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  1. They need to give him top 6 in the ahl. He needs ice time. Great player
  2. Juolevi won't be in the NHL most likely, probably start in the ahl
  3. To the people overvaluing Virt, please stop. His trade value is pretty low right now, we need to be patient and hopefully he can at least produce at the ahl level soon to up his value. Not worth moving him atm.
  4. Well Montreal I think would be a front runner but we would have to take on a crap contract. It's hard to say, I'd imagine Montreal would try to make a big push, nyr is another team that I think is gonna really go for it as well.
  5. Noo lol Juolevi is not gonna be moved.
  6. There are some teams that have better assets that they can move. Avs would get a better return moving them alone.
  7. I'm not interested in moving Gudbranson.... For the type of player he needs more time, he's 25.... He got rushed into the league. We need a D like him, Stetcher, Juolevi, Tanev, Hutton and Edler don't provide what guddy, Sbisa and Tryamkin can. Having that balance and depth will be nice once everyone develops. On top of that we have assets that we can move do to the amount of capable D that we have.
  8. I hope you are exaggerating lol
  9. Retaining salary won't be hard given our roster.
  10. Of course not, is hard to trade anyone. But its definitely worth looking into if they are interested in it
  11. Ya I agree to moving some players at the deadline, we aren't a contender. We are a middle of the pack team. Move the Sedins to a stronger contender. When we were 3rd last it wasn't looking good, and for good reason lol
  12. Keep in mind he is in his first year in NA. That's a huge adjustment and the way he has handled it is amazing, slow start but he's comfortable now.
  13. This is how cdc works. When we win people praise the team and shame the tankers and its the opposite when we're losing. Can we just accept that we are a fringe team.
  14. Good game.