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  1. There's a difference between being confident in one's ability and boasting about. Hodgson is confident in his abilities yet you will never him talk about his talents in an interview -- It's always team first. I hope some of the humility in the Canucks dressing room rubs off on Schroeder.
  2. The word "humble" has never been a part of Schroeder's vernacular. It might be blunt but it is true.
  3. QFT Schroeder's game is built around his intelligence, passing and quickness. Because of his size, he's not going to dominate a tourney playing 1-on-1 battles. He needs to play a 5 man possession game with smart players who have the same skill level as him. With the exception of Tanev, Rai, Tochkin and Connauton, none the Canucks prospects were thinking the game at anywhere near the same level. Schroeder made the most of what he was given to work with. He was responsible for setting up the best scoring chances in each of the games he played. Clarke was fed by Schroeder before being stoned by Roy and Schroeder was robbed on the rebound. He made a beautiful pass to Tanev on his power-play goal in the San Jose game. He got a perfect tape to tape pass to Rai alone on the doorstep after creating a turnover against the Flames. The play in the prospect tourney was sloppy at best. How many consecutive passes were made before a turnover/someone lost control? Two maybe three? It's hard to getting a lot of scoring chances when most everyone is trying to crash and bang. Schroeder felt the same way about the play in the event: I'm going to reserve my judgment until I see him play with veteran players. I still have a gut feeling we'll see Jordan on the opening day roster. He's a precocious talent.
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed my video! I was more Impressed by his playmaking. I had to slow all his passes down to half speed; It was hard to make out if it was Schroeder making them at full speed. I thought people would be confused by all Stoa and Barriball goals otherwise. He is so good at seeing/anticipating the passing lane and getting these quick hard tape-to-tape passes off. My favourite is the play @ 1:53; He's standing below the goal-line and gets a pass, cross crease, to Barriball before the other team has a clue of what happened. His bread and butter in the NHL is definitely going to be his playmaking. I'm really looking forward to him feeding guys like the Sedins, Kesler and Raymond on the PP. I have a real good feeling he's going to make this team next season.
  5. I couldn't sleep last night so I made a Schroeder video. It's the first time I've tried setting music to a video so it's a little rough. I'm really excited to see what he can do at training camp.