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  1. At 5:50? Hmm, kinda 22 + 33?
  2. Lu's trollin BC!
  3. Fans begging to Play with POWER Receive golden shower
  4. As Danny Gallivan would say, "The fans are in an anticipatory mood."
  5. Van Sun called him,"The Dark one, stuck in the middle of the desert."
  6. Lu, Schneids & Lack = Jacob, Bo & Brisebois It's strange to me, our GM's took so much heat over how they handled our goal crease. We added some nice young pieces, at the same time, opening a lot of cap space. With some of that space, we signed Miller. His numbers stack up quite nicely, compared with Lu & Schneids. There's also a nice succession-plan(between the pipes), as it now appears. Bo represents a HUGE chunk of this team's future. Yet there seems to have been a relentless smearing of this franchise through media-sources. it's all amounted to rather ugly, dirty "fake news", when all is reviewed, on balance. As for Lu & Schneids(Eddie too!), still hope they do well(career-wise), & appreciated their contributions to the Canucks. It was a great bonus that we could land some fine youth, when they moved on. Also funny how when Van meets up with these teams(Flor, NJ, & Car), records are so similar. After years of a competitive team, Van's again trending upwards, with another wave of youth. As fans of the team, we should be damn pleased with how it's all worked out.
  7. HUGE, intense gm7 of a Championship-run. We CAN'T let them get away with that Peanut butter-Potvin disrespect, I tells'ya. Bench-clearing brawl in this war. Take no prisoners! Like Habs/Bruins for storied, historical-depth. Except they've changed about 90% of that roster, claiming a buncha'bums off waivers... Van prevails, 12-3.
  8. Agreed Lucky. Essentially boils down to a cleaning GM's dirty task. Wanted a full cleaning in 2014, myself. If we're honest, JB & TL's gameplan is starting to bear fruit & show potential. No question, there's a measure of honour in how Van has conducted their roster-reload.
  9. Little distracted, while typing this..wanted to ask, does anyone have some insights on this team?(watched them much?) Their current play just a poor stint, or are they starting to fall apart, in a long-term sense?
  10. (Current Team Of Interest)..Gotta say, StLoo is raising eyebrows. Are they gonna claw back, or is this team leaning permanently towards the downslope? - Hitch on his way out - Seems some of their prospects haven't fulfilled promise - HORRIBLE 'tending - Some questionable contracts: Stastny, Jake Allen,(with Parayko due to be paid) Feels like they're trending towards an older team, that never really hit the heights they were projected for. Hear Shatt might finally get dealt. Wonder if they might become more of a seller? Might be the wrong timing, with exp-protection on the way. Some tough teams in their Div, taking their place. All of this is great for Van..might end up battling this team for a WC-spot.
  11. TO/Rags goin at it. Two teams that need a D-man. Could see Jimbo getting calls from these 2. Corrado goes -1 rather quickly. Nylander also shoddy D on the Rags 1st tally.
  12. If you find love 'deflating', Tom Petty made a song vid for you(Yer So Bad)
  13. Twist my arm.
  14. Working on a hypothesis, whereby sneaky, envious, petty fans of unnamed, rival clubs POSE as Nucker-Faithfull, over at HFB..thereby staining our lily-white reputations(Lord knows!) with their hyperbolic-vitriol & tawdry, lame, implicating-rhetoric. It's a FAKE NEWS hockey site! The investigation has begun...
  15. Prob dreamin, but after Biega fulfills his expansion-fodder requirements, maybe we'll get to see some of these youngins'?