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  1. 'The Commitments' is great.
  2. Was the name, 'Cadillac records'? Saw it almost a decade back..not bad.
  3. This is actually an interesting layout. Like the look of the C's. H & S could FO on their strong sides? Not too shabby.
  4. Between Grenier, Zalew & Gauncer, 2(at least) are gonna be flying. Just feel the Granny deal was redundant...
  5. ^That said..wouldn't mind something around Tanev for Trouba, as well...
  6. Apocalypse Soon is in the cards, Lucky. Too late for safety - we may as well think like Lt Col Kilgore..cos' "Charlie DON'T surf!" I'll gamble that with Gud, Tree, Larseny, Stech & lil' B, we'll surf, not sink.
  7. Could see Winn & Ana, or TBay deal.
  8. Even if there's 28 other PARTNERS wedged in the middle; if we can deal Tanev to get Drai, I'd pull the trigger.
  9. Edm probably favours Drai over RNH, already. Seems mighty unlikely...
  10. Understand their feelings perfectly. Been about this long that the MSM decided to switch the truth with their baby, 'corruption'. My, we've all been deceived...
  11. Off topic(a bit), but once reading a funny magazine article on awkward/hilarious English translations, from their original language. Taken from a Russian volume on chess strategy: " A lot of water has been passed under the bridge, since this opening has been introduced."
  12. Came here for the flow of advice, & see all kinds of illegal streaming. The porn mods will likely investigate...
  13. Ain't noone got no space fo' dis... (reading about the humongous U, my eyes/face lapse into Hypno-toad territory..gomei, neh?)
  14. One nice aspect of food poisoning..I've had my bouts! If you make it thru to the other side of the experience, you really feel like you're "born again"! Good luck.
  15. Politicians Most lawyers Officialdom-drones Most media bullies Psycho & sociopaths(had to see a couple/few of these destroy a family) Religious nuts Women who are curvaceous, just to torment me Myself(as I was in my 20's) Anthropogenic Climate disruption deniers Overly aggressive, and/or confrontational people Lastly, whoever beats me at chess..damn them!