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  1. [Trade] Phil Kessel to Penguins

    Good thing tsn had 4 articles all in a row announcing the trade as I missed the first 3.
  2. OMG Heat Wave?

    we are at 37 over the weekend. It was nice to lay in the pool and drink beer all day.
  3. enjoying another day in my future home... Brisbane

  4. The Official Transit Thread

    easily solved. A bus driver has to be at a stop at a certain time. If he is early to one, then he waits there until the departure time. That is the way they do it here in Berlin and it works fine. I could use public transit here but choose not to. You can get anywhere in Berlin using public transit. Just brilliant.
  5. happy birthday!! :P

  6. happy b-day!! again :P

  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag.