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  1. I wouldn't be upset if it were Edler but I can see it being Horvat.
  2. I love rampant speculation, way better than that regular speculation crap.
  3. It's actually a sad day for me haha, always loved baertschi's game. Hoping he gets through waivers so that we have a solid call up for our inivitable wave of injuries. Lol
  4. Gaudette needs a rest man, he killed it to get on the roster. Give him a rest.
  5. So having him get a concussion on another team or in the minors is better?
  6. He's very likely going to get claimed, he is a top 6 when healthy.
  7. Honestly not much to see here. Linesmen was a dummy and so was he.
  8. Victoria, Westshore to be exact.
  9. I wouldn't rule out the potential of DiPietro going to the coast.
  10. That's the worst lineup iv ever seen lol. If gadj is in our top 6 in the future, and palmu on the roster...we will be a lottery team no doubt.
  11. Florida is a tough team to crack, I can see a team with subpar depth giving him a chance.
  12. This is how you build dynasties, team friendly deals are key in long term success. Boston being a prime example. Jim is doing great work, don't over pay build the right environment around the right personalities.
  13. Should relocate the main team to Utica. Reward those Utica fans you know.
  14. Well... 82 game seasons arent too far away for him... I agree bouncing around adds alot more to the work load and would be exhausting but I'd rather that than him just getting 1min games all year lol