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  1. Least of our apparently innocent passerby may have fallen prey to the Mandela Effect.. but might also be simultaneously suffering through childhood trauma(Dysfunc clan); PTSD & subsequent opiate medication/addiction; marijuana inhalation; a philandering gf; a domineering, *$$whole boss.. all exacerbated & amplified by the Dunning-Kruger Effect. His stocks plummeted, business deteriorated, dog/car died & house flooded. He's finally read Orwell, & is beginning to see the MSM is kinda' funny sometimes... Then he notices you're wearing the cap of the team he detests, & he doesn't like the smirk on yer mug. Dangerous just walkin down the street nowadays.
  2. [Signing] Canucks/Comets sign Ivan Kulbakov

    Nickname: Kublai Khan(Ghengis' grandkid)? We could start some snazzy Mongolian war-chants!
  3. What is the value of Buying bad Cap (discussion)

    It's a good question Jan, as Q alluded, there are more variables at play, affecting return. To me it's about targeting the Right team, for the right reasons. I've often voted for Ottawa, for example. Ryan's too much $/term..what about Gaborik? - They have a cash-crunch, & Cheap owner who wants to dump heavy anchors. So I answer your question, with a question. Say we take this onerous contract, & send them 3 back(same money; eg Hutton, Pouliot & Granlund) - In that event, what amount of prospects/picks would we feel entitled to gain(added to Gaborik)? - They add 3 skaters to beef up their roster, dumping a fragile, overpaid bum. Helps them hit the cap floor, spending efficiently. - Their 1st/3rd are squandered, but I bet they'll get lots more picks/youth if they ever deal EK ...Suffer through 2 yrs of Gaborik, & buy out his last yr(if necc)..I bet the guy's always on LTIR anyways. We HAVE extra bodies, right now. Instead of keeping meh types who have to clear waivers, why not ADD youth that can play AHL/NHL on ELC's? When Gabs get hurt, you've more youth to call up/fill in the roster.
  4. What is the value of Buying bad Cap (discussion)

    Bodies get buried in unimportant, insignificant locales. League may's well be run by DePalma or Scorcese.
  5. [Signing] Canucks/Comets sign Ivan Kulbakov

    May seem trivial..but sources tell me Putin, Trump insisted upon it, to move the world forward...
  6. Like the winds on shifting sand dunes, these are the trades of our lives...
  7. I see the Jets prob wanting to move the Little & Perrault contracts. Too much young talent, means a fat, swelled head for a lil' tight cap!
  8. Let's HELP the 'Ning-Dynasty!


    Granny & MDZ(50%..3 mill AAV!) cheap


    JT Miller & that Cuckoo guy

    (6 millAAV!)

  9. How injuries are affecting management decisions

    We don't need Jane Goodall to interpret the wisdom, eh?..
  10. How injuries are affecting management decisions

    ^Should find the missing link to all this...
  11. How DARE Jim Balsillie once try to buy these Dawgs, to move to a place that knows the shape of a biscuit! How Dare HE!!!!
  12. Seems it always key US markets that get to bury bodies in the desert dunes..Ariz hierarchy seem like Goodfellas, them guyz...
  13. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    Feminists, & SJW's! Mgtows Has-beens Wannabes zombie-partners Robots coming... Wonder if it's becoming the haystack needle? Been away a long time, but it appears western society becomes increasingly fragmented. It sure ain't 16th C Verona!
  14. You starts in Cloverdale!!!