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  1. I'll keep a low-pro with the Mini many passports should I take, eh?
  2. Just for fun..imagine the ownership were willing to CARRY 12-15 mill of sketchy AAV cap-expenditure, to ensure a party-bash of a 2019 Draft VAN: Markstrom, Sautner (I'll even throw in this kid!),& 3 6's to NJ, for Schneider & #9 OA pick Van: Sutter(1.5 mill retained x2 yrs), Hutton & 2nd r pick, for Lucic & Edm's 1st(#8 OA) Van wins #2 OA selection in Draft Lotto 2019 Draft..1st round, we have the #2, 8 & 9 overall selections!(but stuck with 6 mill men, Lucic, Loui & Schneids)..ouch! You draft experts..who do we take?
  3. I shed a bright spotlight upon this with an early-season post, that letter agencies tried to discredit, & had me contemplating refuge in the Japanese Bolivian Embassy. I'll risk it again. Med Hat conflicted agendas were exposed when dbl agent Vey scrammed to Russia. Linden forced to resign after a shady liaison with a svelte cycling Goddess, Russian agent on a secluded Mtn switchback. With Tree's Putin appointment to Siberian outpost, he went on the offensive in Finland meeting w/Trump. Ultimatums were delivered. Expect Goldy soon named Captain, Bure & Larionov hired to run Van front office, Linden to focus on health clubs, & WD transferred to the Japanese League to wind down his career. Tryamkin leads our crew to 5 consecutive Cups(1st player compensated in Gold; eschewing the tainted petro buck), & Linden Vey is left in Moscow playing NHL vidgames withSnowden. You heard it here first!
  4. There's another aspect to this Phil, that could make such a BLOCKBUSTER(Caps required) a possibility. Think of all the heat OTT's taken for(possibly) gifting the top selection to the Avs. Be ironic if they wound up choosing #1..albeit pricey. They lose the Tkachuk high pick from last yr, but got lots of youth & a slew of top-3 picks, next 3 seasons. It would be a pretty fun deal to analyze(compare outcomes) as the yrs rolled on.
  5. How 'bout this one for blabbing about?.. Van: 2 Hughes Bros OTT: Brady Tkachuk: imagine him with Bo or EP? Tkachuk bros could have a decade-war Thomas Chabot: exiting his ELC, so Melnyk loves the cheaper ELC, Q Hughes CBJ 2019 1st This would give us a bigger team. I REALLY like the 2nd Tkachuk edit: Sorry, Chabot is a 2020 RFA
  6. With you guys here completely. I've long advocated using Bulldog(perhaps 40-50 on D; 10-20 games on W). Many mnths back I even made up a thread, suggesting they train Stecher to have the same ability..but it drew crickets :^(
  7. Shyte that kid's a physical specimen. CBJ has some pieces..too bad their GM mighta' flogged the farm!
  8. Is it high time to revisit this low-down scheme? We need extra 1st's..heck, let's throw in BS for depth!
  9. With your keen sense of humour, I figure you can push an elephant up Everest!
  10. With your keen sense of humour, I figure you can push an elephant up Everest!
  11. I hope Duch signs with the StraitJackets..2 1st R picks to monsters of the East..THE SENS!