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  1. Was that Dec, Keefe-resuscitation, just a dead-cat bounce?! Now slid back again(10th in Conf)..supposedly(media wisdom/insight) the issues are 'tending & immaturity. Key guys gotta pull their pants up, & work in Both zones!
  2. Sometimes fact, is Grittier than fiction.
  3. So many surprisingly weak teams this Nashville for instance. Sellers want to get ahead of the market. Due to a lack of cap space/bubble PO-contenders, prices to sell will be historically low this TDL. A guy like Hall got flipped early is more evidence. NYRags, Minny, Nash, OTT, SJ, ANA, maybe Buff soon..lots of these teams prob wanna dump underperforming cap hit. Especially as 2020 is being touted as a very nice crop.
  4. Canes lose Hamilton yesterday. IF they offered that Laffs' 1st for Tanev, I'd give that a serious mulling. Using the Hogtown 1st(if it were in the teens, it's 2020 pick) with this deep draft would be sweet schadenfreude. Doubt Van would chance something like this however...
  5. Kearns was a modest, classy bloke as well. Glad that his boy made the bigs..even a short stay.
  6. Maybe Price & Petry, if the Hamilton injury is long term?
  7. Remembering the Kobe Quake 25 yrs ago today. 6434 lost their lives in this tragedy.
  8. This theory gains credence with the Shero firing. Subban acquisition..& maybe even Hall sale? Also Stone & Pacc couldn't keep Gallant from the Humpty Dumpster-Fall.
  9. 25 yrs ago, on this day...


    The Kobe Quake struck at 5:47 AM. I'd only been in Japan for a few months. Man, what a wake up call.


    Missus & I are watching old footage on TV. Almost 6500 lost their lives. Went out there 4 days after quake, to help my landlady(she had family in the next town, Nishinomiya)..saw things that are hard to forget.

  10. He's a great player, agreed. Prob has to tone it down though, after that knee to the noggin. It's sad they expect a tough lil' dwarf like BG to carry a smallish team on his aching back! Then in 15 mos they'll have to pay him serious coin. It's about when to sell.
  11. All this sizeable depth they've been adding should be helpful in the later months. Bailey, MacEwen & Graovac could wind up contributing. Schaller's 1.9 will be sweeet to dump in a ditch.
  12. Why should I? The original deal benefits both of the game, ain't it? I hope you don't look to MB for enlightenment...
  13. This open to interpretation? Not too many folks on here accurately PREDICT deals beforehand. But I'd assumed we all kick these things around, to throw in the ol' 2 cents, & also get insight on player-valuations?
  14. Retain on Price & add a sweetner like BG, just to dump that lousy contract! :^)