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  1. Increasingly skeptical they can get this all rolling. If it were sincere, they'd ideally isolate teams(small Cdn towns perhaps?) for camps covering most of July. Do they dream of the financial gain, yet hope to bypass financial-pain($ costs of cautionary-planning/logistics)? About 27 yrs back, a different virus afflicted the(mostly) Canadian NHL landscape. Call it the Bettman-influenza, which rendered these markets lame, ineffective & unappealing..especially for overpaid stars, desiring strong teams, low taxes & relative-anonymity. ********************************************************* Seems no small irony that compassion, dedication & understanding from these heavily exploited(3 decades worth!), smaller Cdn markets, could very well be the proverbial golden goose that the NHL Hindquarters(HQ!) scheisters, will likely turn to, being in their hour of need. Can remember the first time I'd heard of them getting GB from the NBA. Said right then it would be a disaster. Big $$$ & US economic clout/financial-bullying has completely shredded what was once a somewhat honest league. This whole fiasco feels like some form of belated, inevitable karma.
  2. Had them 7th in Conf, finishing with 97 pts. Then facing Flamers in 1st round. If Jacob didn't get banged up, would say this was a near bullseye.
  3. Apologies to Sinead O'Connor, but we do indeed WANT what we have not got!
  4. Hey..guessed the #5OA selection that Ottawa landed. Wonder if they/TBay might do lunch?
  5. Must be RIGGED! :^) This outcome ensures max-interest IF there's a play-in. All 16 fanbases on edge of seats; either PO-bound, or praying to the 12.5% Gawd. & if there's no PO at all, they can attract many fan's eyes with ANOTHER draw for that coveted top pick. This league's a crony-casino!
  6. Neither of us could say with authority, of course. How does a GM time such choices? The guys I shipped are mostly off books in 1 season. For a 1 & 3 selection-opportunity, who can say what any GM would/won't take on? Also I mentioned this option could apply with a few other GM/teams(NJ, Det, Habs). Where you might try to extract the best bargain. Lastly, not expecting we'd luck out(12.5%) anywho..but whichever of the 8 play-in teams does luck out, will not be surprised if they closely explore such an avenue. Cap space IS becoming the valued treasure.
  7. I tried to avoid the clause-chappies. Ferland's NMC..might have to be subbed I guess? I could see Mr Maple Syrup(Roussel) accepting a go with that young squad on Quebec's border. Sutter gets the 'U' word..ultimatum, buddy. You accept this move, or it's an end-season buyout. So tired of the Thin Man on IR. Cap-quicksand w/ a crooked grin.
  8. Yeah, saw that last night before bed. Holy jumpin', they'll need EK to be 10 yrs of Messiah!
  9. It's curious to me that I haven't really seen more fans contemplating(wishing/hoping) for something like this above angle. - feel we have enough top, young talent(esp fwds). We mostly need to fit this jigsaw together. - Too many top stars & the cap-restrictions leave an unbalanced team anyways By dumping around 10 mill of hit, we could aggressively shape a roster towards contender-status, perhaps 1 or 2 seasons earlier. Excessive/superfluous bottom-6 contracts are currently strangling this team like a tangled umbilical cord.
  10. EP..QH..Heck BB in the 20's! Feels like we've won the 6/49 more times lately, than the avg schmuck could hope. Screw Battman's Daft Lotto, rigged deck...****ing cockaroach is a pig who don't fly straight!
  11. Wanted to throw an alternative-idea out there. As mentioned, haven't seen any of these kids play. With recent yrs, just can't say which pick(say, of the top 8 or 10) will be the cat's meow, & stand above all the class. Fortunately, we've chosen pretty damn well a few times lately. That leaves me optimistic!
  12. Draft Lotto Idea: 3 yr cycle


    -top-5 pick(team wins again) move 1 slot back

    -top-3 pick(repeated) move 2 slots back


    Back to normal 2 drafts after you've won a top-3 or 5 pick(reset).

    Basically an additional rule to prevent teams from repeated draft lotto-success.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      But you don't win a top 5 pick. You lose a top 3 pick to fall backer into spots 4 and 5.


      Why should the Canucks be moved one spot back for falling from 2nd to 5th in 2016 and 2017?



      Let's face it,

      the Canucks have not had too much luck at the draft.Even this Lotto draft system has brutalized them,so it would be nice to get a top 3 pick and get to keep him.

      A 1OA pick in a great draft year would be one our few franchise players over the fifty years in the league.Think back on how many franchise players we have had,pretty scary results from the draft.

      WE ARE DUE.