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  1. Lol dude is just sick. Relax.
  2. I dunno, pims doesn't = toughness necessarily. I get your point but pointing out pims isn't the way to get it accross.
  3. How bout that Kole Lind kid though
  4. Agreed, I like his game but contract spots is limited too. Hopefully we can sort it out.
  5. I totally agree, but I'm not sure he will make that jump this coming year. Im excited to see him soon. I like Lockwood's game alot, but contract spots is a thing too. Hopefully we can sort something out!
  6. You think utunen is coming over next season? I don't know about that tbh... Also not quite guaranteed that Lockwood gets a contract. We shall see.
  7. I feel like having demko long term gives us a better chance. Wouldn't wanna see markstrom go but we have been so patient with Demko, he's our number 1 of the future.
  8. Same haha, i definitely haven't been as engaged even though it's such a great draft class but still following closely.
  9. Honestly yes. If we can get a first then that changes but that's tough
  10. I totally get your point but at the end of the day I'd rather keep his experience, leadership, even with the injury risk for a playoff run (get the young guys some experience of what it's gonna be like) then move him for what he would he would fetch on the market. Sutter is in the same boat, I'd rather just keep him regardless of his injury history. I'm sure this is the same issue JB is having. Id love to see tan man back even tbh.
  11. I think for Backes it makes a bit more sense considering his brain will turn to mashed potatoes if he takes another blow to the head. Go easy on the guy.
  12. Ya tanev has had alot of injuries but I'd only be worried if they were different kids of injuries. I'd rather keep him for a playoff run and try to resign. It's not much of a gamble. We know he will put his body on the line every game, something we need desperately.
  13. He's always kind of just done his own this. Seems like he just wasn't feeling it, which is fair.