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  1. Stealth-Rejig Is Potentially 93% Finito!

    Been a few good days for the stealth-tank. Need Buff & OTT to heat up!
  2. to work. GL to the stealth-tankin!
  3. Interesting..but I bet Melnyk wouldn't retain more than 1.2 mill(leaving 6)..throw in Gags & maybe something is possible?
  4. News, Whaddya think about BH to Ottawa? I'd like that Harpur kid(big guy)..they should have lots of picks soon too!
  5. This BS is just as likely window dressing & kabuki theatre. Rest assured there'll prob be no more Cups in Canada for ANOTHER 25 yrs! #culturepilfered
  6. Ha PB..wouldn't surprise me if this twisted league hadda' few mouthy sock puppets on any/all hockey boards..billion buck biz remember! HFBoards?? Forgettaboutit! "& thou shalt know THEM by their deeds..."
  7. This League Makes Me Sick

    Ahh, had to bump this, after seeing what's gone on in "Vegas"(lol)..nice expansion(sic) dues. It's pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back, for me. Will prob keep distant tabs on this league, but doubt I'll contribute another dime to their casino coffers. We Cdns have sold out, with our greatest cultural treasure.
  8. To play devil's advocate, what if Melnyk already/secretly had a Sens buyer lined up(say local, or in Quebec)? Ship out ALL big contracts, one by one. Over 2018 & 2019 have 5 or 6 1st rounders(who cares if they squandered one out west?)..add to that 5 or 6 nicely developing prospects, & it might prove appealing to some other billionaire. Guy's pretty hated(as an owner), & maybe tired of the whole fiasco ?