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  1. I'd honestly be super disappointed if we lost Demko, even with markstrom finally becoming the goalie everyone knew he'd be.
  2. I can't imagine him dropping that low. He had some pretty good production for a player used in a defensive role... What's his skating like?
  3. Parayko is good but definitely not on that level...
  4. He couldn't replace him. Parayko is good but not quite at his level. Big physical defenseman also have a much shorter shelf life.
  5. This will be an interesting draft, not much opportunity for late risers, scouting staff gotta work with what's gone on this season until this point.
  6. Any update on OJ, he's been missing lots of time again.
  7. I can't imagine him falling that low. He's dynamic, I honestly think he will be a game changer.
  8. He's been in and out alot in the past month...
  9. Hes still very young, lots of raw talent. A risky pick but he's already putting it together and his production is starting to sky rocket. Great signs.
  10. You get more than just a bottom pair depth dman with Greene, dudes a leader and great teammate. GMs value good locker room guys alot more than we think. Big reason Beagle got all the money.