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  1. This team is on the decline. A slow, boring decline. They need a rebuild. If the old vets are gone and we have a young, up and coming team, even one that's losing, it will draw up interest in the City once again. The momentum will build as a young team gets closer and closer to a playoff spot (as opposed to making it to 8th spot now and being an automatic first round exit). I watched every game religiously from 1995 when I came to Canada to about everything from the Messier down era to the good times. But now I can't spend the energy to watch this team slowly collapse into oblivion. I'll jump back into it once the team admits they need a rebuild and I can watch from the bottom floor as they build up. Count me out while they try this half assed transition idea
  2. I watched pretty much every game from the 1996 season to the 2013 season. I have no problem watching my team have losing seasons (I'm a Cowboys fan, so disappointment is something I'm used to). Even during the Keenan era, I loved watching the team, hoping that a young up and coming team could make some noise and make the playoffs. Eventually that lead to the WCE and Sedin prime days, and I was on these message boards pretty much all day every day. But something happened to my interest in 2013, mainly after the Cory Schneider trade. I thought it was a horrible decision to get rid of him over Luongo (who I thought would hamstring us with his contract for the next decade at that point), and I knew with our core aging, it was going to be a long, painful rebuild. The rebuild I would have no issues with, and enjoy like I did in the late 90s. But these transition years, where we wait for the old core that failed to win (Sedins, Burrows, Higgins, Bieksa, Hamhuis, etc. etc) to slowly filter out of the lineup were going to be brutal to watch. I don't want to see these player anymore. If players like Horvat, McCann, Virtanen, etc. had a bigger part of this season, I'd watch every game. But we have a coach that will rely on the vets until the bitter end. The shocking thing is how little the Canucks are part of any conversation I have with my buddies and family. It used to be the main topic for a good decade, now I'd be lucky if anyone has watched any recent game. It's gotten to the point where I'd rather watch nothing at all than a Canucks game, which would have been mind boggling a couple years back. I guess I've grown up, and don't have as much time for the team of these boards, but I can't believe how much my interest has waned. I'm sure I'm not the only one like this (though I've kept up on the prospects quite a bit)
  3. Normally I wouldn't be against trading the Sedins (give them another shot at a cup, and not let them have to go through a rebuild), but I don't see this management team maximizing their value. We'd probably end up giving up a first round for someone else's aging vets and their 4th or something.
  4. That's exactly it. You can't half ass a rebuild, and hope for atleast a first round series to make some money back in the home games. The team needs to realize that this roster can not win a Stanley Cup, so get rid of the assets at their move valuable time (trade deadline), and work towards getting this roster ready for the 2017-18 season
  5. In any sport where there is a cap, building through free agency is the last thing you want to do. If we're not going to get full value for the assets we have traded, then you better hope we have stockpiled a bunch of draft picks that pan out alot sooner than expected, problem is, I don't see alot of our prospects being ready to go in the next year or two, not with this regime that stifled any young player not named Horvat last season.
  6. Change the look, colors and logo completely. Everything we have so far is synonymous with losing, but it the stick and rink, skate or Orca.
  7. I don't think anyone is quitting on him. We all know he took a team that shouldn't have made the playoffs and got in, but we expected better adjustments and effort than this. Hopefully he'll learn from it, but I think most fans were sick of Canucks coaches (AV, Crawford, etc) being constantly out-coached in the playoffs, and failing to make the right adjustments. I think we all would have been ok if the Canucks were kicked out in the first or second rounds, but I think we all just wanted some hope that this coaching staff would provide something different other than the sinking feeling us Canucks fans have known every year other than 2011
  8. What was the gameplan or changes this game? Just keep getting hit, take stupid retalitory penalties and have zero 5 on 5 scoring chances? What did bringing Vey & McMillan bring?
  9. I just hate how running into Eddie Lack for three games is considered 'good playoff hockey' *including multiple replays, many in which his helmet comes off from high hits), but the tap and dive on Hiller was almost a dangerous play that could have hurt the goalie according to Craig Simpson. I can't stand that guys face. And like Trebreh said above, its been going on since 2011. Which is what makes the NHL seem so bush league to me now. Look at Troy Aikman...Cowboys legend, but when you hear him call games, despite the fact he probably hated the Eagles, Giants, Niners, etc as a player, you would never be able to tell his allegiances from his play calling. But idiots like Simpson hold such obvious grudges for whatever reason. We were a team that missed the playoffs last year, were in disarray, and were not expected by many, if any, to make it to the playoffs, let alone having home ice advantage. But who cares, we're simply not a good story no matter what
  10. Benning has been a scout for most of his life, so I'll take his opinion seriously. Linden's opinion sort of means squat when it comes to drafting/scouting/etc., to me atleast
  11. If this is a weak draft class, would you guys trade our two 2nd rounders for a high first round pick and get BPA? Or are there enough players left that can be impact players in 2nd round?
  12. I'm so noivous. Shaddap Bettman, lets get this going!
  13. Making a statement that hurts our future, when we're building for the future, seems like a bad mistake
  14. 2 first rounders and a first rounder last year for the first overall seems like overpayment. Which is what it would take, but for a team with so few prospects, it simply doesn't work for us. Stick to 6th and hope Calgary goes off the board, same plan as before, ha.
  15. Oh man, would have been so ideal of Sbisa was a right handed shot. We still have the same issue of pairings not working together. The trade would have been worth it if Sbisa could have been the Erhoff to Edler and get him back on his game