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  1. [Waivers] Matt Read

    Yesterday's news was a good Read...
  2. Mackenze Stewart Talk

    Hope the kid goes Ray Bork-alov mode!
  3. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    The Honey Badger? real good & awesome, eh? He'd also be cheaper because we're retaining 25% of his contract!
  4. [Proposal] Mon-Edm, Mon-Van

    That's an interesting angle, UND..but with all of Bergie's whining about JB, I wonder if they're still on speaking terms :^/ ?? The values are pretty good though. Guess Mtl would need an assurance that Gud would sign the line that is dotted.
  5. D-men coming back in hordes. Rodin given walkin' papers. Utica floundering like a floppin' Coho. Folks..a trade is in the works. There's a few desperate Cdn franchises..namely Edm & Habbies. Also Ott's D are getting hit with injuries. Predicting we deal a fwd & a D(pkg), getting 3 or 4 puzzle pieces back, for the grand jigsaw.(E4)!
  6. Haven't scrolled thru yet, but feel bad for this kid. Good health wasn't in the cards. Seems MG's draft yrs were basically snafu'ed, cursed & put it mildly. Also had picked Rodin as my season 'dark horse'..guess it's better than blowing my $ at the track! Ah well..good luck to the guy.
  7. Ranking The Cdn Teams

    Every Cdn fanchise gets an (unfulfilled) PO run under sneaky Bettman's scheme.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Man..I'm plussin' BOTH views & flippin coins on this call. We can expect the kid himself will have things to say about it!
  9. Ranking The Cdn Teams

    Still good a yr later!
  10. Ranking The Cdn Teams

    Wonder how much it's all changed?..
  11. (Proposal) Mtl/Edm Blockbuster

    ^For folks who think Edm get shafted, I'd suggest Mtl could add a wing/youth like Scherbak or Lehkonen. Value is hard to gauge with blockbusters..but I'd argue the above deal could help both clubs..Edm, now; Mtl, more long term.
  12. (Proposal) Mtl/Edm Blockbuster

    I think with such a deal Mtl firmly declare they are sellers. Pacc, Chucky & perhaps Price, stuck in the shop window with price tags on pierced nostrils. They tank to get a high 2018 pick. If Edm can't turn their ship around, Mtl would have 2 kicks at the big Dahlin-score. So they also retain some coin on Weber, cos' Edm soon will be cap-shafted. So this enhances the return. ***WEBER is interesting*** 1 yr of 8 mill, 3 yrs of 6 mill, then 3 mill, then 1 mill x 3 yrs..he'd wanna retire prob the last 3 yrs. So you're trading for a half-decade of mtn man, with the big bomb. Nashville gets screwed(cap recapture) 24 MILLION! if Weber retired his last yr.(12 million/last 2 yrs) So Edm could easily sell Shea back there( a pick, or two) when he's about 38 yo., & they would LTIR him(league blessing) for any US market. They can't afford RNH next yr, when McD's big $ gets started. If Puhl took off, they'll have the same problem. So you deal these guys for a big stud(albeit, older), where they know that'll be a fixed 6.3 mill AAV, 'til about 2023. Edm risks their 2018 1st..but that's the price you pay to get someone like Weber at reasonable AAV. Gallagher would add some determined zest to Edm's fwd-talent. Lastly, if Mtl spirals downwards, their high 2nd should help Coiler fans accept the deal. The gamble on the draft pick swap, makes this a pretty compelling poker bluff between Chia-pet & loony-Berg.
  13. (Proposal) Mtl/Edm Blockbuster

    Waiting for my phone to ring, in case they need my expertise :^) Meanwhile, off for a park-jog to dream up more humongous-big blockbusters...
  14. Since Bergie & Chia-pet are on the hot-seat, decided to do their jobs for them Mtl: Weber(retain 1.5 mill) Gallagher 2018 2nd R pick total outgoing: about 10.1 mill AAV EDM: Poolparty RNH Larsson 2018 1st R pick total: about 11.1 mill AAV Essentially Edm goes all-in that they'll turn it around. Add Weber(& soon Sekeras), & it's a reasonable bet. Mtl gets rebuild going with a bang. Sell Pacc(& perhaps Price) seperately, for more value. As Bergevin has currently built them, they're done. Once Mtl sells off their main pieces, gas Bergevin. The Subban/Sergachev stuff will follow 'round forever. Start over. Drouin, RNH, Pool & more incoming assets..they could build a fast young team in a few yrs.