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  1. Would try to hang in with Willie 'til holiday break, mid-season point. If things go south, hand the mess to DJ(or Freddy Krueger, interim-whomever)?.. Start next yr fresh with TG. After expansion, there will be a lot of player movement. However we slice it, seems we might have 2 or 3 tough yrs to endure.
  2. Guy's getting the severe run-around, but agreed, we oughta' claim him back.
  3. Virtanen's health good player demotions Big Russkie marginalization They're treating these issues, like Hillary's missing e-mails. We might get more accurate team-info from Weekyleaks?!
  4. I thought Ol'Cannon Bursa was the name of a Hungarian hockey player that could really rifle it?
  5. Missed this game, but sounds like it was pretty ugly. We're going to need patience here. Hopefully we develop the youth properly. Jake to Utica, sounds like a start. Benning will have to find a few more diamonds in the rough(like Stecher). IF the bottom falls out(by late Nov/early Dec), kinda hope they move Tanev & Badger for sizeable, skilled youth. Open up cap space, & then take on a few mediocre contracts, alongside more youth/picks. At the same time acquire LOTS of size to protect the kids(& logo), sorta like Winnipeg has for a few yrs. Coaches & teams don't tank. That said, it's up to competent GM's to lay a proper foundation. Read on HFBoards that we've LED for 29 mins, & trailed for about 290 mins! If this is accurate, PO-intentions/aspirations start to seem like a Houdini-miracle. **Next 4~6 wks are key** We should know where we stand, within this time-frame. If hard choices are called for, would prefer they stop d*ckin' around. Middling teams are no-man's-land, in this league.
  6. Don't have a problem with this, for about half the time. It's hard to tie up 14 million/cap in 2 skaters that need to play together. Detracts from line-versatility. With the twins' lack of speed, this deserves consideration. Feels like our strategy is stuck in some period 5~7 yrs ago.
  7. Don't see the point any more in over-analyzing other teams moves. We've got our own back yard to clean up. Hall or Larsson could get seriously injured next wk..whatever. GM's have to do what they think makes their team better, at any given moment. We'd just better hope ours is up to the task.
  8. That's all part of transitioning with youth..but we'd best stay realistic with our outlook.
  9. Why do some fans ever claim.."Oh, this should be an easy win for the boys."?? Van will have to work tooth & nail for EVERY point they earn. All season long. There's only a handful of teams that can look fwd with such bravado/hubris..& we ain't one of'em!
  10. Ever since Edler claimed the 'green jacket' he meanders around like Tom Kite on Prozac...
  11. Everyone must realize RM wouldn't go there. Just talking about TO's current 'tending is likely irresistible.
  12. It's hard to visualize these Cdn rivals doin biz. Easier to imagine Winnipeg/TO... Something based on Trouba for Nylander?
  13. JVR has a similar cap, but after next season, he's UFA. Also isn't he fairly soft? For Tanev I'd demand Nylander(so we can forget about the 2014 DD-debate). Also gives you an extra slot to protect a vet, next June's expansion. edit:Would consider Marner; or their 1st, + good prospect
  14. Terrific timing to troll TO's 'tending-timidity... Miller for Andersen(they retain 50%)..perhaps then we'd consider: Tanev for Nylander? Maybe they throw in a 2nd? Quick! Get Andersen to leave the practice ice, so we can chat on the tele!..CHUMPS!!(gt'ing karma)
  15. Karma for their nasty owner/mgt playing TDL games. Not to mention, Seguin/Benn's childish drivel.