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  1. Canucks Players' Nicknames

    Can't really blame him ahaha.
  2. Canucks Players' Nicknames

    Back in Pittsburgh they used to call him Flat Stanley, becuase of his slender stature. Apparently he just HATES the nickname though lol.
  3. Are we looking at something more along the lines of Juolevi then? How does the value equal out? Or is a deal like this simply too unrealistic? I know it is highly improbable that a team trades away the 1st or even 2nd overall pick, but given the Avs depth at A) center ice and (B) top 6 forward group, would they not like to leverage this depth and improve on other areas of weakness?
  4. How much would the Canucks have to add to get this through? I know the Avs are pretty set with their top 6 forward group, so I figured addressing their lack of defensive depth would be a good start. I value Tanev slightly more than Barrie, but I can see how their value could be perceived as the same. If Hutton doesn't bridge the gap of moving up 2 or 3 draft spots in a weak draft class, what does?
  5. Hello all, long time reader, first time poster I've been stewing about with this trade idea for awhile and wanted to see what other members of canuck nation think about the value of this trade, both in regards to value and how it may enhance the entertainment value of how our team competes moving forward. I would only pull the trigger on this trade if the Canucks fell to 4th or 5th overall in the 2017 Entry Draft and the Avalanche ended up with the 1st or 2nd pick. To Vancouver: 1st/2nd pick (Patrick or preferably Hischier) Tyson Barrie @ $5M/yr To Colorado: 4th/5th pick Chris Tanev @ 4.6M/yr Ben Hutton @ 2.8M/yr I think this trade would help both franchises. The Canucks are looking for that "quality" potential first line center to replace Hank down the line and support Bo. This also should immediately improve our top 9 Nhl forward depth, as well as for the future. I think both Patrick and Hirschier will be very exciting players to watch for many years to come. Moving on to Barrie, Benning has stated multiple times lately that he would like to bolster our PP with a gifted, puck moving defenseman. I feel that Barrie, a local BC boy, would be a more than ample solution to our recent power play woes (as well as helping with our puck movement and break outs). For Colorado, this trade still allows them to select a solid NHL projected player with the 4th or 5th pick. They receive a rock solid top 4 defenseman in Tanev, capable of playing top line shutdown minutes and hopefully alleviating some pressure/burden off of Johnson while adding to their defensive depth. Hutton would fit nicely on a young Colorado PP unit and is already capable of playing top 4 minutes. Although I would hate to lose both Hutton and Tanev, I feel like this trade would inject some much needed offense and "flash" to our current group. With Juolevi making his way up the ranks I feel that he could easily replace Hutton in a year or two's time, right around when we are getting competitive again (Hopefully...). So what do you all think? Is the value there for both clubs? Would this trade promote a more offensive environment without hurting our defensive depth?