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  1. Couple of hundred years ago they didn't have universities up on a mountain with 20,000 plus people going up there. god
  2. You can't walk down the hill in the evening or night. LOL People just don't seem to get it. a) its not safe for the people walking down there are no lights of any sorts its pitch dark in the middle of nowhere c) no one is gonna walk in snow and freeze their donkey off and injure themselves getting down the damn thing d) if you tried walking on the side you can't because there is a full fledge cliff you go over and DIE.....last year couple of guys died getting off the mountain in the dark To sum it up, ITS NOT SAFE. It takes you at least an hour or more to get down by walking.
  3. Yeah you go walk in the middle of the dark up or down the mountain... there aren't no street lights after you get off the SFU campus. And as for are students who rely on the bus suppose to get off the mountain?? Buses without the snow take forever to get up because of the incline I venture to say in the snow ain't ever gonna happen. If you want to install chains on the buses be my guest. STFU with your ranting.
  4. more snow in the forecast???