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  1. At the end of the day, the Flopping(2013 PO's) Snarks wasted a bunch of their stars' prime yrs, & now are STUCK with overpaid lumps. With or without that dude, they're in cap Hell going fwds.
  2. Dallas proving that signing old vets & relying on depth is no sin in this PO's. Too much complaining about our vet contracts. Rather have our situation than $19,000,000(U$A tp) $poken for(Benn & Sequin), x eternity.
  3. Wayyyyy too much hand wringing & navel gazing 'round here. q- Why are we in such a high spd wobble to sort out the cap scenario, pronto?! a- Because our drafted youth has done better than wildest expectations. ???..That's it, right?(better, AND more quickly than anticipated) ^Gee, isn't THAT a tragedy!? Our timeline was likely expected to be longer, to turn this ship around. So we signed a bunch of overpriced schlubs. Well, stop whining. Ride it out. Patience, ferGawdsakes! Next yr 20 mill opens up , mostly from expired contracts. Take a long view, & stop all the fussin' & whining.
  4. If Melnyk pulls this 'reach the floor with junk' stunt. the league will SEE to IT that it's to help US franchises. That's the riggeddeckleague
  5. Y'know have kinda' lost interest in Virt For get-up & go, seems inert Just never clued-in Regardless of spin Such a high pick, but simply no Bert
  6. If he has a cohort in a clutch position, he'll prob work smoothly..but sometimes it's a grind, eh?
  7. Can't quote that^ or we run outa' cyber-space! I like seeing the work JB does with 1st rounders, & in this cap world they're nice to accumulate. All views are entitled, but if a #8 OA were dangled, I trust Van would jump all over that.
  8. I'd consider that for(approx) 0.00001% of a second, then reach a speedy conclusion!
  9. Man if only we coulda' made the Finals to face these dastardly 'Ning..I honestly believe... we wouldn't 'a won! :^(
  10. Rather trade other young stars before trading Demko.