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    *Fave Artists*<br />Bob Marley!<br />U2<br />The Beatles<br />Coldplay<br />One Republic <br />The Killers<br />The Fray<br />Death Cab for Cutie<br /><br />Fave Song Now: Spaceman - The Killers<br /><br />*Fave Books*<br />And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie<br />Harry Potter 1-7 - JK Rowling<br />Cujo - Stephen King<br />Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand<br />The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky<br />Finnie Walsh - Steven Galloway<br />Ascension - Steven Galloway <br />Deep Thoughts - Jack Handey<br />Anything F. Scott Fitzgerald <br /><br />Currently reading: <br /><br />*Fave TV shows* <br />Gossip Girls<br />Gilmore Girls<br />The Office<br />Top Che<br />Avatar: The Last Airbender<br />CSI: Crime Scene Investigation<br />House <br />The Donna Reed Show<br />Three's Company<br /><br />*Fave Movies*<br />Son of Rambow <br />Superbad<br />Juno<br />Bee Movie<br />Transformers<br />Saw I-IV<br />Harriet the Spy<br />Forrest Gump<br />The Last Samurai<br />Seven Samurai<br />Meet the Robinsons<br />The Pursuit of Happyness<br />Duck Soup (The Marx Brothers)<br />Zoolander
  1. Stop doing what?

    What were we talking about again?

  2. Stop doing what?

  3. hey u, stop doing that.

  4. But....but if I tell you mine, will you tell me yours?

  5. No, but you do get another chance to tell me your name :)

  6. Do I get a cookie for the catch?

  7. That was the idea.

    Sneaky's my middle name.

    Nice catch, btw.

  8. Won't my name have to be on it? Ooooh, sneaky.

  9. can I take an I.O.U?

  10. u owe me a comment!

  11. *ahem*

    right back at cha.

  12. I asked first! Why won't you tell me your name? Afraid I'll stalk you?

  13. John Kramer is actually Jigsaw's name and not mine :P I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours first! (your segue was pretty good haha i'll remember that one)

  14. Did you like my segue into names :D??

    I love Kramer. Seinfeld Kramer, that is.


    Hi, John :)