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  1. Tanev's aces, but heard he's a smoker?!
  2. Missed this tilt. Any of our guys have a poor showing? Everyone get thru in 1 piece?
  3. Probably! But I run distance(long triathlons..all that nonsense), so that's the part I wouldn't think twice about. Remember eating TONNES of scallops at the mess hall. Finally got wknd-leave(mouth always had me up shyte-creek), would take the ferry 'cross the Bay of Fundy. Had so many relatives in Saint John, NB. All 3 decades after your gig.
  4. Well then I stand corrected! :^) Hope yer buds get no reasons to cheer this yr, mind you...
  5. Ohhh Pluck the Ducks! Fair-weather fanbase, for frivolous, flightless-fowl.
  6. DON'T call me SillyPants! :^(
  7. Indeed PB..we're all just fools & jesters in this grand play. Waiting to pounce upon those who take themselves too seriously. GL with Mildred :^)
  8. I tried that parallel universe, SJ, & I just couldn't run with those types. May have been relatives of that bloke you drank with(a generation on, I guess). Played hockey & brawled with them. Also did my boot camp in Cornwallis,(dead of winter, nasty cold!) NS(my parents were Maritimers). In truth, did 3 yrs of the army-gig, but was dealing with depression(back when you didn't discuss 'such matters'). Had to head in the other direction..180 degrees, if possible. Was a square peg in a round hole..but I'll admit to missing those days, in some ways :^)
  9. No, but instead of stocking the cellar, drink it today. Y'might even get amorous with the ample lass who steps on the grapes. Live 4 2day.
  10. Back in the 80's I worked with Gerard Gallant's cousin, & heard many a crazy tale. (PEI, Cape Breton legends)These blokes aren't the type to chat things out(counting to 10, etc...) Another 5 yrs & this kind is likely extinct.
  11. Supply & demand is usually the justification for anything that provides a rush. Sports, entertainment, sex..excess consumption with a smile. Such demands go exponential..desire, wealth-status, & envy have almost no ceiling. We've mostly grown up with the backdrop(& learned memories/narratives) of the 20th C. A pretty damned prosperous & hedonistic century, comparatively speaking. Diminishing returns(low hanging fruit picked)..7.5 billion people looking for more, ensures scarcity, & drives up price. Plummeting economies & devastated environment will become 'tanking-stock' on a parallel-downslope. For about a century of great pleasure, bills are coming due. These aforementioned vices & borderline-obsessions, that provide a pleasure-rush, will be the last to go. So I've seen your point for a long time, OP(since the early 90's, myself); but you'll be hearing the same tired counters, until the advocates are forced to fight amongst themselves over dwindling supply. Demand will ONLY get wise(agreement/acknowledgement) when supply is unobtainable.
  12. Their counter-muscle is likely Engelland(pretty tough customer), although these lineups don't appear too nasty. Perhaps a tame affair, assessing youth.
  13. Agreed, but throw Larsen in the mix..maybe him & Biega fight for a spot?
  14. Honey Badger?
  15. ^Sorry, meant to add to the above..with this apparent transition throughout the league towards more affordable youth, I'm pretty impressed with how Benning/Linden have us positioned. Maybe it's their additional emphasis upon character, that's paying off? It appears so many of our young guys are pushing each other, thus the bar(to make the top club) is going higher. Perhaps it was our mgt team's experience as players themselves, but they seem to have things lined up nicely.