, just obvious.
  11. Yeah love the Ocean, mountain and abundance of lakes in Calgary. Wait....... Ive lived there too, it's a dump. Never ever see wild animals there; birds, dear, whatever, it's very blah.
  12. Hahaha +1 Canucks fan base is rediculous.
  13. +1 Erik Karlsson went 15th, Cody Hodgson went 10th, sure glad Gillis didn't go off the board with that pick. Everything is always Benning's fault. Let the hatred go trolls and supports the team. So many idiots in this fan base.
  14. Trades aren't as easy as some fans like to make them out to be. If they were that easy, more would happen. Fans get all pissed off because Benning isn't making a trade but if he doesn't get full value or more on a trade the same fans $&!# all over him. Frustrating fan base.
  15. So if the value isn't there just give him away for nothing for the sake of making a trade. Caman... I like Tanev, if Benning can't get a haul for him I want him to stay with the Canucks and help the young kids.