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  1. I love all the lego games.... But wasnt a fan of Lego Cities.
  2. Forgot to do the 3 year anniversary. StreetPass Tags: 1,789 ( +929 ) Plaza Population: 890 ( + 515 ) Steps Taken 4,216,083 ( +1,087,438 ) Had a good year 3
  3. #BellLetsTalk

    1. debluvscanucks


      already am :) Great cause.

  4. Zelda one didn't drop to that. I pre ordered it and got it on release day, so I was checking to make sure it didn't drop to that on black friday.
  5. I bought the Zelda 3dsxl as well. It'll be sad to say goodbye to the one I bought on launch day, but I am sure it'll find a good home.
  6. 1:30 am, Tuesday morning. Just got home from Grey Cup. What a blast. If you've never been to Grey Cup festivities I strongly recommend going here in Vancouver next season. Don't have to go to the game, just check out the parties the teams put on. This was my 6th Grey Cup and my tickets for number 7 are already paid for. On a side note, Shea Emry was on my flight home, so talked to him for a while in the waiting area.
  7. Seems as though races don't give nearly as much XP or cash as they used to
  8. Whats your crew ? I need to do some leveling/money earning missions.
  9. Perfect thanks Wanted to make sure before I spent money on garages and cars.
  10. Question about garages/cars... I still have my own personal vehicle from day one. If I were to buy a super car online, would I have them both as my personal vehicle and they end up in my garage ? Can you only have one personal vehicle ? Just wondering what the purpose of a 10 car garage is. If I'm just going to lose a car after I destroy it, I don't feel there's a point in storing a bunch to chose from.
  11. Ok thanks, didn't see that message. And the way people talk online with their garage filled with 10 super cars I thought maybe it had been. Then again, they probably exploited a glitch or play wayyyyy too much.
  12. Has the $250k/$500k been credited to accounts already ? I never got it despite playing online from day 1.
  13. I think I was in a team death match with someone with an aim bot. Either that or he was really really good. 3 on 3, first to 30. I think he had 27 kills and his teammates had 1 and 2 each. My team had something like 9 total.
  14. Maybe they have different WR for bikes and cars ?
  15. I don't understand why people hack. "Look at me !!!!! I downloaded a file off the internetz and now i can be awesomez !!! no need to play the game the way it was inteded to be played !!!!1!!1!"