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  1. Perhaps 'dis Orient-play is disorienting?!
  2. Where the Hell is Lafleur, ferGawdsakes?!
  3. Agreed Jimmy..been ranting this for a bit myself. We Earned that #2 right the hard way!
  4. Bahh..would like to see the kids play tomorrow morn, but headin' to Kyoto with the Missus. You guys/gals best cheer them on to a repeat performance.
  5. Is salary(AAV) factored in? It's kinda complicated, considering there's a cap ceiling. I'd say a player's performance relative to their salary is a most important aspect.
  6. Who knows what the price will wind up as? Sounds like Sakic is dreaming big. & you're likely right Apollo..maybe I'll retire this armchair GM-gig :^) delight of the masses, no doubt ! Have become tired of this perimeter, Euro, turn the other cheek nonsense. Like speed, attitude & skill. How them kids played yesterday was beautiful. We haven't seen much of that style for quite some time. I think we can build that type of team, but I've got a lot more faith in the future(starting 1~2 yrs out) than the present. Just trying to be honest about it.
  7. IF I were Jimbo for a day... - Prob waive Bouch, Vanek - Arch(sign the guy) & MacEwan recalled at times, to inject attitude when necc - OJ to Sami in Finland(patience..he'll be a good one) ****TRADE***: Hutton, Baer, Gran, (would even consider a 2nd R..2019?) to Avs for Duchene of our fwds, these 2 have value, but their ceiling is likely good, not amazing. - Treat twins as leaders, but ask them to play separate lines, & make clear this is likely the last yr. - Ensure at least 1 fwd is quick enough to get back(every line) On D, make nastiness a priority. Fine if we lose plenty this season..but don't takeShyte from opponents. Especially in your own zone. Duchene - Bo - Eriksson Rodin/Virtanen - Henrik - Boeser Daniel - Sutter - Gagner/Burmistrov 4th line: Dorsett, Megna/Gaunce, Burm/waiver claim?(make sure some speed) - claim a fwd that gets waived somewhere. Big body that can skate(Cramarossa-type). Since we finished 29th, almost get first dibs. Edler - Stecher Pedan - Tanev Del Zotto - Gudbranson McEneny/Wiercioch - Biega Try to carry 8 D. Give Biega/Pedan the odd game as a 4th liner, to keep intensity & troops fresh.
  8. Oh boy..the D's another can o' worms..we either sink or swim by committee, or this baby's gonna pancake like the WTC!
  9. Yeah..was gonna mention the new reffing too..thanks HK. It's possible we'll have 20,000,000 of cap(Loui & twins) playing at 6 mill (AAV/all 3 players combined) performance. It's the sentimental lipstick on our porker-arse, & there's no getting around it. As for LE..we took the plunge, so I hope the fanbase will quit b*tching about him. Live & learn. 1 or 2 slowpokes is okay, if we surround them with youthful-exuberance(need some cagey leadership)...
  10. I'm really curious if Green will be bold enough to put the twins on seperate lines? Late in shifts when they cough up the biscuit, they just can't get back quickly enough. It's not an indictment, just an observation of what time does to legs. This seems to be such a big deal to many..are they holding on to the past? Don't know?
  11. If Vanek doesn't look engaged..waive goodbye. Boucher also seems likely. Baer - Bo - Eriksson Virt - Henrik - Boeser Daniel - Sutter - Gagner/Granny? Split up the twins!
  12. It's a speed-game now.. Vanek, Eriksson, Gagner, Daniel, Henrik & Boucher. I think even Baer & Granlund aren't so fleet, are they? Drop Boeser in with too many turtles, & he won't get that shot off(he'd be keyed on) nearly enough. Are we going to test Einstein's insanity-theory all year? Howz'bout spreading out the faster skaters? Or..just post a roster of turtles, & ask Green to do one yr of General Rommel in the f***in desert(tank commander-extraordinaire) ?
  13. It's extreme RDF..& somewhat agree with the sentiment. But then if injuries strike & it starts goin off the rails, some of these kids could fall pretty low. The vets are our final yr of tank-guarantee, is how it might play out.